Progress on West End Beach Ramps & feedback on moving forward.

unnamed(Photo is of Indiana Avenue)

From Edward Glister:

It looks like the West End beach ramp construction is progressing. It will be nice when these ramps are completed. I hope the entrance areas will also be improved (functional and attractive). I’d like to see a shower, bench, bike rack, trash receptacle and appropriate landscaping.

It would be interesting to get blog feedback on these or other beach entrance ideas. 

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35 thoughts on “Progress on West End Beach Ramps & feedback on moving forward.”

  1. So if I live at the last house on the block by the bay I should go home take a shower then walk all the way back to the ocean . Then , since it’s hot , I decide to go back in the ocean and then , since the salt water leaves one salty and sticky, I have to walk all the way home again to shower again. By now it’s only noon and I have to repeat this process a few more times during the day since I like going in the ocean. Since I’m alone I must decide whether to leave all my belongings on the beach unattended or whether I should pack everything up and lug it all back and forth over the ramps and up the street
    . BTW, Im 87 years old so dont you agree it would be easier for me and others to simply install showers like most beach communities do? Right now im wondering why I even reply to thoughtless comments like this.

  2. Yes. Don’t you? Salt water leaves a sticky crusty layer on the skin.
    This thread is turning into perhaps the most stupid, mundane , inane one in history.
    When to shower is a personal preference. Most beach communities have showers available at all entrances to the beach.
    LB, being what it is, only had a few before Sandy. Now it is trying to get into the 21st century by supplying them for the convenience of beachgoers.
    If some people don’t want to shower thats their business but they shouldn’t deny this amenity and convenience to those that do.
    It’s apparent that many people have time on their hands which is evidenced by them posting on this ridiculous topic. You should all go to the beach but since you don’t shower please sit downwind of those that do to avoid your stench ruining their day.
    Whoops. Have to go now. Time for my shower.Rub
    A dub, dub.

  3. I am also against the showers. I think that the ramps-as designed-are a bit overkill as well. The beach accesses pre-sandy had charm. These ramps are an eye sore. As someone previously mentioned. These are residential beach accesses. If you need showers, feel free to go to the boardwalk.

  4. I don’t. No one I have ever gone to the beach with does. That smell of salt water ruining your day might be the giant body of ocean in front of you.

  5. Beachguy, you are not properly reading between the blog speak lines. “Residential” beach access or walkover. “We don’t need showers.” “Go home to shower.” Beach showers can result in non-residents using West End Beaches, because we are providing a convenience. There are people out there that feel if we do not give visitors a place to go to the bathroom or to clean off, then they will stay away from West End beaches…or at least go to the center of town. Spending money (eating in the West End restaurants and drinking in the bars) is marginally acceptable, but they should not go south of Beech Street.

    How welcoming Long Beach is and should be to visitors has been a touchy subject. People are obviously divided on this issue.

  6. There are very few out of towners on WE beaches for any number of reasons not the least of which is lack of parking and distance from LIRR. Installing showers and toilets will probably not change this in any dramatic way.

  7. Before Sandy we had a hose on the street side of our beach entrance. I think most everyone on the block used it to rinse off themselves as well as their gear.

  8. Are these elaborate walk overs going at the end of every street? I get they are handicapped accessible, but couldn’t a sign be posted stating handicap access at Indiana and perhaps one other beach? I don’t mean to sound ignorant, but what happens once they reach the beachside? I can’t imagine even a powered wheelchair navigating the sand.

  9. If not a shower, it would be nice to have a little fountain to at least wash your feet when you hit the street level or the walkover.

    I used to be the most negative person on this blog… I can’t believe how against everything people are seeming to be lately. Long Beach is ANGRY!

  10. Making them ADA compliant may be a legal thing. Remember, these ramps have to be in accordance with the Army Corp of Engineer plans for when the beach is reengineered.

    As for what happens on the beach side, there are mats that can be put down that wheelchairs can roll on. It allows people to get closer to the water. They have them at a couple of beach entrances off the boardwalk.

  11. The “to shower or not to shower” issue is simply about money. We taxpayers have experienced a 36% increase in two years. Landscaping, benches and showers are unnecessary and expensive.

  12. “EDDIE” welcome to SBTC. My tax bill went down. I still have no idea where you come up with this 36% number unless it’s some combination of county and school taxes. Even then it wasnt 36%

  13. At least in theory, there should be showers there. It’s still $12 to enter the beach on that side and why should they have less amenities than other parts of the beach?

    Any passionate stance against them that goes beyond NIMBY’ism. But really?

    You can say you don’t want the cost, but LBs money woes is in the salaries and benefits of appointed positions. Until someone has the stones to go after that and the people start demanding it gets curbed, y’all are arguing over the crumbs.

  14. Original, can you post your two City of Long Beach tax bills showing your tax decrease? Bet you can’t. Unless your assessment was reduced based on your petitioning for a reduction for “substantial damage” from Sandy, you are lying or perhaps unable to understand your bills.

    You can simply compare the three years’ Long Beach City tax rates, which are on-line, and add in the “Inherited defect penalty tax,” and you’ll see your 30+% City tax hike. For this year, you can add the increased “sanitation tax” line of your bill and you’ll come up with an even bigger increase. Thousands. Let’s see them posted here.

    Anything paid for with FEMA or government grant money must comply with ADA requirements. As policy, most municipal projects regardless of funding sources are made ADA compliant. That’s why all the beach ramps are being constructed this way.

  15. Appointed posit ions make peanuts. Avg. Salary is like 85k and there are about 15 of them. Avg. Cop/fireman salary is 150k and there are 80 of them!!!

  16. Taxes went up 16% in 2012. And then about 2% in 2013. They have gone down 1% in 2014. This is just city taxes. School and county go up every year.

  17. Paul, you didn’t add in the new Long Beach “mandatory inherited deficit reduction” tax that is on the tax bill for 2012 and 2013, nor the new increase in Long Beach “sanitation” tax on the 2014 bill. An oversight, perhaps?

    Of course there are the massive Long Beach water and sewer tax rate increases this year also, but they appear on separate bills.

    While the Long Beach School District tax rate has increased each year, the County tax rate has not increased since Suozzi’s 23% increase and his unprecedented 2.5% Energy Tax got him thrown out of office in 2010.

  18. Oh, and I forgot: There’s the new “Get out of Dodge Tax” passed this year that will require virtually every homeowner to replace his sewer in the street when he sells his house. That’s a $5,000 to $15,000 tax also.

    But the City announced they are formulating a plan to “excuse” you from doing that — if you pay an extra $100/year tax for “insurance” each year you live here.

    Guess you can call it “sewer tax insurance”.

  19. Sorry, I meant to include them as well.

    But you can’t just look at salaries – you have to look at benefits as well; the ones that go to them and their families, the ones that after mismanagement continued to get paid out to fired and dead employees. It totals in millions.\appointed+positions+long+beach+ny+cost&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&start=10

    The benefits they tried to make lifetime for all non exempt employees recently.

    So it’s not just 85K a year for 15 employees – also, consider – some of these appointees had no experience in what they were appointed to and the jobs they’re supposed to do need to be outsourced from somewhere else – $$$

  20. Which exempts had no experience? I’d like to have some one put together list of the dem exempts and the repub exempts and match up their college degrees and previous job titles. Linkedin and somebody with a little more lb political knowledge than me could put this together. Maybe this is a good idea for a blog. Paging Anthony!

  21. The lifeguards also have beach wheelchairs that can be brought down for accessibility by having the ticket taker call and request one. Those chairs allow access down to and into the water.

  22. Wow, what a joke. Just because the boardwalk doesn’t extend to the west end you have some delusion that WE residents have a private beach? As a previous WE resident I felt bad for some of the issues you face, but now I hope you continue to find vomit on your deck from the out of town bar patrons.

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