$peed Camera$: I am a big fan of safety, but I don’t like the way these have been executed.

speedzone(The above image shows the estimated Speed Zone. Please use your own caution while driving)

I changed the title of this post because I don’t want people to think I am anti-safety in school zones. I just don’t like the way this Speed Camera initiative was rolled out. Safety and driving slow in school zones should be the main priority, but instead this comes off as a way for our government to take more money from us, so they can pay off unneeded salaries and whatnot. I also think the money raised from these cameras will be used politically, by saying “hey, we didn’t raise your taxes.” That being said, if those in charge REALLY CARED about us slowing down in school zones, why don’t they do it in a way where they tell where the school zone actually is? When I drive, I am not reading every single sign on the side of the road. I am looking ahead, I am looking in my rear-view mirror, I am looking out for cars next to me. Please put blinking lights on signs when the cameras are active. Or how about coloring the blacktop/asphalt in these zones that we drive over? I always drive slow in school speed zones, but Lido Blvd, where the school is so far away, just seems like a trap to me more than anything.

Original title: $peed Camera$ will mo$t likely $pell doom for the Mangano Admini$tration, who mo$t likely plan$ on u$ing thi$ money to $ay he didn’t rai$e your taxe$ (Opinion)

School is open! Drive the posted speed limit to avoid speed camera tickets!

Nassau County is incompetent. They cannot balance a checkbook, something that I learned to do when I was 16.  Anyway, the School Zone Speed Camera switched has been turned on and Nassau is going to make a fortune with them. Perhaps they will even balance their budget! For now, at least.

I don’t want to be idiot who is complaining about driving slow in a school zone, but on Lido Blvd it’s tricky as a main road into and out of Long Beach which most treat as a highway. With no blinking lights or real warning signs, something tells me that Nassau is really counting on this money for their budget…

I did drive through the Lido zone this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see most driving cautiously and uncomfortably slow. Anyway, school is open, be safe, drive the posted speed limit and don’t give Nassau a cent more than what they tax us already.

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  1. At least I hope we can ALL agree on this government over reach.
    There are practically ZERO children crossing in that school zone. The school is set back probably 1,500 feet from that speed zone. I wonder if this new “tax” is just for us common folk or the local police, fire, and local administrations will also have to adhere to this new rule and subsequent tax…

  2. The “school zone cameras” were passed by the State’s Democratic legislature, so this is a bi-partisan fleecing. Thank you Harvey. Anthony, borrowing $138,000,000 hasn’t hurt the Democrats in Long Beach, nor has doubling some fees nor doubling spending.

    Three things are obvious: 1. Government will do anything to avoid cutting a dime of spending. 2. Voters are either ignorant or have short memories, or else few incumbents would be re-elected. 3. The School Zone cameras are just one more tax, as indicated by the text of the law which is horribly ambiguous.

    The Lido Blvd. speed limit changes six times in three miles, which more than violates federal recommendations. The school zone signs are too small and improperly placed to be legal. But nobody cares about the law anymore. It’s about revenue.

    The only saving grace is that you won’t get a ticket unless you exceed the speed limit by 10 MPH — if the law means anything.

  3. I guess this means when the speed limit was set, everyone should have complained that the speed limit wasn’t appropriate. Instead of counting on lack of enforcement or that it would be used to target other groups. The same could be said about hundreds of laws/regulations/policies.

    If the safety of pedestrians really is the issue, maybe people speeding down Park Avenue, Broadway and Shore when there’s hundreds of people walking around or riding their bicycles should be slowed down.

  4. It seems to me this is sort of a one shot deal. People are going to slow down for the camera then go about their merry way as usual. Just as red light cameras have fallen off because people learned where they are.

    I’m just curious if the county guarantees the camera companies a set amount and are we, the taxpayers, on the hook to make up any shortfall.

  5. The Camera company gets 38% of the take. The cameras are expected to bring in $24 million in payments on $97 million in billed fines each year.

  6. It has nothing to do with safety, its all about the money. There is no epidemic of children run down in front of schools – in fact I think the stats show that a child is 10x more likely to be run over by his own school bus, then by a car in front of his school. It’s all about the money. Mayor DeBlasio was on TV tonight, almost giddy about the 130+ speed cameras he is installing all over NYC. And the Long Island State and County “leaders” are giddy about them too. And I agree with the posters here – Mangano is done, every Republican I talk to will not vote for him again because of these cameras. The Democrats are safe with this because their voters love this idea, but people who voted for Mangano didn’t vote for this nonsense. If they need more money from motorists, raise the county gasoline tax a couple of cents and be done with it. My car gets 40% better mileage than my previous one did anyway. The strip through Lido is going to become a very dangerous stretch of road, as people who know about the camera will slow to a 20MPH crawl while other drivers will struggle to get around them.

  7. Probably will be redundant, but I have to say it anyway. That school is at least a football field away from the road. Lido Boulevard is NOT a school zone. Without a school, there is no school zone. That’s how it works, those are the effing rules!

    The signage is intentionally small and hard to notice. There should be mandatory flashing lights, but we know that won’t happen unless we all make a MAJOR stink about it. 20 mph is not an acceptable speed for any 6 lane highway, even if a school is a football field away.

    While we’re at it, the responsibility is on YOU to know when it is a “school day”. That also includes after school events. Summer school? Maybe. Concert at night? Probably. Parent teacher night? Likely. This is a cash grab, nothing more.

    This entire thing is sickening, and honestly I would not be surprised if one day they set up speed cameras on our parkways and highways. Won’t that be fun!

    The time is now to be vocal about our displeasure. Society’s social contract with government is about reasonable laws and regulations. This is far from it.

    Also, I suggest everyone actually go 20mph on the button when they go through there. Sometimes you have to follow a lot to the tee in order to display how ridiculous it is.

  8. The County issued a press release saying now that tickets will only be issued from 7am – 6pm. But the law has not been changed. It still permits ticketing 1/2-hour before and after any “school event”.

    Who cares about laws.

    With all the violations of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices on Lido Boulevard, any Law and Order buff could beat this in court. But how many folks will bother going to Cooper Street for two days to fight this?

    This is the government that voters want. What ever happened to the outcry of the 60’s for less government imposition? Entitlements, payoffs. They bought complacency.

  9. this is a scam-call Denise Ford, Weisenberg,Skelos,, Mangero etc etc- they all voted for this because they are afraid of the county unions who want the money for their raises. do a letter to the law slow down and slow all trffic down

  10. I am the only one I guess who grew up in Lido Beach. And actually likes this I guess. Yes the school is a football field away from the boulevard but that doesn’t mean people should not take care while they’re kids crossing that intersection to get to Lido school, the middle school, or the Hiqh School. Long Beach police don’t have authority on Lido Blvd. And while their are only two T.O.H. police and a crossing guard in all of Atlantic beach, Lido, and PLO I’m relieved that this will make the right impact in the right place. In the AM there are 7 schools that busses are picking up kids from corners from. And many police (both departments) provide painstaking security to protect vehicles from blowing by a school bus that at an intersection. Kids going to the middle school. And the High school enter st different times for Chorus, morning study, etc. And walking from the dunes to the M.S. and back to the H.S. will be safer now.

  11. Your post is disconected nonsense! Maybe then Long Beach HS and middle school should be moved back into long Brach for better protection? Nobody in Lido beach wanted that school complex built there. Its brought fights, drugs, illegally parked cars and noise into a resedential community. Most of the kids going there don’t live in Lido and disrespect the community with their babymama drama, brothers from another mother, los communidades, and other assorted problems. To make things worse the school district snuck a bond issue through and is builoding a football stadium there that will bring more noise and traffic. Ive also heard they might be renting the stadium out for fundraiser rap concerts.

  12. Yesterday I rode through a few school zones in Mineola and Garden City. There were big shiny new flourescent yellow warning signs well before each speed zone- two signs at each spot, the silhouette kids sign and the written “school zone ahead” sign. BIG signs, out in the open. They were so visible, the cab I was in slowed way down before each zone we passed. I guess it would be embarrassing if all the County Employees and lawmakers (and rich folks) were in the first batch caught.

  13. Why is it so hard to slow down for a half-mile stretch of road, especially if it’s near a school and near where kids have been hit by cars before? I seriously don’t get all the complaining.

  14. Because a 20MPH speed limit on a 3 lane highway, is insane. It makes the road more dangerous, its the difference in speed between cars, cars braking and accelerating and passing each other, that makes a road dangerous. And that’s exactly what is going to happen on that stretch now, you can’t get down to 20 without braking.

  15. You can’t beat it in court without putting on an actual trial – minimum cost is $2000 for lawyers and expert witnesses. Who is going to pay $2000 to fight an $80 ticket.

  16. First of all, there aren’t children crossing the road FROM 7am to 6pm. That is an inanely long period of time to have the 20 mph in effect. Secondly, 30 mph would have been proper. 20 mph is more or less crawling and will cause accidents.

    How far away should the school be for it not to be a school zone? It is completely arbitrary, why not make a 4 mile radius a school zone? Hell, why not make the entire county a school zone? Route 135 is actually closer to Seaford High School than Lido Boulevard is to these schools. Should 135 now be a 20 mph zone as well?


  17. Kids/ people have been struck on every road in America at some point. If you don’t want your kid to be struck by a car, teach him/her not to be an idiot.

  18. @Sam Lido Blvd is not a highway. I wasn’t an advocate for the way the renovations that were constructed years ago, but you are sensationalizing multiple elements of this roadway. To insinuate that breaking to save lives at a school intersection is going to hurt more than save is laughable. Yes cars going faster than the speed limit are encouraged to brake, otherwise the law will be enforced on them with the application of these cameras.
    @LBEsq, children walk to and from school depending on their schedule. My first period was free, so I entered chorus at 7:00,(a early extra curricular activity), afterwards I walked home at 7:55 and ate breakfast at home. I returned to school at 2nd period at 8:35.
    After school i walked home high school at 2:15, I got ready for track and field, tennis, drama and I walked back. Depending on if I had a game, practice, a show, or an away game I was crossing Lido Blvd anytime between 4:30-8:30 pm. I was one single student of a student body of approx. 2,600. Not including the thousand attending middle school, and the five hundred attending Lido elementary. I’m not suggesting that every single student crossed the boulevard every day, but realistically teammates, band mates, peers friends visited my parents home very often on a daily basis, as did other neighborhood students.

    If you treat Lido Blvd as a highway than this Allevard intersection wil l never be safe for our neighborhood families. If you accept the intention of treating it as the only single intersection for Dunes students to cross safely across this dangerous culture of a blvd, then their can be progress.
    My brother, friends and I were taught to always travel via dune lane until we reached allevard to cross at the light, to stay off of lido blvd as much as humanly possible. I hope this adds to the constructive criticism for this topic.

  19. Actually it is considered a highway according to my home owners’s insurance. It is a major road that connects multiple municipalities and supports 6 lanes. I agree that 20 MPH is excessive as other school zones are usually 30 MPH when on a major road.

  20. I drove though this afternoon – cars packed together like NASCAR at Daytona moving as a 20MPH wall through the zone, one guy waving his middle finger out the window at the tailgater behind him. All while parents were trying to exit the school access road, but could not pull out because of the wall of cars. It was actually funny. Anyone who thinks this road is now “safer” with the camera, is nuts. Its all about the money, they weren’t getting money from any of us today. I’ll get out of my car and push it through this zone before I will give them a dime in fines.

  21. @Beachguy – is this better?
    Prediction: People obey them. The “entity that gets money from the tickets previously issued in that section” loses money because they’re givine out less tickets. They, err, the “entity that gets money from the tickets previously issued in that section”, take cameras away. More money wasted.

  22. Unfortunately, one of the most damaging effects of this is that my eyes are now spending too much time glued to my speedometer instead of being on the road. That can’t be good !


  23. In a civilized society an orderly process is utilized to enact or repeal laws.
    Disobeying duly enacted laws because you disagree with the law in question or it’s enforcement will lead to chaos and anarchy.
    If the speed limits and their enforcement are unreasonable then organize opposition and petition the lawmakers to change them to what you feel are proper, safe limits in school zones.

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