Blog on temporary hiatus

Temporary hiatus. Is that redundant?

Talk amongst yourselves. Some conversation starters: Aug 5 city council meeting, long beach listens Boardwalk phase 2 talk, taco pizza: yay or nay.

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5 thoughts on “Blog on temporary hiatus”

  1. I need more notice than this. I’m starting to feel the beginning stages of withdrawl…

    Is something happening?


    What about now?

  2. Missing you already, Anthony… Take the time you need – you’ve certainly earned it. But don’t be gone too long, ok?

    Taco pizza — why not!

  3. East End Cafe has one. It doesn’t reheat well, but I had it delivered twice and everyone enjoyed it.

    It’s all about trying new things

  4. East End Cafe, as in East End Pizza?

    I always used to think t was a little sacrilegious to have pizza with other non-italian ethnic foods on top (taco pizza, hawaiian pizza). But i really don’t care anymore. As long as something tastes good, I’m there. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

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