Rocky Horror Picture Show [New York Ave Beach @ 7:30PM]

10576967_320063898167096_8899534846457853993_nOnce again coming back to the originators of movies on the beach in Long beach, this weekend’s Saturday Nights on the Beach is hosted by the West End Neighbor’s Civic Association.

This Saturday night’s show: Rocky Horror Picture Show will be shown on New York Ave beach staring at 7:30PM

Parking will be extremely tight, if possible please walk or ride your bicycle.

Why not get together with some friends and make it a night? Make reservations at a restaurant who is a member of the West End Business Owners or Billy’s Beach Cafe or “The Laurel” stop by The Barn or Key Food East End for snacks and beverages and head down to the show (Shameless plugs for our sponsors).

Bring a friend and beach chair, we will bring the popcorn. See you at the movies!

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56 thoughts on “Rocky Horror Picture Show [New York Ave Beach @ 7:30PM]”

  1. Odd choice for a family movie night, no? The lead, an alleged transvestite (actually just a cross-dresser), hosts guests that experience an auto breakdown in an unfamiliar place. The transvestite just so happens to be creating a Frankenstein-like muscle man for his sexual pleasure. While his house guests are drunk he initiates unwanted sex with both genders while pretending to be somebody else in a darkened room. Most feminist would have a hard time calling this anything other than rape.The female lead seduces a man and allows him to fondle her breasts and ends up having sex with him only to be later caught by the woman’s fiance and.others. Typical moral lapses on a West End drinking binge? I really hope no freaks from planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania actually show up in speedos and fishnets. I do realize it’s a musical primarily centered around fun, madness and a good time, but think twice about bringing the young ones. I’ll venture a guess that the majority of dad’s will walk away stating “I never saw the whole movie before”, or at least asking themselves privately ” did I really like that movie when I was younger”.

  2. I agree. What is the city of Long Beach thinking showing this movie to families? When you show a movie that will be seen by young kids you want to ask yourself, “Would I want my kids acting like the characters in this movie”? This is a 100% adult movie. Shame on those who put this one together. Your morals are in the gutter and you have no discernment skills. Sign of the times I guess.

  3. Do you guys realize how much vampire and “death” stuff is on TV every night? And the zombies and witches are played by really attractive young people, and that’s what kids are emulating. The characters in Rocky Horror are clearly Caricatures, looking more like the Addams Family than the scary stuff on TV. As for problems with “transvestites” in media, check out Cabaret. Or Some Like It Hot. Rocky Horror may have been “shocking” back in the day, but not now. And the music and choreography certainly have “redeeming social value.”

  4. Bob S, vampires, death, zombies, scary stuff, Broadway musicals and attractive young people have absolutely nothing to do with any part of my criticism of the movie choice. I’m not really sure why you went there in your retort. Please explain the “redeeming social value” of men in tight skimpy underwear pulling feathered boas between their legs or chasing another man in a gold lame speedo while wearing fishnet stockings and high heels. Or perhaps you were referring to the scene of two men having oral sex or a fiance thinking it’s ok to sleep with two different men in the same night. I was simply saying that it was not a movie for young children. In other words, it’s not a family night movie. Children of a certain age should not have “sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania” in their lexicon.

  5. Maybe this is a movie that you don’t want your kids to see. That’s OK, that’s your call to make.

    Thankfully, the movie was announced in advance and it’s not like it was a movie that no one had ever heard of. A few minutes on the internet and you should easily figure out the content.

    Here’s the thing about it being a “family movie” that I don’t get. No where in this blog post does it say this is a family movie. The first mention of the word family is Toucha Toucha Touch Me’s comment. The words kid and child don’t appear until the comments either.

    Keep in mind, there are all kinds of families. Not every family has a six year old who may not be ready to understand more adult themes.

    If you didn’t want to bring your kids to what you deem an adult (or maybe a teen/adult) movie, that’s OK.

    I checked the WENCA Facebook page and while they do mention bringing your family on the page, they don’t mention it for Rocky Horror. They say bring your family to Indiana Jones (which got a PG rating instead of an R rating by blocking out parts of the exploding head scene with some fire since PG-13 didn’t exist at the time, but they were allowed to keep the face melting).

    Now if WENCA said “everyone must bring their 12 year old to this movie!” I can see where people might say “but I don’t consider this appropriate for my kid”.

    Casablanca is scheduled for later this month and while it has a PG rating … kids might get bored!

    But if you’re worried about content, head to commonsense media to read about movies before you bring your kids. E.g., here’s the Rocky Horror writeup:

  6. The movie is rated R, so it is up to parents to decide if it’s appropriate for their kids. You’re certainly entitled to that same right. All the examples you cite are true, and I accept them as thought-out and reasonable, though different than mine. It’s a done deal now and maybe we’ll hear how the viewers reacted.

    I’m personally disgusted by the “vampire culture.” Sorry if I made it sound like that was your beef- it’s mine. I appreciate your coming back at me to “keep me honest.” And I think we should be proud of our community for being willing to debate things like this out on the open, and hope Anthony realizes what a great thing he’s doing.

    After I posted before, I re-watched the film online. I really did enjoy it as a musical, and love Susan Sarandon’s character. But I certainly am no kid, so don’t know how I’d react if I was a kid today. Back in my day, if we wanted to see a film with bare skin, we’d have to peek in to a Drive-In movie show from outside the fence.

    BTW, men in tights do nothing for me either. I could never get into the ballet, or even David Bowie concerts for that matter. @toucha, I enjoyed “disagreeing” with you on this and look forward to our next conversation.

  7. Bob and Brian, your arguments are without merit for the following reasons – The movie is rated R and that is not mentioned on the WENCA facebook page. Nor does it refer to the National policy of “R: Restricted Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian”. There was nothing in place to check ID’s or restrict access. The tradition of the midnight showing of Rocky Horror sort of took care that problem. Furthermore, I don’t believe the onus of reading movie critiques online should fall on parents because the City of Long Beach and WENCA might have included a movie with rape, gay sex, infidelity and cross dressing that is advanced with catchy dance routines. I’ve exhausted all interest in this, but do thank you as well for the dialog.
    However, Allison B’s comment does beg the question, how is this a “parody of rape culture”? Please elaborate.

  8. I have to admit I am a bit surprise by some of these posts. When the West End Neighbors Civic Association, Westholme Civic Association and Northeast Bay and Canals Civic Association joined forces to bring free and fun Saturday night entertainment to our city, we did so with the thought to bring a diverse mix of movies to appeal to different audiences. We have shown everything from kid focused animated movies to action movies to more adult themed movies and have even done a kids concert. Not every movie will appeal to everyone. We are looking to appeal to a diverse audience with diverse interests.

    As was mentioned in previous posts, your kids have access to flesh eating zombies, blood sucking vampires, nudity galore, graphic medical shows and foul language everyday on television. As parents you decide what is and is not appropriate for your children to watch and (presumably) you put some controls on what they see. This was no different. Just because it was available, as it is with all those much more graphic shows on TV, does not mean people have to attend. Rocky Horror is a parody that includes no foul language or violence. It encourages audience participation in the singing and dancing, as well as the comedy of using props (e.g. toast, water guns, etc.). In a nutshell it is intended to be fun. And for the 1000+ people that were there last night it sure seemed like it was. People were up and dancing during the time warp.

    I ask you to keep the big picture in mind…these movies are an opportunity for your neighbors to get together and enjoy a night of fun. So we invite you to continue to attend the movies that are appealing to you.

    Best Regards,

    John Bendo
    West End Neighbors Civic Association

  9. An “R” rated movie has no business being shown in a public forum. This rates right there with the time the City hired “Penthouse Pets” to promote the animal shelter.

    Not everyone is morality vacant and has accepted the Brian Puccio/NAMBLA view of “inclusive morality”. Some folks still believe in right vs. wrong.

    Depicting rape as comedy isn’t what most communities bill as “family fun”.

    But then, this is Long Beach. And it is, after all the West End.

  10. I hope all of you who vehemently objected to this decision have just joined your local civic association, so you can join the rest of the community in deciding what is appropriate for your area. These folks work hard for their neighbors. If you think they don’t represent the majority of your neighbors, show up and show your numbers. “Walk the walk” or don’t complain after the fact.

  11. If you were to take your child to a rated R movie in a movie theater you would be allowed to do so, the responsibility would still fall on you to evaluate whether or not it was an appropriate movie for your child.

    It is not the city’s responsibility to determine whether or not this movie is appropriate for children.

    JAWS includes a scene depicting a small child getting eaten alive by a shark. Clearly, that is not approrpiate for all children either, but I didn’t hear anyone complaining about that.

  12. Allie, did your kid’s love the part with the huge dildo? Bet the sponsors loved that too. Can’t wait to mention the rape parts to them!

  13. Hope you folks are blocking NBC to avoid anybody watching Law & Order SVU.. Hope you’ve discussed those 250 brutal episodes with your kids. If anyone thinks he’s living in a sewer, he should move. I love this area. So do the thousands of people who visit and wish they could live here. Crawl out of your holes and look around, this is not the down and out place it was decades ago. Have you guys joined your civic groups yet, or just want to stay here and pollute Anthony’s blog? Hopefully this thread will be closed soon since there’s no pertinent conversation, just you guys flaming other members and offering nothing remotely constructive. Goodbye to this topic, knock yourselves out.

  14. The civics asked the community what they wanted to see on the beach this summer. They didn’t pick it out of thin air. There was a poll and you could vote the top picks were chosen for the movie nights. Thank you John Bendo and the rest of the organizers, with out you we would have NOTHING! Every idea as of late as come from either the civics or local residents.

  15. Allison and John, since you both used the word “parody” (and in particular, Allison’s description of the movie as a “parody of rape culture”) may I ask again that you educate us how this was accomplished? If you can that is. And John, to your comment “As parents you decide what is and is not appropriate for your children to watch and (presumably) you put some controls on what they see. This was no different.” Really, no different? What if I decided to put my TV in the bay window of my house and broadcast R rated movies that included gay sex, transsexuals, men in fishnets chasing men in speedos, etc so that any youngster walking down the block could see it without parental consent? Would it be OK if I had alerted the public via facebook that i would be doing this on a particular night? I don’t need the consensus of a civic association to tell me what’s objectionable. And Allie, if not “the city’s responsibility to determine whether or not this movie is appropriate for children” it is certainly the duty of a civic association.

  16. Can you explain what is so objectionable about Rocky Horror. It has been pointed out in several posts here that what is shown on TV now is far more graphic and loaded with foul lanuage than this movie. It was shown on a beach, not on Park Avenue. People had to come onto the beach to see this. It was not visible from the street or the boardwalk. Some of this is starting to smack more of an anti-gay theme than anything.

  17. Neutron, can you explain what is so objectionable about reading comprehension? And while you’re at it, don’t try to refocus the conversation. The objections have been stated ad nauseam. The point of myself and others is simply that their are appropriate movies to invite families to in a very public place, and there are inappropriate movies. Rocky Horror is one of the very inappropriate, rated R movies. It should not have been shown, it was a bad decision. There are arguments to made for the educational use of R rated movies in High School such as Schindler’s List or Mississippi burning to illuminate aspects of WW2 or the Civil Rights Movement. However, if you show, advocate family attendance, to R rated movies, and have absolutely nothing in place for parental consent, or employ a method of alerting parents as to the content, you are not being civic minded. Understandably, there is not a one-size-fits all guide to the suitability of movie, but there are 1000 more appropriate movies that could have been shown. And I’m still waiting to have Allison’s “parody of rape culture” comment explained as she is a self proclaimed “advocate for feminism and all things queer”.

  18. If anyone would like to discuss this further, the next West End Neighbors Civic Association meeting is Monday, August 25th at 7 PM in the West End Community Center on Maryland Ave. You will be able to speak with me in person about this.

    I suggest you bring a pad and paper, since I will advise you on how you can start your own movie night series, to ensure movies you approve of are shown. We will discuss permits, insurance, movie licensing, advertising, printing, finding and dealing with vendors, and of course the key to making it happen, fundraising to pay for all of it.

  19. Parents really need to make the ultimate choice on what they want their kids to be exposed to. You can’t rely on an event flyer for a movie. If you are a ‘good parent’, you’ll do research. You need to be responsible for yourself and your family.

    I’m glad WENCA picked this movie. It was ballsy. Not everything needs to be family friendly. Plus the Jaws comparison somebody here made really nails it – you can’t have it both ways.We bring our kids to bars for dinner where there are drunk patrons, yet we don’t want our kids to consume alcohol. Or like the Superbowl/wardrobe malfunction. People went nuts over a nipple (something every human being has), yet it’s totally ok for kids to watch a million beer commercials and people hitting each other for a few hours.

    I forgot what my point was… Oh, thank you WENCA for bringing a more adult movie. As the kids got Surfs Up, Wizard of Oz and soon to see Frozen, it’s nice to see variety. I’d love to see more. How about a Zombie movie for next year to tie in with the Zombie Pub Crawl? Night of the Living Dead? Shaun of the Dead?

  20. The City Manager is a local resident and so are his staff members. Do they count for doing good things or just you and your girlfriends?

  21. An interesting discussion. And it’s going in a direction that speaks miles of a common Long Beach flaw: Intolerance against criticism with the assumption that one’s view is unacceptable unless it’s the same as mine.

    Any reader should be able to see the controversy here: This was billed as “Family Movie Night”. The movie choice was not family friendly by any measure. Some people were offended and that is not the ideal when selecting movies for a “family movie night”.

    In true Long Beach nature, the official reply to the criticism appears to be “screw you – do it yourself if you don’t like it”.

    Some enjoying the selection are calling critics gay bashers.

    Anthony, always a virtually lone voice of reason, is defending varied content with his belief that a broad spectrum of choice is a good thing.Certainly an excellent viewpoint.

    “Tolerance,” as liberals often champion, doesn’t simply mean accepting a particular view. It means understanding, considering and appreciating those views to which we may not personally subscribe.

    Criticism is a gift. It should be welcomed.

    WENCA would be well served to listen to and consider the criticism and if not in agreement, at least understand that the depiction of rape in a comic setting shouldn’t be billed as “family fun”.

  22. Not sure what all the fuss is about. The film is a fully interactive experience, replete with catchy songs you can dance to, a plot line with many twists and turns, and titilating costume design.

    Plus at the end, a special bonus: Brad gets his “Christmas goose early”!

  23. Eddie, I definitely see where you are getting at, perhaps this is something for all of us to learn from?

    White I do appreciate the choice to show Rocky Horror, perhaps for future viewing some guidance should be noted? Even though I am a dad, I don’t think every single Beach Night movie should be friendly for my child. Although, I did grew up watching Jaws, the scene of the boy getting eaten or Quint getting chomped in half never effected me, I get how some parents might have some concern. I also grew up listening to black sabbath and I don’t worship satan (well, I do only when I eat bacon).

    Jokes aside, If the movie has violence or sexual situations (like what the next movie Disney Frozen has plenty of) perhaps out of a courtesy, the movie organizers (and including myself when I post these events on the blog) should show the rating that the motion picture association suggests. Since we are talking about movies being shown in a public setting, it just might be the best solution. This goes for every movie, not just Rocky Horror.

  24. Hello Everyone,
    I believe John Bendo summed up the Civic Associations intent with these movies very concisely and accurately up above.

    We have tried to present a range of movies (chosen via an online poll) that appeal to a wide range of people. As in all aspects of life, ultimately it is up to people to decide whether any media is acceptable for them to view and what is acceptable for their children to view.

    While my children are too young to be taken to Rocky Horror, and for that matter still too young for JAWS, I realize that my neighbor’s children (ages 17 & 19) are also part of this community and deserve to have something to do on Saturday nights other than go to [Insert Long Beach Attraction here], and they would have no interest in seeing a Disney movie every weekend.

    My family has made a conscious decision to get a baby sitter so those in our family who wished to go to those movies could and those we felt were too young for certain movies stayed at home. Parents make decisions like this every day.

    I think an issue is the term “family friendly”, while this particular movie was not appropriate for families with younger children, it may have appealed to a family with children in later high school years or in college. While showing Disney cartoons every week would have been “family friendly” to some, to others it would have not been since they have older children. While the movies we have chosen might not appeal to everyone every night, there will be a choices for people. Choices of movies to attend and movies they choose not to attend.

    This weekend’s movie is Casablanca at 7:30PM on Lafayette Blvd. In order that everyone can make an informed decision on whether this movie is appropriate for them (and/or their children) the MPAA has rated this movie PG for Mild Violence and Pervasive Smoking. The parent guide for this movie can be found on IMDB at

    I hope that EVERYONE is able to look at our movie schedule, find something to their liking and come down along with their family and enjoy a Saturday Night on the Beach.

    See you at the movies

    Patrick J Maguire
    Long Beach Movie Nights

  25. I think the point is well taken that there could have been better ‘warning’ that this might not have been a film intended for all audiences. That said, Rocky Horror has been out for 39 years and is one if the more recognizable and icon films out there, so the notion that it’s content or subject matter would catch anyone off guard seems a little strange to me. Based on the amount of audience participation Saturday night, I tend to think just the oppose was true…folks knew exactly what they were showing up for and were psyched about it.

    Lack of parental warning aside, I applaud the civics for selecting the film. while I love this town to no end, I’ve always been disappointed with our complete and utter lack of cultural diversity. our bars (for the most part) only hire coverbands to play for their patrons. our city only hires the most vanilla of performers to play on the boardwalk (oh yay, another billy Joel coverband). our public art, what little exists, plays almost exclusively to nothing but sunny days on the beach or as a remember acne to those that have passed. to some degree, I think this even manifests itself in the kind of stores that chose to open up here (another nail salon, burger joint or pizza place anyone?).

    for me, the best culture and art is the kind that challenges me. that surprises me. that takes my breath away or elicits quite reflection. it’s the kind that inspires folks to get out of their comfort zone or to try something new. I’m not saying Long Beach should be inundated with such things, but at the moment, we have none.

    Rocky Horror might not be everyone’s bag (no great piece of art is), but it was a step toward breaking up the vanilla monotony that is the void of real culture in this community as it stands right now. if it offended some while exciting others, so be it. again, a tip of the cap to our civics (more folks should definitely get involved in them). keep it up, just don’t forget the parental warning sticker next go around.

  26. Thank you Patrick, John and the sponsors for providing these movies for us! Much appreciated! While it’s impossible to satisfy everybody, I really believe providing the parental guidance for each movie is a good way to make most happy.

  27. Bravo, John McNally. THAT is why I want to get a trolley route named after you. “I’m taking the McNally West to Swingbellys, then I’ll take the Seabythecity East back to the LIRR”.

    But I agree. Even the zombie pub crawl which happened the same day which some made negative comments about.Really? It’s just a group of adults having some fun and spending money in our bars! I wish we had more of these types of events in LB.

    Ok, now who wants to put on some period clothing and go for a ride on the trolley with me???

  28. Will those who got their panties in a bunch over the sexual liberation of RHPS be as upset with a movie like Casablanca with its glamorized gambling, alcoholism and adultery or does Casablanca’s heterosexual male superiority enforce the “correct” gender roles so as to give this movie a pass from those who moral crusaders?

  29. I’ll kick this dead horse one more time. John, I understand where you’re going with this, but your defending of the poor choice of movie is a little weak. I get it, Long Beach is not a sophisticated town by any means. But please, don’t defend your stance by claiming Rocky Horror is a “great piece of art”. Pop culture and cult-ish following is no measure of greatness. You don’t really “Belieb” that do you? There are so many more movies that could have been introduced to the simple-minded masses in town. Your comment “vanilla monotony that is the void of real culture in this community,,,” is where the real problem lies. 7-11, Carvel, Dunkin’ Donuts = Sameness = the mindset of Long Beach. The intention of the civics was to entertain and not to “challenge”, “surprise”, take breath away or “elicit quite reflection”. It was handled improperly and I’m sure they will make corrections to ratings/subject matter in the future. What they will probably not do, as they represent the “vanilla monotony”, is present thought provoking great works. Oh, and popcorn distribution is so passe’, I really think there should be foie gras and a Chatteau Margaux. See you on Irish Day, I can’t wait to get a look at the new Polar Bear Swim sweatshirts.

  30. The CITY of LB has a large, diverse population and it seems everyone is looking for unique, community events to attend (either with little kids, as twenty-somethings, adults, etc.) I applaud the LB Movie Nights team for all they have done for our community, I have attended two movie nights with my kids – I knew not to bring my little ones to Jaws or Rocky Horror simply because of their age and the content. Perhaps the bigger question is what could be available (year round) to entertain our community of all ages. We really need that movie theater and/or a performing arts center!

  31. I could make the argument that “Surfs Up” is not appropriate for a 29 year old with no kids. But I just skipped that movie night. Why does everything have to appeal to families with kids? It’s nice as an adult to be entertained with something besides drinking on the west end for once! I don’t think it says “family” movie night anywhere. I like that there’s a variety… Keep them coming!

  32. Thank you to the organizers of these movie nights! Expanding them to include the length of the city is appreciated. Since most of the films have been out for a while, I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. The titles are publicized in advance so parents can make a choice to bring the whole family, some of them, or give the film a pass. Exactly as one would do if the theater were open. And just as if they were shown in the theater, they are not visible to the passerby.

    Just because the material is offensive to you, it doesn’t give you the right to impose your tastes on everyone. Feel free to shake your head and “tsk, tsk” all you like, but remember everyone doesn’t measure life by your yardstick.

    It was a fun evening, providing something different for entertainment and I think having a range of films makes it feel more inclusive.
    Again, thanks to the people who do the work that makes these things happen.

  33. This is a community organized event and therefore I don’t care what is voted on, it should be at least somewhat all-ages. Jaws may not be all-ages, but it’s not overly profane and its basically tasteful. Rocky Horror doesn’t offend me, but it’s almost embarrassing that it would be played on our beach as a community event. Who wants to talk to their 5 year old about transvestites.. and you know what, if a kid is on the boardwalk or walking by that part of the beach, he may see something that needn’t be seen. But, we want to be progreesssssive. Whatever.

  34. If the kid was walking on the boardwalk, he/she would have seen the back of a movie screen. If the kid was walking on that part of the beach, he/she would have seen considerably less than what he/she would have seen should they have been walking that same stretch of sand about 4 hours earlier.

  35. because 83.7% of Long Beach’s population is over the age of 18, that’s why everything needs to be family friends….oh, wait, ummmm….

  36. Honestly, I’m not sure if many of the people here claiming that Rocky Horror is so objectionable have actually seen the film.

    While the film talks openly about sex, there is no nudity, there are no real sex scenes. It’s really mostly about campy costumes, singing and dancing.

    Please keep in mind that there are plenty of transsexual, transgender and otherwise genderqueer people in our community. There’s nothing inherently objectionable about being trans that needs to be hidden from children!

  37. sorry, allie, the position of community moral compass has already been filled by others on this thread. better luck next time.

  38. What you see here is an great example of why villages don’t step up and do these things, and why good people choose not to seek public office.

    It’s hard to do anything in a political environment without eliciting controversy and criticism. And the controversy will usually carry some validity.

    There aren’t many places as political and as polarized as Long Beach. Our demographics are probably better mixed than any other Long Island town. That’s what makes this place great — the mixture and interaction of ideas and people not found in most bedroom communities.

    The criticism has to take its proper place along with the credit for organizing these great events. Movie nights are great, and the folks who organize them and stick there necks out are great.

    This all makes Long Beach a wonderful, if not a little quirky, place for all kinds of people. As different viewpoints strive to bend the town more to their liking, each should remember that its the blend of opposing ideas that make it fun to live here.

  39. I appreciate WENCA, John and Patrick’s service to our community. We wanted to have s movie theater return but offer more Indy movies, and that doesn’t appear to be happening for us. RHPS is a movie that my mother loves and she introduced me to when I was 10. It was fantastic. Someone just said a child might be walking alone on the beach and see the screen and be drawn to it. A 9 year old child walking on the beach alone at night is far more dangerous of a situation than a 2-D screen projecting meatloaf, Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry singing and dancing. And for the person who is rallying a cry on behalf of parents who allow theirchildren to walk around Long Beach at night alone, I think your priorities are crooked…

  40. Sensei, Thank you, and while John and myself have responded to the issues raised on this thread, we are but a small part of an incredible group of Long Beach neighbor’s who have volunteered our time and effort to bring fun, family-friendly and FREE entertainment options to our fellow residents this summer. I am not certain if this is the correct thread to enumerate all those who have made these Saturday Nights possible but I am sure that Anthony will allow us to post a thread that details everyone who has made these nights possible.

    And while I do not speak for everyone on the organizing committee, I am proud to have been part of this incredible team that has brought smiles and provided a little fun and escape to over 8,000 (conservatively) people this summer. While we all know that you cannot please everyone all the time, I will take 8,000 people clapping when George McFly knocks out Biff, gasping when the head pops out of the boat, cheering when the witch melts, crushing the front of the stage to get a bouncing beachball, rooting for Indiana and yes “Doing the Time Warp”, over a few anonymous people on the interweb.

    So please “round up the usual suspects”, grab the beach chairs and the kids(if you think it is appropriate) and meet us Saturday Night on Lafayette Blvd for Casablanca at 7:30PM. See you at the movies.

  41. Haha.. true about that last comment John. I still don’t think it’s an appropriate community event. Kids or adults. It doesn’t make Long Beach edgy, it makes it a little questionable in my eyes.

  42. Sensei, I was just throwing an idea out, not sayings young kids will be walking around alone at night. Red herring much? My point was I might not want my kid to see this and I shouldn’t have to leave a public space to avoid it.

  43. And John/Patrick, don’t take my criticism as meaning I don’t appreciate what you guys are doing. I just feel there was a poor choice. My opinion, that’s all. Very cool what you guys put together.

  44. I think everyone needs to unbunch their panties.. have a little fun! The town is big enough for everyone! Bring the kids to a park or different stretch of boardwalk.. or put them to bed! Why can’t adults enjoy themselves at night? If explaining a transvestite to your kid is a problem then you should probably just make them live in a bubble and never go out in public. Just saying..

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