Haberman settlement, A Newsday article, yadda yadda yadda


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16 thoughts on “Haberman settlement, A Newsday article, yadda yadda yadda”

  1. I am not a Newsday subscriber and the article loaded in full for me when I clicked the link on my phone.

    At least now we have some new theories as to why this deal has come back from the dead.

    Speaking of 19 story buildings on the boardwalk. Any new news from IStar?

  2. I’ll try to find out more about istar. Last I heard from a contractor friend was that they are still in the beginning of the preliminary phase, they don’t even know what the inside looks like. That was about a month ago, along with me asking the city manager if the rumors of istar being dead were true. He told me as far as he knew, it was still happening. I am trying to get more info though.. hopefully will have some sort of update.

  3. Dirty dirty dirty politics. You approve iStar, this is what you get you dirt balls. I’m sure there will be money passed under the table and the residents will suffer once again.

  4. For those who are concerned about parking, as I read the Stip of Settlement, it looks like the plan is to build on the empty lot (with dumpster kitten fortress) but before a CO would be issued for that building, the apartments on the north side of the street (“Lincoln Shores Apartment”) would be demolished and replaced with four story tall parking structures (no residences). The height is capped at 4x 10 foot stories measured up from the minimum elevation FEMA requires (not sure what that is)

    It looks to me that each unit comes with one parking spot and the extras can be leased to residents of the buildings or anyone else.

    Anyone who lives at 325 or 345 Shore Road should probably start looking for a new place to live, unless LB can wiggle out by convincing a court that Corey Klein’s (who has many signs hung up asking for your vote) signature doesn’t count because outside counsel had been brought it.

    Even if this exact agreement doesn’t stand, it looks like every single proposed plan involves the demotion of the homes on 325 and 345 Shore Road.

    (Full disclosure, I live there.)

  5. I live there too. I don’t see it happening any time soon. Although it does explain why the buildings are in the shape they are in and why the rents are so low per sqft…

  6. Yup, I definitely get the “we’re not too concerned about the future of this place” sort of feeling. Which is fine, I like the lower rent.

    It’s also the only place that came with a dishwasher that this price point.

  7. Just a note to everybody: I don’t get a chance to moderate every single comment on this blog, but please refrain from making unsubstantiated allegations or this thread will be locked.

  8. Don’t want to totally derail this thread or cause Anthony to lock down, but I am interested in this apparent fiasco for the fact that (i) there is a democratic primary tomorrow for City Judge and (ii) any further tall developments without a master plan in place is very concerning to me. Turning to Mr. Klein, I am puzzled as to what would motivate him to sign a settlement without some authority, even if misunderstood, from the City manager or Council. More plausible to me anyway is that he got the go ahead (or misunderstood getting the go-ahead?) from someone and then there was an immediate recalculation resulting in the reversal. I am not a Corey friend, but as City lawyer, he is not a free agent, but a tool of whoever is in power. I gather he is not speaking because the matter is in litigation. That is unfortunate. Happy to be educated, though, as that primary is tomorrow.

  9. The most important point in the Newsday article is that Corey Klein acted without the city council’s knowledge, which will cost the hard-working taxpayers of Long Beach plenty in the upcoming lawsuits. Unless Democrats vote for Scott Nigro in tomorrow’s primary, our resident apathy will morally and fiscally bankrupt us all.

  10. And you’re trying to say zapson, the master puppeter, had nothing to do with Cory signing the agreement? Sell me another one. Hope cory airs all the dirty laundry once tomorrow is over.

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