Hospital Demonstration Event this Tuesday @ 11am

Todd Kaminsky invites you to join him in publicly demanding action to bring Long Beach and surrounding communities a: 24/7 911 Receiving, Off-Campus Emergency Department

Date: Tuesday, September 9
Time: 11:00 AM
Where: Long Beach Hospital Site

Long Beach Hospital site
Wear your red shirt!!!!
Bring your sign
Alert your contacts

Kaminsky, candidate for the 20th Assembly District, will be holding a press conference to discuss the urgent need for emergency services on the barrier island.



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14 thoughts on “Hospital Demonstration Event this Tuesday @ 11am”

  1. I have met Todd Kaminsky and he actually seems like an intelligent young man. He has worked as a prosecutor which means he has been trained to “weed” through the malarkey and get to the truth.
    The truth is now that FEMA has paid over $130,000,000 so that there could be a hospital in Long Beach. But Charles Shumer and the attorneys over at South Nassau Hospital have now taken the $130,000,000 intended for the repair and reopening of The Long Beach Medical Center and are now using it for “the communities South Nassau Serves.”
    Unfortunately for Mr. Kaminsky we will now see if he is looking for a PR event or he is going to finally call it what it is….
    Grand Larceny to the tune of $130,000,000……
    FEMA already paid for the repair of the hospital, now Charles Shumer and South Nassau HAVE to use that money for the rightful intended use which was to reopen The Long Beach Medical Center….$130,000,000 is enough to reopen a hospital in Long Beach.
    So now I ask a question, What is this rally really about? FEMA has already paid $130,000,000, does Mr. Kaminsky want more? If I were Todd I would tread lightly – he is basically having a press conference for reopening a hospital that has already been paid for by FEMA, so the rally is really an outcry as to how the NY Democratic Machine stole $130,000,000 intended for Long Beach and is spreading it around the communities South Nassau serves…..

  2. I agree the hospital money was stolen, but it wasn’t by this guy. Gov Cuomo’s Health Commissioner is who denied that operating certificate for financial reasons after LBMC had already been partially repaired, and approved to reopen. There is a Democratic Primary for Governor/ Lieutenant Governor on Tuesday. The opposition candidates are Teacher and Wu. Neither is a “professional politician.” This is one of the few primary elections where voters can really make a difference. If you think Cuomo has hurt us, vote against him. The Dem Gov candidate almost always wins in NY.

  3. FEMA has not yet paid out the $130MM. We need to speak out as a community to get these funds to reopen an ER/Hospital in LONG BEACH. Come on Tuesday, Sept 9th at 11AM to make your voice heard at this rally/press conference. Please wear a RED shirt to show your solidarity and bring your “Long Beach Must Have a Hospital Sign”.

  4. According to the Long Beach Herald – South Nassau is receiving $138,000,000 but just like the article states, it is not being primarily used for the purpose it was intended for, so maybe not Grand Larceny but definitely Fraud….,55365?content_source=archive&category_id=&search_filter=lbmc+fema+south+nass&event_mode=&event_ts_from=&list_type=&order_by=&order_sort=&content_class=1&sub_type=&town_id=

  5. It’s not a not Democrat demonstration without looting and some flash grenades. Anyway, can’t Todd just ask his dad, Martin Kaminsky, who was on the Long Beach Medical Center board of trustees, you know the same board that watched the hospital become a patronage mill of financial and reputation ruin, just what the heck is going over dinner some night and put out a mailer?

  6. This is the LAST guy who should be writing this. Todd’s father was on the very Long Beach Hospital board who looted the place and drove them out of business!

    What a damn fraud. Typical Long Beach!

    And the Democratic voters will swoon for this jerk.

  7. Sorry for being “taken” by the political smoke and mirrors. Shame the other Dems running for this job “dropped out.” When I first read this story I thought it was a dumb choice of day, drawing attention away from the fact that Tuesday is Democratic Primary Day. Please folks vote against Cuomo on Tuesday, the guy who really allowed LBMC to be closed, as well as 5 other area hospitals. (St Vincent’s, LICH, etc.) Hope the 700 souls who lost their jobs at the Hospital vote too. (Why would I guess they’re mostly Democrats?) I’m voting for Teachout, not perfect but certainly better than Cuomo.

  8. BTW, Cuomo’s Health Secretary Dr Shah was forced to resign soon after closing all the hospitals. He was accused of improprieties in regulating (gas) “fracking” and inspections of abortion clinics. The day after he resigned, he was hired by Kaiser-Permanente, the largest for-profit insurance carrier/HMO in America.

  9. This is a Public Safety issue,. Shame on all the other Elected Officials both City of LB and State who are not calling for attention to this issue. It is almost 2 years . No Emergency Room No Hospital. We should be Screaming . This is not Political . The Safety and Well Being of our Residents is at stake. It is not only Life and Death it is the quality of life. Every Second does count.

  10. We have been trying to get Cuomo’s attention on this issue for almost a year. The Dept. of Health owes LB a Public Forum by Law help us help you Show up Sign up everywhere you hear the call. Beach to Bay Central Council of Civics.

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