Dear FEMA, Please give us 2.5 Million for trees. Thank You, Love the City of Long Beach


“That Does Not Look Marvelous….”

No, Billy Crystal didn’t actually say that, but I’m sure he was thinking something similar when that photo was taken (From the City of Long Beach Facebook Page). Yes, the legendary Long Beach native Billy Crystal came to town yesterday with Senator Chuck Schumer asking FEMA to pay for tree replacement. 2.5 million big ones, to be exact. I really hope FEMA is listening because I really want my trees back!! But that’s the thing… Are going to get ANY trees this fall at all? I thought that was the plan all along. Or are Government-Issued seeds in our future? Just add water and wait 60 years….

From The City of Long Beach:

Senator Charles E. Schumer, with Long Beach Native Billy Crystal, joined members of the Long Beach City Council and City Manager Jack Schnirman to call on FEMA & HUD to provide approximately two-million five-hundred thousand dollars for tree removal & replacement throughout the City of Long Beach; Over two-thousand five-hundred trees in public areas, which are critical for flood & erosion prevention on the barrier island, were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy & must be replaced. [LINK]


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14 thoughts on “Dear FEMA, Please give us 2.5 Million for trees. Thank You, Love the City of Long Beach”

  1. I’m with Sharon I would donate a tree.

    Perhaps we can had memorial signs at the base of the trees. Donated by ____ in remembrance of ____. I know how much Anthony loves memorial plaques.

  2. I have been calling LB city hall for over a year to buy and have planted, a tree in someone’s memory.. A resident of LB who died suddenly and young. I am not a LB resident but thought it would be something nice for his family and help LB also. Have been told for a year to “call back”

  3. I would have to re-read all the articles and comments when they started “chopping” down the tress that MOST residents thought were fine. But if I remember correctly the city kept repeating, “don’t worry, we are going to be planting a few different types of trees and everything will be fine by fall.” Not a direct quote… Well here we are in autumn and we have no trees and once again the local administrations idea of a plan is bring in an Actor and a politician for a photo op and beg the federal government for money. When is this administration going to “administer” and stop begging? Begging is not a plan, begging is not what gives people confidence in their leadership. Why are we begging in September for trees cut down months ago? shouldn’t the begging have started when the trees were going to be cut down? or once again they had no idea what was or what was not going to be “covered” by FEMA and now they are hoping and begging for more money? Why don’t we use some money out of the $138,000,000 FEMA gave South Nassau Hospital to reopen Long Beach Medical Center that they are not using, get rid of these stumps?
    I have a better idea can we raise $2,500,000 and get rid of ALL the useless stumps in city hall?

  4. At last night’s meeting, there were people asking specifics about the trees that were already planted, so it sounds like some people who live in town have already seen trees go in.

    One woman cautioned against planting trees before a home gets raised because the tree would have to come out and it would have to be done all over again at no small expense.

    In total, they plan to plan ~2500 trees to replace the ~2500 that were taken down and plan to do so during this fall planting season, next spring and finish next fall.

  5. Ok people stop bitching about the trees and go plant them yourselves, if you want them so much! they only cost between $50 and $200. We have bigger fish to fry than trees. How about our a.) city council with a spending problem, b.) do nothing police, c.) over-development at every turn, I could keep going. This trees stuff is a diversionary tactic that plays to the sympathy’s of simple minded voters. Focus on the real issues.

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