9/ll First Responders Boardwalk Benches (Help Needed!)

A resident named Patricia Byrne is looking to place a rose on each boardwalk bench for 9/11 responders. She needs help with some of the bench locations. Please contact her at: pabyrne7@verizon.net

On 9/11 Anniversary, this Thursday, I want to put a rose on each bench on the boardwalk for the 9/11 responders. I have accumulated a list of the benches from the internet and a book about the boardwalk benches. There is a total of 37 benches for the 9/11 responders which includes fndy and pdny.

I have found most but I can’t find the below bench locations (between what streets). I hope you can help me because I don’t want to leave out any of these brave men.

The benches that I can’t find the street locations for are all fdny members:

Joseph Angelini sr & Joseph Angelini jr (same bench), David Arce & Michael Boyle (same bench), Joseph Gerard Hunter

I was hoping if you don’t know you can post this on your blog and maybe someone else will know.


Patricia Byrne
A FDNY wife

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3 thoughts on “9/ll First Responders Boardwalk Benches (Help Needed!)”

  1. Anthony thank you very much for posting my email. And thank you Maureen, Mia and Teresa who emailed me with the location of the benches that I was missing. I knew the fine people of Long Beach would come through. Sincerely, Patti
    ps My heart goes out to the families of the first responders who perished. We will never forget.

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