Am I insane if I say I don’t like Billboards? [It’s redundant week at SBTC!]

youradhereAm I insane if I say I don’t like Billboards? I get the feeling that some folks think I am. I also get the feeling how many are slightly pissed off at this blog for putting those absolutely beautiful (/sarcasm) billboards down.

Some think billboards are good for the community. Good for local businesses. I see the opposite. I see them as trash, litter, those annoying pop-up ads when browsing the internet, etc.

It’s really nice to escape that stuff every once in a while, especially when you live near the beach where life is supposed to be organic and tranquil.

If you folks want to live in a world where you’re constantly being advertised to, so be it. I am still going to blog about how terrible I think they are.

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8 thoughts on “Am I insane if I say I don’t like Billboards? [It’s redundant week at SBTC!]”

  1. I don’t think its that bad when they’re for local businesses. To me its not any worse than the planes flying banners over the beach. And compared to the city, its nothing.

  2. You aren’t crazy. I usually skipped those posts because I figured the comments were full of people arguing about the best way to take them down and replace the revenues. Long Beach natives are so protective of the island I couldn’t help but imagine anything else. (I’m a transplant so I’m just making a broad sweeping statement, please don’t read into that comment or take offense)

    You also aren’t alone. Forgive me if this was brought up in past threads, but entire cities have banned billboards/advertising. Not just little towns trying to protect mom and pop shops, but one of the largest cities in the world did it. I remember a few years reading about how Sao Paulo did this a few seconds in the Google Machine turned up this

    My thoughts. If the city is using the money in a productive way then keep them. If the money is just being thrown into the general fund to help the bottom line then let’s let the city break even on the infrastructure they put in place and then get rid of them or repurpose them.

  3. NYC should not be the benchmark. I commute over an hour each way not to be there.

    The billboards don’t care about local business. They are here to make money. Also depending on your definition of local business that would include McDonald’s, Burger King, and Walbaulms. Do you want pictures of burgers and sales on roast beef up and down the boardwalk?

    I’m with anthony on this. It ruins the ambiance. Although it could be said that the boardwalk at night has other qualities even less enjoyable than advertising.

  4. I agree 100%! Way to much stuff popping up all over town. The politicians are the worst offenders with the election signs. The intersection of LB Rd. And E. Broadway is gross. No way am i voting for people who hang neon colored signs all over the city!

  5. Yeah I do mind when it’s McDonalds or Burger King. Hence why I specified and said I don’t think it’s bad if the ads are for local business.

    And obviously NYC isn’t the benchmark. I was just saying, comparatively, it could be way worse. Perspective.

    I agree that billboards are garish and if they’re for huge corporations it’s an even bigger problem. But small ads on banners or trash bins really don’t bother me. I’m already used to ignoring them. It’s a trash bin.

  6. I know what you meant, but you need to be more careful with your choice of words. McDonald’s is a local business. It provides jobs for locals and pays taxes to the city of long beach. What you meant was small businesses. There is no way to make sure these billboards are only used for the local bike shop or a small restaurant in the west end.

    I do like the the advertising on the trash bins. One we needed new ones and two anyone who wants to associate their business with a garbage can needs all the help they can get.

  7. Ladybird Johnson worked hard to get billboards removed from interstate highways in an effort to beautify America. We have always had local businesses here and, until recently, few billboards. I find the NYC way of thinking creeping into our daily lives way too often. If I wanted that ambience, I’d move into the city.

    It would be interesting to find out how effective billboards are as an advertising tool here in LB. To me they are simply visual noise, to be ignored if they must be there.

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