‘Billboards’ are now directories. Ok, this is pretty cool.


Kiosks Promoting Local Businesses are Supported by Local Businesses [Facebook]

I am not entirely convinced they were intentionally supposed to be used this way, but I think this is pretty awesome (or a pretty awesome fix?) Great way to help all our local business, plus it has trolley routes! What do you folks think?



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21 thoughts on “‘Billboards’ are now directories. Ok, this is pretty cool.”

  1. It’s good to see that the City changed their tune because of pressure put on them by taxpayers. Score one for the power of Anthony’s blog!

    Next it would be nice if the directories were professionally designed instead of featuring an ugly amateur map, but that’s asking for too much.

    And a directory on the boardwalk would have more value if there were street signs identifying the streets on the boardwalk. Maybe they are waiting for professional signs to be delivered. AFter all, they fired the guys in the sign shop.

  2. This is what they were planned to be from the beginning. The ads were placeholders that cva put there temporarily. They didn’t realize how many people were dying for reasons to attack jack.

  3. Sure, let’s put ads in here just so we can take them out and three days and order directories to put in their place.

    Who dresses you in the morning?

  4. Ads are not needed. Maps could be placed with trolley stops minus the adversiments. As a tax paying resident I want an advertisment free boardwalk and trash cans. No one is attacking Jack. Taking residents not liking billboards and Ads as an attack ridiculous. Are we as residents suppose to love everything he does at all times.

  5. Agreed!

    Hate all the billboards and advertisements cluttering up our beautiful beach and city.

    Like the new directories very much!

    Wish the directories didn’t have the ads along the bottom, but at least they’re along the bottom, so they’re pretty easy to ignore!

    I don’t believe for a second that that was the original purpose of those billboard holders, but I’m ok with that. I commend the folks involved for learning from their mistake. As Anthony said — pretty awesome fix!

    I generally like Jack very much, but that doesn’t mean I like everything he does. And it doesn’t have to. Hooray for free thought!

  6. It’s the same 15 people complaining about every move he makes. The response to this stuff on Facebook always seems to be about 90% positive. A post about some new creative idea will come up and get hundreds of likes with a few negative comments coming from the same people every time (Hession, Gustavsson, Farrell, Treston, Arnone, Lamonte, etc.).

  7. They put up an old fashioned “information kiosk” in the little park at Nevada when they ripped up all the grass and cemented it over. The kiosk has 4 sides for display. The two front panels originally had artsy LB things. Within a few months they were replaced by realtor ads. Right next to the big “Welcome to Long Beach” sign. CAUTION: realtor faces in below pictures:

  8. Providing constructive critique is not necessarily complaining. It is all in how it is done. As long as it is done in a tone of mutual respectful and courtesy, it is dialog. Whatever your political preferences and persuasion, there will be things the City Manager does that people will like and others people will disagree with. If people disagree with something they have a right to voice an opinion on the matter….respectfully.

  9. When there are people with political agendas and friends with axes to grind, that will shape the way things are posted. Make no mistake Gustavson Lamonte Farrell Hession Treston and friends are trying very hard to get a republican team together to take out Jack. “Project 11561” has become so political that it publicly endorse political candidates. Things have turned and I think people on this blog are smart enough to see it.

    Somebody wrote the other day that the only people who frequently complain online are either related to or friends with a Hennessy or a Moriarty. This is true because Hennessy and Moriarty will only select people to run that they can control. They will then hire back unqualified hacks (IE Costello, Buscemi). It’s about jobs. That’s LB Politics.

    I’m an independent and can’t vote in primary elections but I think we all recognize the current Dems work much harder than the republicans did so the people working against (not with) the administration usually will have personal reasons for doing so. For instance, if your relatives were fired by Jack, you will do what you can to throw him out and have the republicans hire your family back.

  10. Don’t put this on one political party. Both parties practice the bad side of politics that frustrates people, namely nepotism. This administration has done it, as well as the previous administration. They both gave jobs to friends and relatives. Both sides also have people that come on blogs like this and spew their talking points.

  11. Yes. We need Kerri Gustavson and Angelo Lamonte to run with the Coalition. Throw on somebody like Mona Goodman or Ted Hommel and we have a good Republican Team.

  12. Oh sure, Angelo… Perhaps the most self absorbed, dumbest political wannabe on the beach. Can’t they get anyone to run for office around here with some clue or some useful profession?

  13. I’m getting tired of saying this so I can imagine how wearisome it must be to keep seeing it but IT’S TIME FOR A THIRD PARTY!

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