All Our Energy’s September >Interconnected< event is on Tuesday 9/16/14 at 7:30 pm at Long Beach Public Library

unnamedThis month’s featured group is Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Attend and help us stop climate change.

> Interconnected < with Citizens’ Climate Lobby
Tuesday, September 16 at 7:30pm
Long Beach Public Library
111 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561
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Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) create the political will for a stable climate and empower individuals to exercise their personal and political power.

With National and International attention around the People’s Climate March onSeptember 21, and United Nations Climate Week starting September 22, climate change and solutions are very timely topics this month.

CCL Queens and Nassau group give a short presentation about their plan to cut carbon emissions by over 50% in just 20 years, at the same time it adds millions of jobs to the economy.

Then, participate in their hands-on, effective letter writing workshop. Learn how to communicate well with politicians and the public, to inspire their action on Global Warming.

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17 thoughts on “All Our Energy’s September >Interconnected< event is on Tuesday 9/16/14 at 7:30 pm at Long Beach Public Library”

  1. And occasionally the planet goes through cooling periods too. The last cooling period had nothing to do with man, so why is this warming period and different? And p.s. the U.S. is the least of the issue when it comes to carbon emissions, if these do gooders want to make change then they need to leave the U.S. and head over to China or Russia.

  2. The reason that the anti-science zealots were forced to change “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” is because reality would not conformed to their twisted ideology.

    With each passing year, the evidence for “Global Warming” became more and more tenuous, forcing the anti-science zealots to; a) fake data b) suppress data and c) manipulate data.

    Now, as a result of the public relations name change, anything and everything is attributable to “Climate Change”.

    This too will fail.

  3. You folks are totally right. Remember pre-1990s when you used to be able to sit in the sun for hours with no sun block? Some girls even applied baby oil to their bodies to get that full baked tan. Today you can’t even sit in the sun for more than an hour without looking like a burnt lobster. Oh wait…….

  4. A person can subscribe to any ideology they like. That’s what makes America great. But because of this, huge amounts of money and energy are spent trying to persuade the masses and lift their money for different causes, many of which aren’t what they seem to be.

    Whatever you believe, it would serve you well to check out where your contributions are spent. You can log on to and view the IRS Form 990 for any “non profit” group.

    The 990 will show you exactly how much of their funds are going to what. It even lists executive salaries.

    You can believe the world is flat if you like, but before you donate to a group that claims to be making it round, you might like knowing the founder is paying himself $385K of your money.

    Anthony, 17 year old girls are still greasing themselves up and sitting in the sun. We’re just not 17 anymore.

  5. Another fraud. Another liberal cause looking to dupe the gullible. Not filed as a non profit with the IRS. Just a Pt. Lookout PO Box.

    The global warming fraud is about controlling every aspect of your life. Be a good little sheep and send them some money.

  6. Cut & Pasting from left-wing websites, how original! Why don’t you try thinking for yourself – or is it much easier to go-with-the-flow, just so you fit in?

    The anti-science zealots have been lying to you; a) either for financial gain or b) political ideology – usually both ( see A Gore)

    – there are more Polar Bears now, then 20 years ago
    – there is more ice in the Antarctic now, compared to 20 years ago.
    – the earth hasn’t warmed in the past 12 years

    The only thing that’s grown is the desperation in the anti-science zealots lies.
    They recognize that after 15-years of spending Billions in Public Relations and having the media spewing their lies, the American people aren’t buying it.

  7. if you’re referring to the ipcc (500+ reviewers from 25+ countries) as the anti-science zealots, would you please point me towards the pro-science crowd. as a sheeple, I’m open to hitching myself to another wagon if they’re worthy.

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