Pacific Blvd Beach Ramp Construction

A few photos of the ramp construction at Pacific Blvd beach. The beach access there will never be the same, but it’s a necessary evil to have these ramps. More dunes will complete the landscape. 

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29 thoughts on “Pacific Blvd Beach Ramp Construction”

  1. Ok but let’s ask why are we building these when they are going to be ripped up once the army core comes in and builds the new dunes!?!?!? This seems like another poorly thought out public works project? Please tell me people are aware of these impending dunes that have been well documented. Army core is supposed to start shooting the sand this November.

  2. Below is the link to the PDF on this project that clearly states what they are doing. Note it says they will build walk overs!!! So why exactly are we wasting wood, time and money on doing this now? Who’s cousin, friend, etc, got the contract for this work?

  3. Don’t point me to the city press release that says this was done in conjunction with the army because my point is still the same, that much of the work will need to be ripped out. #waste of money

  4. do the photos above not show the ramp going over the actual dunes? It looks to me like some infill may be needed and that the dunes will need to be extended to the east of the ramp (if i have my bearings straight), but I’m not jumping to the same conclusion as you.

  5. @ more wasted, what makes you think this project is starting in November? I have not seen a start time or a start location anywhere. I’m suspect it’s getting done at all before this time next year. On page 6 of that pdf “Environmental monitoring is being addressed through coordination with other interested agencies”. And therein lies the problem. Who are “others”? The DEC, Audubon, Nature Conservancy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife? The deck is stacked against humans. Ever hear of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act? They’re all on there – Piping Plover, Least Tern, Oystercatcher, Sandpiper, etc. Nothing gets done on a coastal environment within milliseconds of migration and nesting season. You can’t move sand, pump sand, drop rocks, even if you are the Army Corps. If anyone has any info on this project getting done I would hope they share it with us.

  6. @ John, the report is a little fuzzy, I see something about a 14′ high dune that will be 25′ across the crest and slope 110′ toward the beach. is that correct? As for the area of the boardwalk, “A 15 to 25 ft maintenance area is included landward of the dune between the boardwalk and the dune”. The dune certainly can’t drop off. It needs to decline gradually toward that 25′ gap between it and the black sheathing under the Boardwalk. The deck of the Boardwalk is 14′ above sea level I believe. So the dune will be as high as the Boardwalk but plateau of the dune will have to be some 50′-60′ south of the boardwalk, level off for some 25′ and then begin a long gradual slope of 110 feet to the actual berm. Sound right? And the jetties will then have to be at least doubled or tripled in size? This will take many years I suppose.

  7. Cave Dweller, According to the Army Corps web site the project is “supposed” to enter contracting in Q3 – 2014 (does not say FY14, so it most likely is calendar year).
    Groin rehab goes from Q4-14 to Q1-17,
    LB Groins will be worked on Q1-15 to Q2-16,
    dredging is scheduled from Q2-16 to Q1-17.
    Dune grass is planned for planting in Spring of 2017
    The piping plovers and other birds are all set, no work will be done on their impacted areas from March to October (none of that is in LB, so if you see one of those birds make sure to shoo them along).

    Project closeout is in Q4-17.

    Very tight schedule I hope they are able to keep to it.

  8. @ john, Thanks. However, that drawing is not what’s stated in the design, correct? I assume “0” is sea level at mid-tide? The dune then is not 14′ high, there is no 25′ service area gap between the dune and boardwalk. Where is the sitting, volleyball, etc, area? Between the 1+00 and the 3+00? Are there any actual “to scale” drawings to be had?

  9. @ CD If BFE is the elevation above mean high tide, then shouldn’t it stand to reason this chart above uses the same scale since high tide happens every day?

    @ john if the unshaded part is the existing beach and the shaded part is what they are adding, wouldn’t they need to adjust the ramps for that added height and length? And how is the army Corp dunes different from the dunes with the sea grass? Will that go in front of these? Cause those dunes are in line with the boardwalk, no?

    They are engineers but they could do a better job with visuals for non engineers

  10. For those who haven’t figured this out…

    The diagram is “stretched” vertically to illustrate the grade. The vertical scale is in feet above “North American Vertical Datum 1988” which is a benchmark that is basically average high tide over the year.

    The horizontal scale is shown in “stations,” meaning that 1+00 is 100-feet from the boardwalk and 2+00 is 200-feet from the boardwalk.

    So the scale of the drawing is 1 box is equal to 20-feet vertically and 100-feet horizontally.

    By distorting the scale in this fashion, the very gradual beach contour is more easily illustrated.

    Some great information in this thread. Thanks, guys!

  11. BFE is the “Base Flood Elevation,” the theoretical water level of a 100-year flood. (A storm of which there is a 1% chance of occurring each year) In Long Beach the BFE varies between 10 and 12 feet above average high tide, or NAVD88.

    This arbitrary elevation is established by the government’s flood maps. The actual 100-year flood level is more like 8 feet.

    The Army Corp of Engineers has deemed Sandy to have been a “180-year flood”. FEMA has called it a “300-year flood”. Sandy’s water reached around Elevation 10 – 11 in Long Beach with waves up to 17 feet at the Lido jetty.

  12. Being born and raised here in LB I am not sure what is going on with the new ramps but I do know this, they have been in Lido for as long as I can remember (over 50 years)and they are still there, look great and from what I was told by my lido friends that there was little damage(ok so bay side got hit).I am no expert nor am I privy to all the facts on the ramps or beaches or who does what but what I am sure of is the new ramps look nice and from what I was told the dunes that stop on Pacific will be build to the end of LB.Maple blvd the LAST beach in LB.
    After all we went thru a little extra protection can’t hurt.
    Also great job on the new walls at the end of the canals.
    Now if we can only get some trees.
    Any way you look at it, I love LB and yes I will still be able to bring my boards to the beach like all other surfers that surf here…

  13. “New” beach ramps are not getting torn up. The yellow pine ramps along the boardwalk will be replaced when dune is built in front of boardwalk. That is why they were done in pressure treated versus the Ipe the rest of the board walk was done in.

    s far as the dunes go, that’s it folks where they are now is where they will be. They were rebuilt to the ACOE height after Sandy (15ft from MHW, High tide mark versus flood elevation which is different) . Of course this is actually lower than the old dunes which is a whole separate issue.

    But for a better question: When will they finish these walkovers?

    There are three in the west end CT, WY, MN that have yet be finished and several in East that are not done and none have had the stairs installed yet. This was supposed to be done by July or August, Its almost October folks. Why were they never finished and when will they be finished. The great timing of doing the ramps over the summer season makes me very wary of the timelines for all the work yet to come. Will we be stuck with sections of beach closed in season if they cannot get work done on time,

  14. This morning I was able to take the walkover to the beach-one ramp west of Roosevelt and Shore Rd. They still have some finish work to do-but it is really nice! I looks so much less intrusive now that it is almost finished. Once the dunes are tended to and the beach grass fills in and the ramps weather a bit they will be just fine! Every small thing done in Long Beach goes to the betterment of the city…it all makes a difference…

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