UPDATE: The long-term goal of having 100% of the film festival in LB is important.

UPDATE: We at SBTC love the Long Beach International Film Festival, but just cannot wait for the day when it is 100% held in Long Beach. Yes, we realize we don’t have the theater reopened yet, but just felt for all the local business and local event planners who felt ignored by the city this past weekend. Some who emailed me directly. Some were comments that I read by residents on various facebook groups.

I agree with this statement from Michelle on facebook. The long term goal of keeping this film festival in Long Beach is really what’s important here.

It would be more productive to help find a solution to allow the ENTIRE Long Beach International Film Festival (Official) to remain in Long Beach next year. Although the City of Long Beach, New York (OFFICIAL) could have promoted other events,but they were trying to help out a local organization that does get Long Beach a lot of attention. Anyone who knows me knows I am a strong supporter of local businesses, and shopping local, but I try to support all local businesses and organizations even if they have no alternative but to do things over the bridge. A lot of planning goes into something this size. Ingrid Krumholz Dodd gives so much to the community through this film festival. She ran a couple of great, well attended teen events at the rec center, a terrific fundraiser at the Buoy Bar and the film festival bestows several honors on local families. I would hate to see all these efforts turn into a mud slinging war with the City of Long Beach. In trying to keep the film festival in Long Beach next year, I propose to you all, (since the movie theatre may not be up and going by next summer) how would you show movies in red carpet style, that attract a large and “famous” audience in Long Beach?



Opinion: Why Did Our City tell us to leave LB this past weekend?

Sorry, I am slightly late to the game on this one… but a lot of people on Facebook are up in arms regarding our City telling people to leave actually Long Beach to watch the International Film Festival in Rockville Centre. One concerned resident told me this:

So much buildup for an event that is 80% out of town. The Project 11561 ladies listed a slew of things that people could do in LB.  On a terrible rainy day when (I would believe) most restaurants are sending employees home our city tells people to leave LB….

From Wednesday to Friday the city posted 10 items on FB about the Film Festival…..[not much about other local stuff]. and I bet you wont hear anything about the Mercedes that was parked on the boardwalk.

…it shows the city management is more concerned with the people who come to long beach than those that are already here.

I get the idea of “Long Beach” being in the title, how it promotes the city as a whole. Yes, the film festival is an awesome idea and I love how it’s been an annual event that involves Long Beach. Yes, we don’t have our theater yet, but still…

As a reader pointed out, the overall goal of keeping this in Long Beach far outweighs where the event is being held now. How do you folks feel?

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17 thoughts on “UPDATE: The long-term goal of having 100% of the film festival in LB is important.”

  1. If you support the Festival this year then the chances are it comes back next year when we actually have a theater open! I went to Molloy and saw the LB movie at 2:00. It was great.

    Why does this site and Project 11561 hate the city administration all of a sudden? Everything is a complaint and often yammering on about lack of a “planner”. I’ve lived here for nearly three decades and this is the first gov’t that actually has planners on staff and does things to make our city better. The negativity does not make sense to the vast majority of people reading these sites.

  2. “Planner on Staff”? Are you kidding or stupid. Just a 24 year old political hack’s kid stealing $87,000 of your taxes to print flyers on the color Xerox machine.

  3. Peter G, After reading over what I wrote, I didn’t realize how negative it was.

    I do agree with you and have since updated the post not being so negative. The overall goal of having this festival in LB is obviously what the AIM is.

    We at Seabythecity love the Film Festival, but just cannot wait for the day it’s 100% held in LB.

  4. Good. I just checked the LB page and they posted a clip of the Sandy movie last week. It had 233 shares, 146 likes, and 21 comment. This was a GOOD thing for the City.

    I get that there are a half a dozen people who hate Jack for whatever reason but these ridiculous whiny complaints need to stop. I hate seeing this blog get sucked into the Project 11561 negativity of posting a “syringe” that Jesse Ferrell found and Angelo LaMonte’s “brown water” and acting as if the City is in disarray.

    There are 10 people who hate Jack. We get it. Create a we hate Jack page and put the garbage on there. These types of sites were never intended be the new “Republican Coalition” or the new “Patch” but everything is negative and political now. Even the “positive” things are passive-aggressive negative like a picture of something extravagant and complaining that we don’t have it here.

  5. I don’t hate Jack at all and this has nothing to do with him. I posted a few months ago how if we could vote for a Mayor for LB, I would vote for him. He’s great. My post was more about a few local folks who were upset how the city was telling people to leave LB, they felt neglected with their efforts and businesses. I am not mentioning who

  6. I see your concern there Peter G. But it’s not accurate re SBTC and maybe this administration needs to look at its recent record and the “in” groups it has created real hard in the mirror. I voted them in, I’m having no “buyer’s remorse” based on my options at that time, but look forward to voting an opposition onto the City Council and some reason for our City Manager and his administration to find a bit more humility. And a huge thank you to Mr. Schumer and Mr. Cuomo for some of the successes this group is taking great credit for.

  7. FYI if you vote Republican then Jack gets fired and the entire city is taken over by the bad guys again.

    There are people who wants this to happen desperately so they can get their old jobs back for themselves, their families, and their friends. Other than the people concerned about those jobs, there isn’t much of an opposition to Jack and the City Council. Be careful what you wish for. The Sofield Moriarty Hennessy Buscemi regime is not what we need back.

    Best question to be asked. Any time someone says they don’t like the way things are going ask if they are RELATED to or FRIENDS with a Sofiled Moriarty Hennessy or Buscemi. You will be SHOCKED by the results.

  8. Whoa! Project 11561 does not hate anyone, or any administration. Not sure if you remember, but we accomplished quite a number of wonderful things in partnership with the City of Long Beach. Just because we come up with new “ideas” or call things out we do not have issues with (yes syringes, brown water, and garbage on our streets) does not mean we HATE anyone by any means.

  9. Whoa indeed PeterG.! You are way out of line in using terms like hate and suggesting that Anthony is allowing the dimunition of his blog into a Patch. You must enjoy what is referred to as an “amen corner” for this administration. I suggest a check/balance of a worthy opposition, altruistic as Beachguy suggests. I don’t want Mr. Schnirman out, I want one or two Council members to check on the connections he’s created, the balance and equal access he is practicing. This is a City that suffered from clubhouse political machine politics. Nassau County has been emasculated by the same, only the GOP brand. Vigilance makes sense. Your accusations suggest this need. I am a progressive democrat… just trying to make sense.

  10. Yup. Some girl straight out of college.. that’s the planner I want. I wonder if she was part of planning the billboards and iStar! Bang up job. I’m one of the “half dozen” that can’t stand photo-op Jack. But, I actually paid attention to what happened after Sandy.

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