Q: Do you think the bike share stations should be on the boardwalk or Street level?

socialbicycleslongbeachA very interesting conversation as sprung up on Project 11561 regarding Social Bicycles (SoBi) bike sharing stations, which I would love to share with you all:

SoBi Long Beach the Bike share company that is coming to LB next year posted a question on the City of Long Beach, New York (OFFICIAL)Facebook page. 

Do you think the bike share stations should be on the boardwalk? Street level? What do you think??? [PROJECT 11561]

I have no idea how to actually share a specific facebook thread, but the majority of the folks seem to feel that street level is the way to go. You know what? I agree! With all the food carts and people on the boardwalk already, perhaps the bike sharing stations would work better street level. Like what somebody wrote, “Bikes on the Street, Signs on the boardwalk.” What do you folks think?

For more information on Social Bicycles, I  recently posted an update a few weeks ago: SOCIAL BICYCLES: BIKE SHARING IN LONG BEACH UPDATE


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9 thoughts on “Q: Do you think the bike share stations should be on the boardwalk or Street level?”

  1. Street Level , less liability issues if someone runs into them by accident , Don’t overload the boardwalk ..Leave it as is peaceful and quiet

  2. On the boardwalk, don’t think they take that much room, plus how many stations are we talking about here? Perhaps they can do both? have them on the street in the busy parts of town? If they are all on the street, people not see them, won’t use them and the whole thing will be a waste of $$.

  3. visibility is a good point. I am sure a lot of potential riders aren’t necessarily looking for the bikes, they just stumble upon it and decide to go for a ride on the spot. I remember with the Deco kiosks, a lot of people would just be walking by them and would stop to check them out and see how it works.

    As a blogger who complains about too many signs on the boardwalk, would I want more signs pointing to stations that are merely steps away? Like everything in this town, balance is key. How can we achieve it?

  4. Everyone has to walk a ramp to get on the boards, have the stations there. The boardwalk is for running, biking, sitting, walking, etc. let’s leave that open space for that. I love the food options up there but they are taking a lot of space up on the boards and causing people to move from the pedestrian lanes into the bike lane. I too thought these bikes were lockable everywhere as opposed to those ugly deco bike stations. Ca you get a picture of possible bike stations from the company? Them seem eager to hear what the people want, I just hope they then listen to the info they gather.

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