Nevada St Park Equipment Installed (Beautification!)

unnamedThrough a grant received by the West End Beautification Association (WEBA), assisted by support from the City, several pieces of leisure equipment were installed at the Nevada St Park on Friday (on Beech).

Two benches, a game table with chairs, and a bike rack were installed. A Cigarette Butt container will soon be installed at the bus stop.

We hope that these and other efforts by community organizations and the City will continue to enhance or way of life.

– Ed Glister, West End Beatification Association

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9 thoughts on “Nevada St Park Equipment Installed (Beautification!)”

  1. Beautification???? I live right behind here. Do you have any idea what you have done? Come and stay in my house and try to sleep from all the noise from the people eating bagels there until 4 am. This is a big mistake and someone should have thought this out. I was up all weekend

  2. When they tore up the flowers and poured the cement in 2013, there was a woman there supervising for the City. She told me they were going to put in benches for “people watching.” I told her and posted in Patch what a dumb idea that was, since “Beach Bagel” across the street was already a kids’ hangout. Plus, the traffic lights are timed so bad there, many foolish un-knowing people run across Beech at Nevada. There have been several deaths, including a neighbor of mine down my block. I know Ed’s group is trying hard, but I think they’re just going to get a bad rap for a blunder by the City. Tear out the cement. Put back the grass and flowers. Take out the kiosk with Realtor ads and the giant portable cell tower, not visible in the photo of the nice checkers table.

  3. Nancy, concrete was never beautiful. The overuse of concrete in the period of the ’50’s -70’s is known as the Brutalist Movement. This is just another example of the simple mindedness of…wait, we have no city planner. Why would anyone want to remove one of the last vestiges of permeable surface in the West End? What’s wrong with grass, flowers, and trees. Trees…remember when we had trees in Long Beach? Maybe they will enhance it with a giant black metal recycling bin replete with a high school yearbook face shot of one our local real estate agents. Who knows, maybe one of the West End Wombats hanging around the bagel store till all hours of the morning will turn out to be our own chess idiot savant a la Bobby Fischer. Yeah, that must be why they did it.

  4. What a bad idea. Whoever paved this over obviously does not live there. It’s great to have more seating for people waiting for the bus AS IT WAS NEEDED but this is pointless seating obviously put there for the sake of putting seating someplace. Like, oh there is a plot lets put seating there for decoration.

    I’d rather see a community garden. A small plot divided up for, perhaps, a school or nonprofit to take over. Grow herbs, vegetables.

  5. The same thing happens everywhere benches are installed – and people (and the City) never learn from it. Drunks, people eating, various “street people”, always gather if you put a bench for them to sit on.

  6. PHOTOS- The little Nevada Park looked beautiful for years- just grass and flowers, and trees, lovely. Some damage was done by Sandy, but fixed by volunteers later. How the Park looked in 2004, and for years- it really was a nice “Welcome to Long Beach”- Photo-

    To alleviate the neglect from the City, volunteers replanted the park last June with flowers, small trees, grass sod, and ornamental bushes. The planting folks had “Home Depot” shirts on. There was a landscaper there who had donate his time and use of the truck. I’m not sure who donated the plants. See, no City reps involved. Photo of them at work-

    The day the destruction of the grounds was done, July 3, 2004, less than a month after the volunteers had planted. The ground was stripped and the concrete laid immediately. There was a white City truck with the “observer” from The City. She said she was from Community Relations or something like that. The contractors doing the work came in their own trucks. I have no idea what the deal was. Photo of the first parts cement being laid, while other spots were still being cleared-

    As part of the “improvements,” a kiosk with Realtor ads was installed. A gigantic portable cell tower was “hidden” behind the “Welcome” sign. By this spring, the few unpaved spots in the Park were overgrown with 3 ft high weeds. I saw a WEB man (probably Ed) down on his hands and knees weeding, along with a small crew of kids from Project Challenge. They did a great job. He said the City had promised further improvements. Nothing changed until this week with the installation of some things, thanks to Ed. The photo at the top of the story shows the nice stuff. Unfortunately, if you look from the other end of the Park, from Ohio, you can still see the Cell Tower and all. Ed and his folks can only do so much. Here’s a view from Ohio and Beech this morning-

    Corny to say, but what Sandy could not destroy, politicians could.

  7. I wrote the Park was restored and then “deflowered” in 2004. Sorry, that actually was just last year, 2013. The last “current” picture was this week 2014.

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