A resident weighs in on the “over the dune” ramp & railings (Opinion)

(Video of the ramp in question, provided by Noel)

Dear Sea By The City Blogger:

Would you please take a look at the railings for the ramps being built “over” the “dunes?” Last night I could not believe what I saw, what has been / is being built. Go to Neptune and Shore, walk east a little bit, and tell me what you think.

Maybe we can accept a RAMP to go east, then west, then south, then east, to get to a SHORT beach — that use to be soft white sand…..but do we have to do it as cattle are accustomed? Go see this, now.  These new ramps will be a great place to hide, hang out, and do whatever. Yeah, that’s definitely what we need.

Ok, this particular “dune” has been a “staging” area )parked earth-moving equipment, piles of wood) for the whole summer — and post Sandy I almost accept that, but now — as Labor Day nears, I dread seeing the beach tonight.

Yes, I am shocked, and hope I can train my eyes on the ocean horizon, and over and beyond these wooden “PENs” for people.  Maybe we/the residents/the city can plant some kind of ivy-type “ground” cover on the railing north sides (doubt it, but I can dream “green”).

Go, go see this, and convince me I am not over reacting. Where are the aesthetics?  Where is the beauty?  And my goodness, somebody sure had / has a lot of PLANK lumber for Long Beach. Are these railings really happening — as all eyes, and discussions, remain on the ever growing more important boardwalk? Add all the ramps together and these RAILINGS and calculate how much wood is involved, wood I would never use anywhere.

This is a cruel joke on oceanfront residents. Thank you for any attention.


Anonymous Concerned Resident

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  1. I understand the need for handicap compliance-I’m all for it. That being said these structures are enormous! Certainly they take up quite a lot of beach. Hopefully they will be landscaped nicely-boulders, beach grass, Montauk daisies, etc….there is no reason they can’t be made to look as attractive as possible. Is there a beautification committee somewhere? I would love to help plant!

  2. hard to really see what’s doing by just the video alone, but if I’m correctly seeing something of a horseshoe shaped walkover, is that middle area not where the tune will go? again, I can’t really makes heads or tails from the video, so very well may be way off.

  3. when ALL is said and done WE WILL get used to it …dunes in front of boardwalk , jetty’s rebuilt, then the Dredging begins …should be fun for next couple of years ..

  4. Noel, there is a West End Beautification Association that is interested in your support.

    At the last City Council meeting I commented that we needed to have a beautification strategy (Long Beach: the BEAUTIFUL City By The Sea) and specific action plans to realize this strategy.

    One of the key actions is beach entrance beautification. This requires an architect-designed plan that includes functionality and beauty, based on community input.

    This doesn’t have to cost a lot, particularly if we combine volunteers, grants, businesses and City effort. The feedback from the City has been positive so far, but we need to help clarify the need and benefits.

    I will be speaking on beach beautification strategy and planning at the next City Council meeting and welcome your voice, as well as others. My cell phone is 917-312-1219 if you want to call directly.

  5. Ed-I will definitely be in touch after the weekend, as I would love to get involved with a beautification committee here.
    Seth P.-I may have missed a few posts but I don’t know that there is a lot of complaining going on here-more that observations are being made. Truly these structures look huge-but I believe if landscaped properly they won’t be the eyesore they appear to be now while they are still under construction.

  6. Enough with the beach beautification plans!!! Why spend money to beautify our million dollar views? During the past two years, our taxes have gone through the roof, residents are still struggling to return home post-Sandy, the traffic/parking problems are worse than ever, home values are down and Park Avenue is unkempt. Those of you well-meaning people who are worrying about planting ivy in sand to disguise a necessary handicapped ramp might be better off tackling the issues that are fundamental to our city’s short- and long-term stability.

  7. Good for Ed Glister & Noel, doing something constructive to fix a problem that bothers them.

    And good for Trying to Make Sense, who in the Boardwalk Survey post, wrote about how he reached out to Jack Schnirman about the streets in the business districts being unkempt, and got a response promising more enforcement of ordinances on the books.

    Nancy, Sea By The City is about people coming up with positive ideas about how to fix problems they see around them. Maybe instead of attacking other people’s ideas, you can come up with some ideas to fix a problem that is a priority to you.

  8. Nancy, let’s see if you can agree with some of the beautification activities being suggested:

    – The West End Beautification Association planted some rose bushes and other flowers at beach entrances.
    – Volunteers from WENCA and WEBA painted some planters nice pastel colors.
    – Many volunteers planted sea grass on the dunes, and will likely do so again this fall.
    – Volunteers are developing design alternatives for the beach entrances.
    – I cleaned up 50 beer and soda cans from Delaware Ave beach entrance. And 5 teenagers from Project Challenge cleared all the sand from the entrance walkway and street.
    – Several people have offered to contribute money and/or time to beautify planters and entrances.

    I hope you agree these actions were positive and didn’t cost the taxpayers anything. Let’s be optimistic enough to replace cynicism with thoughts that volunteering works.

    But see if you agree with this as well:
    – Some of the entrances look terrible, with walls broken from decay and construction. Any expenditure is needed as a matter of safety as well as beautification.
    – Add attractive, functional elements to the West End beach entrances, similar to what exists along the Boardwalk.
    – Replace the ugly ticket booths through volunteer work from the community and the schools.

    And, while this may be controversial, recognize that measured, well-designed investments in one of our most important assets, our beach, is necessary for community satisfaction and business development.

    Finally, I’m confident we can work on more than one thing at a time, so work on beautification doesn’t have to subtract from our other efforts.

  9. A well organized beautification committee would effect change in many areas of the city-including the downtown area-which has become unsightly in many areas. Working closely with the ZBA(or BZA) things such as signage, windows, planters, storefronts, etc would also be addressed, along with cooperation from business owners. Hopefully the West End group will expand and encompass the rest of Long Beach.
    It would be a positive thing if people who are struggling to rebuild had a clean attractive city to return home to.

  10. Why post as anonymous?

    sick left reeling off in that video btw.

    the ramps seem to be doing a U-Shape. up and over what will be (and once was) the dune. all underneath will be packed with sand. really don’t see how else it can be done.

  11. I think the new ramps are an eyesore. A few posts mention they are for wheelchair accessibility; however, wheelchairs cannot go on sand. So, if that was the reason for these unsightly gargantuan ramps, it was made in error. The view leaving the beach is not nearly as nice as it once was.

  12. Ramps are not for only wheelchairs but physically challenged of all ages, shapes and sizes.

    How about you be more thankful that you currently do not need to use the ramp rather than worry about the inconvenience of having to look at this “eyesore”.

  13. None of the jetty rehab and sand dredging has been done yet. Once those two projects are completed the beach will grow dramatically and growing sand dunes will conceal the timber underpinnings currently exposed. Planting of dune grass and other vegetation will hold the sand in place thereafter. Take a look at the lido dunes area for a good example of what will can happen if you keep the bulldozer imbeciles away from the beaches.

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