Access to Some West End beaches via New Ramps

The wait is over for some West Enders. The photo below is of the Indiana Ave beach entrance ramp, with the ADA-compliant ramp extending from street to beach. While some finishing work remains, this access is easier and more attractive than before.     – Ed Glister 


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2 thoughts on “Access to Some West End beaches via New Ramps”

  1. its now the middle of August and NOT ONE walkover has been completed!!!…the few on the East end just have pilings in the ground and nothing else. There are plenty of prefab pieces stacked around but one in sight to install any of it a matter of fact , there’s been no one working on the East side of Neptune Blvd.for the last THREE WEEKS!!! hummmmm…what happened LONG BEACH, run out of money???maybe the company wants more and STOPPED all work?????Weren’t they ALL suppose to be COMPLETED by the end of July?????please keep us informed……

  2. The walkway with entrances at Nevada and Ohio is virtually done. Walked over it on Sunday. It’s all ramps now, looks like they’re going to add a down staircase. Lovely view from the top but a heck of a long climb. Sand is already starting to blow over the bottom of it. Looks like they may need to hire folks to shovel it out next year. This thing is bolted together so strong it looks like it could last through a storm, except it would probably be either buried or sticking up in the air.

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