PSA: Watch for skimmers at West End ATM machines

I’m sending this from my phone, so excuse the lack of details. Long Beach Matters To You is reporting whispers of Skimming going on at West End ATM machines. Be cautious.

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4 thoughts on “PSA: Watch for skimmers at West End ATM machines”

  1. From Snopes dot com – Skimmers –
    “Card-skimming is the collection of ATM card numbers and PINs for the purpose of stealing money from bank accounts, a scheme accomplished through methods as low-tech as simply watching customers as they use ATMs (a technique known as “shoulder surfing”), or methods as high-tech as installing false card readers (or whole false fronts) on top of existing ATMs.”

    I’m sure someone will post a more detailed explanation.

  2. I read into it: The criminal places a device inside the slot of the ATM machine that reads your card. They ALSO place a hidden camera somewhere that will catch your pin code. They need both items of information to be able to steal your money.

    I usually crowd up to the ATM machine and cover the pin pad with one hand when I put in my pin number. It is a good habit to form.

    The more likely an ATM is exposed to the public, the more likely it is to be hacked. I’d say that the one outside of Cabana is the easiest to get away with. Crowded bars may be easy as well. 7-11 is probably difficult. I’m just guessing, though.

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