Do you want a more resilient and sustainable West End? (Community Meeting this Wednesday @ 7pm)

Want a more resilient and sustainable West End? Come to the City Community Input Session this Wednesday, September 10th at 7pm @ The West End Community Center on Maryland Avenue.

Prepare before you go by reading the West End Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment

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6 thoughts on “Do you want a more resilient and sustainable West End? (Community Meeting this Wednesday @ 7pm)”

  1. It’s interesting that this report hasn’t led to any comments, since it includes 18 recommendations that could favorably impact the West End (and by extension, all of Long Beach).

    For those who don’t want to read the entire 20-page report, here are some of the key ideas:
    – Improve access to Reynolds Channel by creating “small civic space” at Indiana Ave fire station.
    – Improve West End green space by creating “active recreation facility” atop West End school asphalt playing field. Add trees to state streets and plantings to parking lots.
    – Improve cycling, bus use and walking through several actions.
    – Improve parking by one of four approaches, including adding capacity in downtown and/or West End. Explore restricting parking along state streets to residents.
    – Establish West End Business Improvement District (BID) and develop branding strategy.
    – Establish full-time City planning position.
    – Establish consistent bulk-heading program.

    While the report has a green-streak throughout (prepared by Global Green), and is missing cost-benefit data to support recommendations, it has some interesting (beneficial?) ideas.

    The meeting to discuss the report is Wednesday at 7pm at West a End school.

  2. Thanks Ed. Lots of important stuff there, especially “Establish West End Business Improvement District (BID) and develop branding strategy” and “Establish full-time City planning position” Not that I am looking for more government, I would love for an actually master plan in place, plus a city planner. BID would improve the look of facades and sidewalks and give the West End more of an identity. Right now it looks so discombobulated.

  3. There are some great things in that report. But remember, that report was developed based on input from the West End residents that they interviewed. We sort of know what we need….have for some time. This just aggregates it. The real issue will be getting it implemented. That will take the residents being vocal about the improvements they want to see. So come to the meeting and be heard.

  4. John is absolutely correct. Implementation is key. It would be great if we could develop a prioritized list of actions, then focus on getting them implemented.

  5. Interesting read, I like the Green Space section. Especially the part about removing the asphalt in the West School lot. That would more than offset the green space that was removed by Nevada and Beech which is now “contributing to stormwater runoff and the urban heat island effect”. Isn’t there a quote about 7 “P”‘s or something?

  6. Captain, the 7 P’s have two primary messages:
    – Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss-Poor Performance
    – Marketing: Product, Price, Process, Promotion, Placement, People and Physical Environment.

    We should focus on the former as we move forward.

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