Large Jelly Fish lands in the West End

From Ed Glister:

Anthony, if you’re light on news and want a photo to adorn the SeaByCity page, here’s a photo of a large Jelly Fish that beached on the a West End at the Arizona entrance. For many, it was the largest Jelly a fish we’ve seen.

After drawing a large crowd of interested on-lookers, the Jelly Fish was removed from the water.

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6 thoughts on “Large Jelly Fish lands in the West End”

  1. Truly, as local as local news gets. Maybe these folks have discovered the ideal “mascot” for all Nassau County politicians. No more elephants, no more donkeys, one big jellyfish to represent them all. This could be a great first step toward coalition government, even if just symbolic.

  2. Ay , yay yay ! Muscles? What kind? From which animals? I’ve seen lots of mussels especially near the jetties but never muscles.

  3. Well, those critters have “a pair of muscles that close the two valves of a mussel shell” so there are actually twice as many muscles as mussels. BTW, we’ve had a couple of big “blooms” of mussels down West this summer too, including a lot yesterday. Also, lots of tiny crabs running on the beach like they were lost- VERY low full moon tide.

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