Tell Governor Cuomo that we will NOT VOTE FOR HIM if he approves a LNG project off Long Beach.

A Liberty Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project off Long Beach is back on the table.  I am sure I’ll post more of this in the future, but please understand that THIS PROJECT WILL NOT LOWER YOUR FREAKIN’ TAXES. LNG will ruin our ocean, kill fishing lanes, destroy whale migration routes, be a target for terrorism and who knows what other impact it will have. 

I am not sure who wrote the following, but here is a list of things to consider:

  • Paves the way for LNG exports, too
  • Encourages fracking in this region
  • Impact on environment in local fishing areas and wildlife migration routes
  • Navigational hazard near entrance to NY harbor
  • Damaging the chance for the wind farm being considered in that area of the Atlantic Ocean, 13 miles off Rockaway Peninsula (thought to help slow hurricane force winds and decrease storm surges) (NYC Offshore Wind Collaborative wind energy project)
  • LNG ships & terminals pose potential terrorist targets (explosive potential)
  • Spilled LNG evaporates and forms a vapor cloud that could ignite

Call Governor Cuomo (518) 474-8390 and tell him NO. Email Port Ambrose and give them the finger: ( We cannot sell our ocean to these big corporations. The truth is this: We all know what Long Beach was like after Hurricane Sandy. Do we really want a LNG station off our coast if we have another big one?


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26 thoughts on “Tell Governor Cuomo that we will NOT VOTE FOR HIM if he approves a LNG project off Long Beach.”

  1. No offense man, but I’d like a more informed reason to be against this, besides – “who knows what other impact it will have.” At the surface, I don’t like this at all, but I don’t have any good reasons except environmental factors that I can’t really substantiate.

    I’m sure others will come with better reasons, but you have 7 bullet points that are pretty weak and not backed up by anything. Not like you.

  2. no offense? we’ve been at this for about 6 years now. this isn’t the first time this proposal came to this area. Search my blog for LNG and you will see tons of old articles. How is potential terrorist target a weak point? what about fraking or wildlife migration routes? You can’t change the ecology of an area for the sake of NY State making a few bucks to pay for needless jobs. This LNG isn’t going to benefit you whatsoever. Trust me. do your research. If you search my blog you will see I did mine already.

  3. This issue is ongoing so long as Cuomo keeps playing games to kick the fracking issue down the line. Even Christie has stated he opposes it.

    We are seeing dolphins and sharks and whales off our coast that we haven’t seen in years, indicating the ocean has gotten cleaner and is supporting a healthy environment. That will all be disturbed and possibly not recovered. There are still people who make their living fishing these waters. What how does one justify ruining their lives to enrich FOREIGN interests.

    This is not an US company, subject to US laws. It is a murky, off shore corporation that will enrich nobody but the owners.

    The current pipeline runs from NJ to long Beach. If this is built it will require a pipeline running down from upstate NY. The only gas up there needs to be fracked out of the ground. And an uglier scenario than that is unimaginable. I recently visited an area in PA that used to be bucolic and peaceful, mostly farmland. It now looks like the center of the OK oil fields and the farmland has mostly been poisoned.

    Wake up, people. We have the intelligence to find and develop alternate energy sources, two of which are free and 100% renewable (solar and wind.)

    Let’s stop buying into the notion we need to ruin the earth.

  4. The bigger issue is it is a lie to say this is for imports. This terminal will clearly be used to EXPORT gas. There is a natural gas boom in the US and it has never been cheaper. So why would we need to import it???? But if they could sell it overseas for a better a price as well as increasing the domestic demand due to a lower supply the domestic price increases as well. It is a win, win, for the industry and will end up costing the consumer dearly.

    Also as stated by Chris our local seas have never been cleaner. We have seen great strides there and the presence of the whales, dolphins, sharks, Etc. is just one example of that.

  5. Come on now! You know Cuomo would get your vote if he was slaughtering baby seals. He’s the most liberal, tax-raising progressive governor New York has ever seen. You’d never pass up chance to vote for a pro-abortion, pro-tax, pro-homosexual liberal like this guy ever.

    With the liberal hipster vote in his pocket, he can screw the environment all he wants.

  6. This summer in the ocean I caught more fish than ever, saw dolphins, seals, sharks, and humpback whales …. in 26 years of life I have never seen the water around this part of Long Island so damn full of life and never been so damn CLEAN! As a person who pretty much grew up in the water, I can testify as to how much we have cleaned up our act and brought back our ecosystem. Leave it to Cuomo, sitting in his comfy chair in Albany, to literally dump all over that progress. The man does what he thinks is right regardless of the popular opinion. Time for change. Save our hard work, save our waters.

  7. It would only take the perceptiopn that our waters have been tainted to get people to decide not to take the train/trip here to visit our shores and to spend their discretionary income elsewhere. That is an economic impact that our local businesses cannot afford. As stated above the owner of this venture is in Toronto and his accounts are in the Cayman Islands. The few jobs that would be needed to dredge and build the island would not be given to local residents, they would go to specialists who would be flown in (stated in their application).

  8. Anyone else notice the irony of groups such as Citizens Campaign for the Environment and Operation SPLASH who oppose an LNG pipeline 18.5 miles offshore but are strong proponents of constructing a sewage outfall 5 miles off the beach?

    Neither sounds like a good idea to me.

  9. I obviously dislike Cuomo, but for for environmental reasons.

    I have not seen any credible liabilities with the LNG terminal. While I feel virtually all of the environmental “hazards” being bantered about are mere baseless fairy tales, I see no benefit to we taxpayers from this project.

    Once again, big business owns New York and all we get out of these deals is higher taxes.

    The ocean sewer outfall may be a problem. The balance of salinity in the Bay will be horribly offset by the elimination of the treated outfall. This fresh outfall replaced the natural runoff from streams and rivers that were closed by development. More study has to be made before this is heralded as an improvement.

    For no other reason than his complete disregard for public opinion, Cuomo should go.

  10. It’s an all-around bad idea. FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE pick up the phone, call Governor Cuomo’s office (518) 474-8390 and simply say “My name is XXXX and I live in XXXX and I am opposed to the offshore LNG terminal. I will not vote for Governor Cuomo unless this proposal is cancelled”. EDUCATE yourself on Fracking, Foreign and Domestic Big Business is destroying our lands. REMEMBER “This land is your land, this land is my land”. It’s not for some foreign entity to lay waste to and reap the spoils. RESEARCH how many companies do sub-sea pipeline leak detection. Why is it a big business? Because everything eventually leaks. Humpback whales are swimming past Long Beach in numbers like never before. Dolphins are becoming a familiar sight. PEOPLE HAD BETTER WAKE UP to what is going on. LOOK UP what is happening with the Bay Park sewage treatment plant. Remember they were trying to privatize it along with the plants at Cedar Creek and Glen Cove? Think it’s a coincidence that in September 2011 NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Revised Draft of the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact State (SGEIS) on hydrofracking listed those plants as having the ability to accept millions of gallons of contaminated Hydrofracking effluent? SO WHAT DO WE HAVE? A slimy governor whose giving millions of dollars to upgrade the Bay Park treatment plant, possibly pushing for the privatization of that plant so that we lose control of what it accepted there, and then that contaminated water is piped offshore too. GREAT, we’ll have contaminated water being discharged 3 miles out and a leaking LNG terminal right in front of Long Beach.

  11. I won’t be voting for that little lying creep anyway! He could only get elected in a Liberal State like NY, anywhere else he’d be run out of town on a rail..

  12. Do some research of your own if you don’t like the information here. You’ll find real quickly the only good reasons for this come from those who will get richer off it.

  13. Port Ambrose says the gas will come from the Gulf Coast Export terminals and there is no way to liquefy the gas in there design. But I still think that is suspect.

    I will give them the one thumbs up that at least they aren’t building an artificial island as others have asked for over the years. So visibility from shore will be almost nothing except the ship which will be about ten miles beyond the ships that sit off our shore now so that is an improvement over the previous versions of these plans we have seen.

    That being said the system will likely be using an open loop system of heat exchangers to use the seawater to regasify the LNG. What affect will this have on the water. What volume of water will be needed to regasify an entire ship? How much sealife will be pulled through that system? What affect will it have on water temperature in the general area of the terminal and the sealife in that area?

  14. I already voted against Cuomo, in the Democratic primary last week. Only 62% of Democrats voted for Cuomo- pretty lousy for an incumbent backed by the party. I voted against him because he closed 5 area hospitals that weren’t making profits, including St Vincent’s (heroes of 9/11) and of course Long Beach. I’m sorry more Democratic neighbors here didn’t vote in the Primary, since “us Dems” almost always get elected Governor. This LNG position goes well with his support of fracking, etc etc. Unfortunately, we won’t have a 3rd party choice. Even the leftist WFP supports Cuomo.

  15. Cuomo is going to win by 30 points. That’s the problem with living in a one-party state (or City, like LB) – when the “one party” does something you don’t like, you have no recourse. And you don’t in this case – if you are against this LNG terminal, no one really cares.

  16. Anthony– If you have been at this for 6 years now, there is no excuse for the level of misinformation you have just posted. The LNG project which is known as port ambrose is in fact a delivery project, not an export project. It will therefore not encourage nor discourage either fracking in the region. You are misinformed about the port ambrose project. The docket describes ships that deliver liquid gas, which are capable then of bringing the methane back to gaseous state for delivery into the exisiting transco new york lower bay lateral. The project that is proposed is not in any way whatsoever described as an export project.!docketDetail;D=USCG-2013-0363 That is the docket for port ambrose.

  17. Karen, you are naive. Once approved as an import facility it will only require a deskapproval (no public input) to approve the facility for export.

  18. What ever happened to the genuine liberals of the 1960’s? They seem to have sold out. Now it appears that even the most radical die-hard libs support the NSA spying on their phone calls, the wholesale bombing of foreign lands that don’t bother us and higher taxing and spending.

    Just one more example of how both parties have “moved toward the middle” and how many radicals right and left have more in common with each other and less in their watered-down moderate frauds who run for office.

  19. Well, a few of us voted against Cuomo in the Gov Primary. Unfortunately, it was less than 40% of Democrats that voted against him.. Granted, it was just a protest vote. But hopefully it will remind the Albany machine that there’s people on both sides of the fence who would welcome a third candidate. Remarkable though that even the ultra-left Working Families Party sold out and endorsed Cuomo, who is supporting fracking, gutting our hospitals, etc. Some of us even remember Vietnam. Eddie you’re absolutely right about the uni-party, I think worse here in NY than most states.

  20. Larry– You are the one who is naive. There is in fact at this very moment an expansion being built off of the existing New York Lower Bay lateral. That project is the Rockaway Lateral Delivery project and it is described as having the capability to redistribute the existing supply that is currently able to be delivered to long beach long island into new york city. Liberty Natural Gas LLC intervened in the rockaway docket with FERC, docket CP13-36 about 19 months ago.

    While it is true that the deepwater port has been changed to now allow for exports there is no credible information at all that indicates that Port Ambrose will be switched to an exporting facility. The existing Transco Lateral is a pipe that has been delivering into the area for the last 45 years and it is quite necessary to deliver into the area.

    There are also export projects proposed for the US. One on the east coast which is the Cove Point project.

    The facts are that the project that is proposed looks very much exactly like the project that was pulled in winter spring of 2012. And it is a delivery project.

  21. Whether you would like to believe it or not, the project that is currently under review (and the application has been in for nearly two years now and has a substantial amount of paperwork filed) is a delivery project and not an export project. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to export from this area. But it sounds to me like a whole ton of people would like to advertise that off the coast is a good idea as a place to export from?? Why? We have a pretty busy port here, a ton of people who require energy, an ocean economy that includes fishing and tourism etc. Why would this area require an industry like exporting gas from off the shore? Wouldn’t offshore wind or some other kind of ocean based energy source that we could use here make more sense as a wise use of the nearby ocean?

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