Speed Cameras one week later. What are your thoughts?

I am truly amazed by how fast we responded to the school zone speed cameras on Lido Blvd. Every once in a while you’ll see a car flying through, but for the most part it’s been very civil and lawful. Some take their chances at 30mph, but I like to hover at 20mph because I don’t trust my speedometer.

How are you folks making out? Are you slamming on your brakes last minute and hoping those cameras didn’t see you? Is driving under 30 already part of your routine? Or are you filthy rich and don’t care?And what happens when there are school events on the weekends? Will Nassau County do the right thing and notify us?

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51 thoughts on “Speed Cameras one week later. What are your thoughts?”

  1. Speed cameras are a great idea. I drive locally around Nassau County and people have slowed down in non camera school zones. This is not about revenue for the county but keeping our kids safe.

  2. Just go and observe what happens in Lido – it looks like a NASCAR race, cars driving bumper to bumper through the zone, the people who don’t know about the cameras don’t understand what is going on, becomes aggressive tailgaters. Its just a matter of time before there are accidents there – front to rear, someone trying to pass, etc. The entire section of road is far more dangerous than it was before. And the County could care less – because its all about the money.

  3. Oddly enough, I have yet to see one kid anywhere near the roadway…and now I have plenty of time to look. It is asinine for one roadway to change speed limits 4 times (30/20/30/40) in what appears to be a 2 mile stretch. Inane defined.

  4. it is a little silly for a 2 mile road to change 4 times. if the cops just ticketed it would work. i am originaly from northport and every single person knows when you drive out to eatons neck you do not go over 30. not because of cameras. because of actual police officers making that stretch infamous. now whenever you mention the eatons neck (ashroken) people say oh man dont speed there. i would love it if every time i told someone i live in long beach they said “oh man all i know is you dont speed on that road”. this stigma comes from cops ruining peoples days. not cameras.

  5. I haven’t gotten the ticket yet but I saw the camera light flash and I was doing 22. Unlike a redlight camera, there is really no way to know if you were actually breaking the law. A private company which profits on every ticket written is maintaining the cameras. A simple “glitch” that registers 20 as 22, can lead to millions of dollars. Even if I was doing 22, for the last 100 years of automobiles in America, no cop would write that ticket. If I get a ticket for 22 in a 20, I’m voting for anyone who will get rid of them. At least change the speed to 30. 20 is a ridiculous speed for that road.

  6. Who are you going to vote for? Everyone is in on it – NY is run by the “uniparty”, there is no opposition party anywhere in NY. Mangano championed these speed cameras in Nassau, and every Democrat loves them as well. The only vote you can make, is to vote with your feet, which is what alot of people are doing – there is an exodus underway of people moving off Long Island.

  7. does everybody realize that the cameras are only active between 7a-6p on school days? i drive through that zone at 6a and 7p and people are still slamming the breaks

  8. If you get one at another time, you can take two days off and go to Cooper Street in Hempstead’s ghetto to fight it. No problem, you’ll win.

  9. You are safest when riding through the zone in a pack of cars – stay close to the car in front of you, and drive slow so the car behind bunches up. Stay in the pack. If you notice when the camera goes off, its always when a single target car is moving through the zone. These are the kind of techniques you need now – to drive through Lido without it costing you $80 every time through. This is how we live now. I even go slightly below 20 through there, in the hopes that some person (like the many posters here) who approve of this camera, is in traffic behind me and gets frustrated and moves out to pass me – so they get ticketed.

  10. There were a bunch of dudes hanging outside of the deli where the 20 mph zone ends Thursday morning…they were waving everyone to speed up like it was the start of a race. Hilarious.

  11. While an equipment violation carries no points, insurance companies add a surcharge when you get one. It appears on your abstract. GEICO, for example, charges $140/year for 40 months for any equipment vioation. Rather get an $80 camera tix.

  12. You actually trust it will be administered honestly? Like the intersections with the red light cameras. For years, I traveled through the intersection of glen cove road and northern blvd. A busy intersection, but it moved. Now with the cameras, its backed up in both directions – almost all day long. You can’t make any money at a properly timed intersection – and that’s the goal of all these cameras – THE MONEY.

  13. My only problem with the cameras is they should be installed in conjunction with radar detectors that display your speed and flashing yellow warning lights. It would appear our lawmakers are more interested in revenue than protecting our children

  14. It’s even worse in NYC – the cameras can be moved around, no signs or lights, and can be on any road within 1/4 mile of a school. DeBlasio is fattening up on ticket fines from these things – forget about driving through the Rockaways anymore to get to Brooklyn.

  15. It is about revenue collection- it was stated that way to Albany because Nassau and Suffolk County did not have the money to pay for the exorbitant union raises. If it wasn’t about revenue then the cameras would only work during the hours kids go to school- morning and afternoon- not the whole day.

  16. What effects are the microwave radar radiation beams having on school kids since they are constantly focused on kids going nto the schools? Will we have the cancer cluster scenario all over again?

  17. dudes, enough about “are you aware its illegal”. obviously we are all aware. anyway, for anyone who is interested here is the deal.


    these are the cheapest ones on the market i have found, with the most reviews. two choices.

    – the most popular one is visible to cops that you have something. but it works on all cameras

    – the infra red one is most transparent and less visible to cops, but only works on infra red cams, not flash cameras.

  18. The mobile units are mounted on ford focus and are mostly silver. No markings on it other than when you pass it you think, what was that contraption on the roof.

  19. I have received 5 tickets and i have to admit, I was not fully aware of my speed each time. At the same time, I do not recklessly speed through neighborhoods or carelessly ignore speed zones as a habit. This speed limit change was too abrupt to expect drivers to immediately change their long-term driving habits. And although there may have been a word of fair warning, such a big change warranted a trial period or initial warning tickets. As is obvious from the number of tickets people are getting, the average driver was not able to register the change effectively, in an area where people are driving much faster before and after that section. My speed was just slightly over 30mph for each of these tickets. Now, I am sure to slow to the crawl, but I feel receiving a warning would have been most fair. Today, I am faced with $400 in speeding tickets; these fines far outweigh the crime. I could have skipped going to work those 5 days and come out with a profit. Perhaps the county should revisit this subject and strongly consider rescinding tickets given during the initial period.

  20. If you do your research, request a conference, take one more day off of work and go to “adjudication” in Hempstead, they will dismiss most of them. Also note that they are NEVER reported to DMV. So the County’s only recourse if you don’t pay is to send it to a collection agency. Good luck with that, Democrats.

    Remember this when you vote Row A for the Democrat’s legislature.

  21. Hagerty school in island park has one now too – one of the mobile units, I guess island park plans to move their unit around to different schools. But at least in front of that school, a single lane road, the 20MPH speed limit makes some sense – as opposed to 20MPH on the 3 lane highway at Lido Blvd. People here are talking about “detection” – just run Waze on your smartphone as you drive, it will tell you where all the speed and red light cameras are. Isn’t it amazing that when there is money to be made, how efficient the County can run a program – but they can’t fill a pothole.

  22. The mobile van is a minivan with stripes on it and all sorts of cameras and radar stuff mounted on top. It photographs the back of your car, so if you are alert and see the silly thing you can slow down. The vans have been vandalized over 100 times already and many of the stationary cameras are vandalized regularly. For several weeks, the cops have been watching the Lido ones 24/7.

  23. There are often 2 reasons for something. The good reason and the real reason. The good reason is the safety of children and I do not think anyone is against that. However, why don’t they put a speed bump there and/or a crossing guard? You mean the school district does not care enough about our children and they are leaving it to cameras? This is a 6 lane highway and anyone — school official or parent who would allow their children to cross this without aid is irresponsible. Then they have the audacity to put up a camera under the guise of safety ? Many of us were born at night but it was not last night. This is a scam and is about revenue plain and simple. It is the use of coercive power to extract more money out of the already strapped taxpayers. Due to years of fiscal irresponsibility, they now have desperately resorted to sneaky means and then try to justify it under the guise of safety. Shame on you. The local,state, and federal governments can’t even balance their own check books and now they want more money from our check books ? The bus is going off the cliff. Party A is driving it 90 and Party B is driving it 60. We can not tell who is who. Our “elected officials” need to take a stand against excessively taxing us. Put a crossing guard or speed bump with flashing lights out there.

  24. not long ago i was in northport court for a non inspected vehicle.with a sticker in the window. to cut a long story short.this is NOT uncommon to be inspected and not make it into the dmv system.while there i was spoken rudely to by the court officer badge #38. an obese person with an arrogant attitude who asked questions he should not have.after i left court i went to file a complaint. he followed me out and asked if i had something to say to him. i said no i want to file a complaint about you. he bent over a shoved his badge in my face and said #38 i hope he enjoys his next lunch at his favorite fat food restaurant and enjoys his heart attack in a bag

  25. jodi. the point is my car was inspected but never made it into the dmv system. i went to the place that inspected it 6 months earlier and they resent it online to dmv. they issued me another origional inspection receipt to bring to court. my case was dismissed.as i stated this is NOT uncommon and happens to many people.only nowadays with license plate scanners more people are getting ticketed.i chose this article to tell this story because even the officers that talked to me wouldnt even take a complaint, so i will continue to tell people what a rude arrogant obnoxious bully this obese court officer Badge #38 from northport is since no one will do anything to have him disciplined.he attempted to get personal and he was out of line in the courtroom and all the people there heard him. once againi hope he enjoys hisnext meal from his favorite fat food restaurant.it might just be his last heart attack in a bag. please anybody feel free to sit in on a monday evening court in northport and hear what the people have to say about this police dept.even the women there who do scheduling for the da are rude

  26. the up to date sticker WAS on the windshield. thats what took me by surprise that the officer said motor vehicles did not show it as being inspected.he said i dont know where that sticker came from and gave me a ticket anyway.good thing i was able to get a reprint of the origional inspection for the court and the station resubmitted the inspection as of the origional date.judge selzer wanted me to plead guilty or innocent and after 2 hours in night court nowhere near where i live come back for a trial. after i said INNOCENT with an explanation with an explanation, which he did not find amusing asked if i had proof of inspection.after seeing the paperwork it was dismissed.the court was a nightmare,the thought of going back on a monday evening was a nightmare,and the thought of seeing this obese obnoxious arrogant court officer who spoke loudly and rudely to me in court asking me personal questions which was not his job was a nightmare.
    once again i hope he enjoys his next meal from his favotite fat food restaurant.thats court officer badge #38 where the northport police would not even look into my complaint of this CIVIL SERVANT

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