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  1. there really needs to be “bike lane” stenciled onto the bike lane.
    I live in an apt on the boardwalk and watch SO MANY people walking, stopping in the middle of the bike lane. They don’t know so they let their young children play, stop, walk in the bike lane.. Old people with their walkers are in the bike lane -and one day somebody will get hurt
    Tourists don’t know to look at the few signs posted on the street lamps that designate the middle lane for bikes.
    is the city waiting for an accident, then be sued for a simple task of stenciling in “bike lane” to be done.

  2. i feel like i live in Atlantic City ,we care so much about our 40 mill board walk ,as the rest of the City looks like crap ,on park ave ,between lb rd and all the way to lido, there’s grass and weeds growing and the storm drains are complely blocked with garbage ,AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEE;S THIS

  3. The City, which fired most of its African American parks workers, now uses a Bayshore group of criminals doing community service sentences to maintain the grass on the malls. You’ve probably seen their blue mini-bus. Way to go, Democrats! More money for your hacks.

  4. Well they cemented over the grass at Nevada Ave without any consultation with the local residents so maybe everything should be cemented over and then there’s no grass to cut.
    Most places would rip up the concrete and replace it with grass. LB does the opposite.

  5. Enough of this liberal public input crap. These stupid dems are constnatly holding public meetings for all these things. I liked it better when the republicans were in and just did whatever they wanted.

  6. lol same problem as the first one! What the hell? First it asks, how important do you think retail, etc. is, and you can put “least important” instead of – I don’t want it.

    Then it says, where should the retail, concessions, bump outs, mobile markets go? But you can’t put “no where.”

    They might as well say, fill this out and we’ll do what we want anyway.

  7. Maybe it would be useful for them to show some real leadership by consulting experts, crunching numbers and then presenting a specific Phase 2 plan with all of the rationale that motivates them (the local Democrat party that controls all five council seats and has installed a well paid management team) to offer it as the best option. Advocate, spell out how their specific Phase 2 plan, developed by our City Manager’s team of urban planners, finance and grants experts, represents part of a broader vision that controls costs, supports the tax base, and enhances quality of life . Then get feedback, specific feedback. Otherwise I’m afraid I agree that it’s just a stunt full of ” public input crap” to support a “we listen” campaign. This admins done some good work since Sandy, its managers are talented and capable. Lead first, then listen, then adjust the plan or debate its opponents. TTMS with my 2 cents.

  8. Who chose this photo? Couldn’t find a better photo of the Boardwalk and the people using it?
    Does anyone else miss the old boardwalk? I miss street signs and a marked bike lane. I do not like the “Shoregosboard” or however you spell it. I think it has done more harm than good to most other businesses in Long Beach. I miss the bathrooms on the Boardwalk and the beach, even though they were falling down. I do not like the portable bathrooms that are rented and a waste of money. The city could have built brand new bathrooms for the cost of a single season of these expensive rental units. I do not like all the new yogurt and other food carts that are popping up on the Boardwalk and on the beach. The people that pay rent and taxes are in it for 12 months and if this continues there will be more and more vacancies all around town.
    Lastly I do not like that it seems like the current administration cares more about tourism and visitors than the people that rent and live here. What made Long Beach so great was that it didn’t have ALL this tourist attractions on the Boardwalk it was a LOCAL city… Oh and it is really dirty everywhere around town…..

  9. I love the new boardwalk. No tripping over jutting boards. We need a bike lane clearly identified.
    Now, we must focus on giving this city what is most important, A HOSPITAL !!!

  10. Brian, you’re right…you’re not the only one who sees the weeds and garbage. There are several studies (the most recent by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce) that show that businesses do better and people feel better when streets are clean and parking/transportation is available.

    The West End of Park Avenue, from Nevada to New York Ave, was cleaned by some City summer workers (including Project Challenge teenagers) and a volunteer in just a few days last week. A similar effort in the East End could produce equally good results.

  11. Love- your post is so provocative and full of interesting , individual thoughts that I predict it might break the record for the number of responsive posts.
    I agree with you on shoresgaboard. It’s tacky, expensive and unappealing.
    I also agree re the lack of permanent lavatories. I would think that for $40 plus million we could have permanent structures spaced along the length of the BW.
    I disagree re the food carts. People need to be able to get some food while on the beach and BW. But I think that it should be limited to local owners only.
    I also disagree about tourism. Visitors should be encouraged. They leave their money behind and contribute to the overall economy.
    Lastly, I agree that the City is looking very grungy and ill-kempt.
    That will lead into the topic of local politics, inefficiency, ineptitude and a sloppy attitude in City Hall which is a constant theme on these websites.

  12. Also please make these restaurant owners etc. stop the hanging of signs, banners, etc. on the Boardwalk rails etc. and making the Boardwalk look like Chinatown , with their ads all over the place.

  13. Hi Brian. As I told you when we talked last week, I did do what Ed G. has recommended last summer on Park Ave. from Natl to Long Beach Rd./south side… it was so grungy, I couldn’t take it anymore. So I took my edger and shovel with a few bags and removed weeds and garbage from sidewalk crevices and those derelict wood tree frames. One shop owner noticed and talked with me about getting flowers to fill the tree frames(his store is now closed). The people at hot yoga were thankful and offered refreshment (they had already planted marigolds in their tree frame), but most shop owners hardly noticed. This weekend my wife and I saw a restaurant bring its outdoor tables on to a filthy unswept sidewalk obliviously and on Sat morning that stretch remains a grungy mess. I’ll volunteer with you to do what Ed suggests, so long as we talk to shop owners about maintenance… something that I would hope they would see the value of, if not the responsibility.

  14. Jodi, this criminals you mention are the same city workers you seem to be defending they aren’t criminals. That bus was donated to the city after Sandy and while the city has not repainted it which would be a waste of money they did put city seals on the doors. Please get you facts straight.

    In regards to the survey that is a piece of crap survey with no real suggestion as to what these new elements will be or look like but when they build what they want the say this is what people wanted. How about some artist renderings etc and some more details before you in essence ask people to vote for these things!

  15. I too love the trolley. Anthony’s article is perhaps the closest look most residents will ever see of it. The City seems to be pretty good at getting things from the State and the Fed. Unfortunately, getting them is the easy part.

    Once we have them, they must be operated efficiently and safely. They must be insured and maintained in a good state of repair. This is the most expensive part of the deal and the one that requires skilled and experienced employees.

    It’s the tough part.

    We got a great trolley. Now let’s work on operating it professionally so that a resident or guest can have a shot at planning a ride.

    And let’s maintain it so it doesn’t end up rotting to scrap in the old incinerator lot with the rest of the $350,000 fire trucks and $25,000 police cars that the taxpayers are still paying for.

  16. To our neighbors to the east, we empathize. We here in Rockaway, were under the impression that everyone, everywhere else are doing so much better than us, in the Sandy recovery process.
    If you have the time, come visit us, you might go home feeling a lot better about the conditions in Long Beach.

  17. One requirement of the discussion,Miss Liz, is knowing what the exact responsibilities are for the shopowners ( referenced in my comment below) for maintaining the sidewalks and curb areas in front of their shops. Ditto homeowners and coops/condos. I know NYC’s ordinances for this, but not LB’s. I don’t want to see anyone fined. I support LB businesses and understand their challenges. Maybe just reminders if sanitation law is already in place. Stetches of Park are downright grungy, especially on Sat/Sun mornings. A regular sweep, wash and weeding of treeboxes would really help. I will contact City Hall to learn the rules.

  18. I believe all businesses are responsible for the area in front of their store and 18 inches into the street. It’s described in detail in our code of ordinances. That and the signage in windows … Which seems to be quite a hot topic. 🙂

  19. From the City Municode page.

    “The sidewalks and curbs, or boardwalk adjacent to and abutting upon each and every commercial, mercantile, business or other establishment in the city shall be kept clean and clear of any trash, refuse or other debris by the owner, operator or licensee of each such establishment. Each owner, operator or licensee of a commercial, mercantile, business or other establishment shall sweep such sidewalk and curb, or boardwalk, and also the gutter and street area adjacent to the curb to a distance of at least eighteen (18) inches from the curb, before 10:00 a.m. each day that such business or establishment is open or operated. All sweepings and other debris shall be collected and removed to private containers by such owner, operator or licensee.
    In commercial areas, it shall be unlawful to place any garbage, refuse or ashes upon the sidewalk or street for collection, or to permit such material or containers to remain upon the street prior to 5:00 p.m. or after 10:00 p.m.”


  20. I believe the rules are already on the books. They aren’t enforced. “Why” maybe the better question but I look forward to your discovery!

  21. I will copy the ordinance to the City Manager’s office in an e-mail asking that shopowners be reminded. My stroll down Park between 3-4:30pm yesterday showed absolute violation of this ordinance as stated. I expect reminders will do the trick. I hope that we make a point of giving positive feedback to shopowners who make an effort to clean and maintain their sidewalks/18 inches.

  22. I did get a reply from Mr. Schnirman to my request that shopowners be reminded of the ordinance. As Ed Glister chimed in, there are studies done by Brooklyn Chambers of Commerce that show the benefits realized by businesses when sidewalk cleanliness is maintained. Mr. Schnirman said in his response: “we wholeheartedly agree and that’s why we have a sanitation inspector out there to enforce these things. He’s been asked to push harder on the downtown the last few weeks. Making the downtown look inviting is good for all.”
    I very much appreciate his attention to this issue.

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