How about we brand the boardwalk with bike stencils. Moooooo!

brandOn the topic of bike lanes and safety on the new boardwalk, our city placed signs that tell us where to be, but many folks still don’t see them and walk right into the bike lane without looking.

Our old boardwalk had painted lines, but the ipe wood apparently won’t hold paint. We had a suggestion by Rob Rothman to stain lanes which sounds great, but is there an upkeep? cowbrand2And how much stain are we talking about here? What about forgetting the lines altogether and just brand the boardwalk with bike stencils? You know, the same way one would brand a cow. What do you folks think?  Udderly ridiculous or fantastic? 

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10 thoughts on “How about we brand the boardwalk with bike stencils. Moooooo!”

  1. I just wonder if it would really make a difference. The old boardwalk had lines and there were still a handful of people who crossed without looking or worse, just walked down the middle of the bike lanes. Mostly out of ignorance, some out of being a angst ridden jerk. When you ride by, you yell, BIKE LANE, with a smile. They feel stupid, laugh and then mosey back into the lane 5 minutes later.

    Can also get the child auxiliary police force to help enforce this rule instead of doing absolutely nothing.

  2. something for where the ramps are. lots of people just walk up the ramp and straight out towards the water without looking. I love the reflective carvings/etchings idea!

  3. Perhaps part of the answer is riding as if you are sharing the boardwalk with people. I know, it stinks when someone walks across your path without even looking at you, but nothing short of a fence will stop those folks.

    Slow down a bit, look out for the children/ignorant/oblivious and enjoy your ride.

    And yes, the boards can be marked. An image could be sandblasted through a stencil (as done with granite tombstones) – I’ve seen that done with ipe – but it would probably shorten the life of the affected boards.

  4. What about an asphalt bike path on the new 100-foot wide Army Corp dune that’s being built in front of the boardwalk? Virginia Beach has something like that behind the walk. Know what? People will still walk in front of the bikes.

  5. I have found that you need two mindsets for riding your bike on the BW.
    If you’re riding it during the mid day during the summer in nice weather you have to recognize that the BW will be crowded and people will be in the bike lane.
    It’s that simple. So slow down and deal with it.
    If you want relatively unobstructed passage then go in the morning or evening , during bad weather or off season.
    Your mental health and mood will be much better.

  6. Like the idea of branding — LOVE the idea of carvings / etchings by local artists! With reflective paint inlays — how beautiful does that sound!

    But whatever is ultimately done, Eddie & Beachguy both give some good advice. The boardwalk is a shared space. On a sunny, summer day there may be a bit more “sharing” in the bike lane than we’d like… But all we have to do is just keep our patience about us, and we can all enjoy the boardwalk together.

    Now who do we talk to to get that carvings / etchings idea onto someone’s radar!

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