RUMOR ALERT: Is a new Skatepark coming to the boardwalk area?

My sources are telling me that a new skatepark could possibly happen. It won’t be boardwalk level, but on the street- similar to how Magnolia Park is situated. The exact street location of this skatepark is still unclear.

As a resident, I would absolutely love this. A skatepark would be  another form of entertainment, plus a place for us residents, especially those who are younger, to hang out and have some fun (Long Beach is recreation, after all).

As a Taxpayer, I would absolutely love this. A skatepark off the boardwalk could open up so many new opportunities for the city to raise money; whether through events or clinics. We are already a surf destination; Long Beach as a skate destination is completely possible and a skatepark off the boardwalk would almost guarantee it (who wants to open a skateboard shop with me?).

Let’s face it, a skatepark and a boardwalk go hand-in -hand. I’ll post more info as soon as I get it.


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25 thoughts on “RUMOR ALERT: Is a new Skatepark coming to the boardwalk area?”

  1. Jones Beach used to have one & the people loved it. Don’t think this
    could be as big as that was but it would be something for whoever loved to skate.

  2. I’m much too old for skateboarding but think this would be wonderful.

    I’m sure we will get CAVEs on here posting negative remarks but then we always do.

    To go off topic for a minute I had breakfast with some friends in Point Lookout today and they mentioned that a lot of people don’t take the bus because it’s not coordinated with the trains.

    Just saying it’s not just cranky old me complaining again.

    Maybe we can all learn to skateboard and get to the station that way.

  3. Have you seen the kind of low-lifes we have lately? They’re skinny stoned out vampire-loving white kids using heroin. They couldn’t ride a skateboard if they wanted to. We’re talking crazed people with heroin and meth and guns. This is not “Gidget” with the kids sneaking a can of Pabst before surfing. The more activities out in the open, the better and safer we all will be.

  4. BTW LiberalsAreScum, when you write, “I’ll just bring more low-lifes to the boardwalk” I hope that’s just a stupid typo, not your *plan.*

  5. I know you’re saying it will be street-level but maybe you could suggest to your sources a one or two level parking lot and then the skate park can be on top of that so it can be boardwalk little… Wouldn’t that be so cool and efficient??

  6. want to raise $ for city make it a dog park and charge $200 a year for a permit ,there are a lot more dog owners than skaters ,unless you count the kids from all the surrounding town and nyc .the $200 would be used for insurance , Who’s going to pay insurance for skaters ….? this is a total RUMOR

  7. I wanted to be the first Citizen Against Virtually Everything on this topic. No one ever explains the economic benefit of these opportunities just waiting to spring up around town. Please don’t argue how “cool” it is, or use words like “win-win” and so on. Oh, and Bob S, sometime later on please elaborate on your meth and guns theory. So we’re talking about a prime piece of real estate that will generate no income and more than likely require much money to build, yet another salaried, pensioned, healthcare-for-life City hire (or two) to service the place. Stay with me on this – All these youthful skaters will have big appetites and eat two, maybe three slices and a coke at Gino’s and that money comes back to us in the form of – Wait I lost my train of thought, I’m not seeing the economic benefit anymore. OK, OK, not everything has to have economic benefit and offset my taxes and improve my quality of life, but how about something, anything, that actually does just that. So go ahead all you “skateboarding is not a crime” t-shirts wearing Thrasher Magazine reading sidewalk surfing skate punks, enlighten me on the economic benefits that might offset a real revenue generating plan on a primo plot of real estate.

  8. Sorry you keep losing your “train of thought.” Maybe someone should start reading you the newspapers. Then you might remember hearing about the explosion of hard drugs and illegal guns in Nassau County, the shootings in North Park, etc. Not a theory. Your idea that there are no tangible benefits to things like parks unless they charge admission fees is a theory, one that nobody else has bought into since Jacob Riis. You’re two centuries behind. There is a “new” concept called “quality of life.” You can help generate some real data by calling the cops every time you see a skateboarder skating across the bridge carrying a stolen TV or skating along firing his automatic weapon. No more respones from me on your irrelevant flame. Continue your wonderful life of “being against virtually everything.”

  9. Bob S, stay focused if you can. I “lost” (singular) my train of thought only once and I was being flippant . I do read the papers but must have missed the article on influx of opiate using, “vampire-loving white kids” in Long Beach. The idea of charging admission was not entertained by me at all. I’m definitely confused about your claim that 200 years ago people didn’t understand “quality of life”, and that I must be part of that mindset. Can you even explain that? I must say that your bridge crossing, stolen TV, automatic weapon, “irrelevant flame” diatribe is boarding on the insane. You’re like a one man Tower of Babel.

  10. What if the skate-park would be located on the beach? Concrete right there in the middle of the sand…. Then the people using the skatepark will have already paid their fee to enter the “long Beach – Beach Park.”
    I always thought, even more so after the brand new $44,000,000 Ipe Boardwalk, that the “Beach Park” that everyone pays an entrance fee should start at the bottom of the ramp to the boardwalk.
    Residents would pay for yearly passes, visitors could pay to use the boardwalk (one color wristband), or pay to use the boardwalk and the beach (different color wristband). This would create a fair system of shared use – shared cost….
    Now if you add a beautiful brand new $300,000 “quality of life” skate-park that can have another color wristband and the people using the skate-park will share in the cost to maintain and pay for the multitude of issues including insurance…..

  11. CAVE- youre on to something here. Your thesis is that amy activity is automatically given enhanced value commensurate with it’s economic benefits.

    So let’s extend this a bit.

    As one poster has proposed let’s institute fees for actually stepping up on to the BW.

    Then further , higher fees for sitting on a bench, riding a bike, or leaning on the railing gazing at the ocean. In fact , a higher fee could be charged for entering the south half of the BW as opposed to the northern half.

    Kite flying, actually entering the ocean, tossing a ball , volley ball, jogging and such could all be charged a fee.

    Kudos to CAVE for his foresightedness and advice to us all on how to squeeze every penny out of every activity.


  12. We already have a skate park by the sewage plant. It only smells a little over there… and not too many horse flies.

    It would be cool by the boardwalk.. as long as you could watch from the boards… and a dog park over there would be equally cool. People like using both and watching both.

  13. @Beachguy – you must be one of those people that expect everyone else to pay for their “quality of life” issues. If people believe that a skate-park will add to their quality of life, then they should have to pay to use the skate-park. $300,000 is a lot of money and even more for a city on the brink of bankruptcy. Why should elederly people pay taxes for people outside of Long Beach to use a skate-park for free?
    I want you to pay for my lunch today? Please? I am hungry…Why won’t you?
    You want to eat you should have to pay for your own food.
    From skate-parks to entitlements when did this country turn into everyone EXPECTING everyone else to pay for THEIR ideas of what their quality of life should be….
    Long Beach is being fiscally irresponsible on a daily basis and the ship is eventually going to sink….

  14. Dear Love- you finish up your sentence about me buying you lunch with a question mark. Is it a question? Are you unsure as to whether you want me to buy you lunch? Today? It’s a bit late don’t you think?

    If you’re so hungry why don’t youm run out and rummage through some garbage pails andn maybe you can find some old pizza crusts that will get you through until tomorrow.

    Maybe tomorrow or Saturday for lunch. Where do you want to go?

    I think we would get along famously, don’t you?

    I could explain to you why public recreational facilities add to and enhance the quality of life for everyone. The boardwal and , the fishing pier are just two examples.

    Do you think there should be a fee to use Central Park?

    Some facilities are free for all. Some require a fee. Maybe a skate park should have nominal fee. I don’t know but maybe there could be a fund drive to offset the cost.

    And you ask why elderly people should have to carry the burden of the cost for such a facility. Well that’s similar to asking why elderly people without children of school age should pay school taxes or why people who are semi literate and possessed of shallow thought abilities should pay for the library.

    A skate park would give skaters a place to go and to tire themselves out instead of hanging around getting into trouble.

    How about Le Bernardin tomorrow? The roasted snails,
    I’m told, are simply fabulous.

  15. Was a little bit tongue and cheek on the existing one. I don’t care if it were amazing.. the location being by the treatment facility makes it awful.

  16. Oh Beachguy, I had high hopes for you, but alas, you too are a nit wit with reading comprehension deficits. You credit me with a thesis on any and all activities needing a “commensurate” value (terrific use of an SAT word by the way) but too bad I never said that, otherwise your argument might hold water. What I did say was “not everything has to have economic benefit and offset my taxes and improve my quality of life, but how about something, anything, that actually does just that”. So maybe you pulled that misguided assumption out your arse? Where did I give “advice to us all on how to squeeze every penny out of every activity”?.I missed that also. Or am I again just pointing to your deficit in reading comprehension. Furthermore, your analogy of elderly paying school taxes and semi-literate paying for a library is somehow similar to residents financing a skatepark, only illustrates, in your own words, your own “shallow thought abilities”. Public schools function not just educational institutions, but as community institutions. Schools are a driver of community satisfaction beyond common explanations, such as high rates of homeownership, job availability, etc.Don’t forget public school usage of gymnasiums, classrooms for community gatherings, adult-ed classes for GEDs or ESL classes. School often tackle community needs entirely unrelated to education. Your skatepark is not even in the same realm of importance that financing a public school is. Last comment – the boardwalk, fishing pier and Central Park are all multi-use, multi-generational facilities. A skatepark is not. So don’t compare them.

  17. I want a bumper sticker that says “I <3 beachguy"

    Although you're fighting a losing battle trying to talk sense into people who are too stubborn and ignorant to properly assess an idea before they stand on a soapbox and start bashing it. CAVE. How apropos.

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