Long Beach among the Safest Cities in NYS? We are #21 according to some website

Hey look, Long Beach is apparently one of the safest cities in New York State. That is according to research done by Safe Choice Security News:

To insure the accuracy of our research we compare crime statistics from the FBI’s census data, with a focus on violent and property crimes. According to the compiled data, your town is safer than 74% of the nation. You’ll find more information on Long Beach, as well as the rest of the list, at http://www.safechoicesecurity.com/blog/safest-cities-new-york/

21. Long Beach, NY

Long Beach, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe city of Long Beach is another safe city located in Nassau County south of Long Island, on the Long Beach Barrier Island. It is also known as “The City by the Sea” and offers impressive parks, recreation, historic sites and landmarks. The City oversees the Atlantic Ocean on the south and is surrounded by the Reynolds Channel on its other sides. It was named one of the 25 cleanest shores in the United States. The city had a beautiful boardwalk along the sea, which was unfortunately destroyed in 2012 by the Hurricane Sandy, and it is still recovering. For the many who use Long Beach as a bedroom community, the city is well connected with rail road and bus systems. The Long Beach Police Department ensures the safety of the town through a variety of initiatives designed to keep crime rates low.

Population: 33,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.34
Property Crimes per 1000: 9.38
Crime Index: 74
Safer than 74% of US cities
Do you all feel safe around here? As a pedestrian or cyclist I don’t all the time, but this research is based on violent and property crimes, not the crime of speeding down a street or running a stop sign.
Now I’m supposed to embed this safety badge on my website, but it looks more like an add to me:safest-cities-new-york-award

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30 thoughts on “Long Beach among the Safest Cities in NYS? We are #21 according to some website”

  1. This is an Internet company who sells alarm system referrals. Come on now! Aside from the dubious information source, I Long Beach is a very safe place to live. The reason is demographics. It is markedly devoid of those age/race/economic elements who commit 84% of violent crime in America. And please don’t call me a racist. The issue is far deeper than race.

  2. 100% agree Eddie and no its not racist its facts, but many hate facts and obscure them by saying “racist”. It’s classic politicized of a situation you can’t win on merit.

    Yeah this is a hack poll and they even admit it on their website, “rankings are determined by national crime statistics published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our rankings are only as accurate as the local population and crime statistics officially released by the FBI.” And so as we know, given the way our PD sweeps things under the rug (i.e. you think they filed an official report but when you request it, they “have no record”) reported crime stats for LB are dodgy at best.

  3. They said we don’t have a boardwalk and that the “Long Beach Police Department ensures the safety of the town through a variety of initiatives designed to keep crime rates low”. What the heck are they talking about?

  4. Another shooting in north park last night 21 yr old man shot 15 times and killed. Safe city your having a laugh. How come this isn’t front page newsday or on channel 12 ?

  5. “The issue is far deeper than race” / you are not a racist / “devoid of those”…don’t choke on your white male privilege, Eddie. Racial disparities in the criminal justice system, profiling, barriers to education and employment, cycles of poverty and crime….

    Eddie are you hinting at genetic determinism?

  6. It is race driven. The facts that anyone would use to point to demographics and crime are inherently flawed due to racial and ethnic bias in policing and racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

  7. #AllisonB, I hope you’re good looking, because otherwise you’re far too stupid and racist to earn money to feed yourself. Where I come from we’d call you a tool. Oh yea, I forgot about welfare and Section 8. That EBT probably buys you all the chips and grape soda you can guzzle.

  8. Allison, your people have to take responsibility for their own actions, which are animal-like. Making excuses for them, lowering standards and throwing them some crumbs won’t build them up. It will just keep them an underclass. One of your people just shot up and killed some poor citizen again in North Park. Maybe if we gave you and him more welfare he would have been nice instead.

  9. Allison- what are the barriers to education, please?

    Gunplay is not infrequent in certain areas of the City described to me by one who lives there as “the projects” . He described it as the OK Corrall. When I asked why the residents don’t do something about it he said everyone is afraid.

    This is in 2014 Long Beach.

    Very disturbing and sad.

  10. Yes, I see someone posting on the Long Beach Facebook page about it (before its pulled). Is it true? You are correct, the story has been buried, I don’t see News12 covering it, don’t see it anywhere. Is it true or is it a rumor?

  11. A 28-year-old man was fatally shot (21 times) in Long Beach early Saturday, police said. It is the fourth murder in this seaside city this year.

    Officers responded to a call of shots fired at 5 Birch Court at 12:55 a.m.
    Although police have not released the man’s name, relatives and friends said he is Tyrenzo Brown.

    Outside of the apartment where police said the shooting happened, a small memorial was set up for Brown, known as “Fly Ty”

    I will bet, with 84% certainty, that “Fly Ty”‘s assailant is Black, as were each of the other three murderers this year. Savages.

  12. I generally try to stay positive, but the tone this thread is taking makes me sick to my stomach. Are you seriously calling an entire race of human beings “animal-like” and “savages”?

    Whites may kill people on the street in lower numbers than blacks. But whites kill people just as surely – their weapons just tend to be different – money, arrogance, ignorance, or simple neglect. These weapons are cleaner, less traceable, and can kill many people at once. Anyone who thinks a lily-white society would be a crime-free utopia is just lying to themselves.

    I have traveled all around the world, and spent time with people of many different races and cultures. Black people are some of the warmest, kindest people I’ve ever had the privilege to live among.

    No race has a monopoly on goodness – or for that matter, on stupidity. There are good and bad people in every race and culture. Only a true racist would suggest otherwise.

  13. @Beachguy – “what are the barriers to education, please?”

    Look at the public schools in the Bronx. Now look at the public schools a few miles away in Westchester. Don’t cherry pick – look at them as a whole. Often in black communities the public schools aren’t as good. They simply don’t have the same resources as the schools in predominantly white neighborhoods.

  14. Jacquie,

    You say “Black people are some of the warmest, kindest people…”? Now who is being a racist? Why aren’t you living with them? Perhaps because every neighborhood that the inhabit they make into a crime-riddled, unmaintained downtrodden slum? Or do the White people go in and do that to their Gardens of Eden? And what makes the schools in Black communities hell-holes? The Whites invade and do that too?

    Face the facts, Jacquie. Until Black society wakes up and stops depending on begging for White financial support and stops glorifying crime and “gangsta” lifestyle, they are prone to live and die in poverty, crime and filth.

    Funny that someone who loves Black communities so much is living in a town that’s 87% White? You can walk across the Atlantic Beach Bridge for free, get yourself a free Section 8 apartment and settle down with the Black folks in Far Rockaway. And you can enjoy the rich Far Rockaway “kind and warm” people who murdered 27 of their own this year and 43 last year.

  15. I have traveled extensively and have found that people worldwide are basically the same.
    The Issue as I see it is not a question of color. It’s a “cultural” problem.

    Black people from the West Indies , for example, tend not to have the obvious issues that are prevalent in Afro-American communities.

    I believe that education is the key and sadly the opportunities available don’t seem to be taken advantage of by those in need.
    The number of black males in college is decreasing while their rate of incarceration is increasing.

    Also, there seems to be silence on the part of the black leadership in addressing these problems.

    Bill Cosby speaks out and is denounced as an Uncle Tom.

    Will Rev. Al be in LB with his entourage denouncing the perpetrators of this outrage?

  16. What do most folks mean when they talk about the “North Park” neighborhood? I know on maps it is shown as the area north of Park Avenue on both sides of the train station. Maybe long ago before the Waldbaums plaza, it was more of a cohesive neighborhood. Now the East and West parts seem really different to me. The only thing I see that “unites” both sides is that they have a lot of black people, with the west part having more Hispanics. The east part seems to be more open, with more “family life” on the streets, and more folks fixing up the single-family homes.

    The West part behind City Hall seems to have been “written off” by the City. Those “projects” seem to have been designed to keep neighbors visually isolated from each other by winding paths and culture-de-sacs. I visited that area a couple of times lately, for the first time since Sandy. It actually scared me a little back there. There were a couple of groups of muscle-bound guys just hanging out in the middle of open grassy spots. They looked like it was their place of business. One woman we dropped off literally ran into her apartment. Of course, there was not a cop sight- in fact, no pedestrians.

    So, am I making too much of this, or might it be wrong to still lump all these folks together and call it “North Park?” That kind of generalization might make it hard to define where the troubled spots really are- especially with such bad statistics from local officials. Maybe it would help to distinguish the distinct areas north of Park Avenue.

    I think a lot of our “neighborhoods” have redefined themselves. Mid-block houses in the West End are very different from the strips of new mega-mansion “compounds” along the Bayfront.

    We talk about the troubles in North Park so much, I’d really like a better understanding of what defines this area.

  17. Bob,

    The area of North Park is generally east of the Railroad. The problems certainly don’t come from the owner/occupants of single family homes, but rather from the Section 8 Projects. Those projects were forced on the City by the federal government. The garbage living in those projects is welcomed by the present administration. It brings money to the Police Department and validates a $305,000 salary for the commissioner.

    Now certainly those projects contain some widows/veterans/seniors who don’t deal drugs or fight dogs, and my heart goes out to them.

    Want the crime in the projects gone? Vote out the scumbags who imported the garbage from Jamaica, Hempstead and Brentwood. Vote out the party that “partnered” with Sustainable Long Island to work toward lowering market values to permit “choice in housing”.

    Don’t just complain. You elected the people who are loading the Weste End and North PArk with Section 8.

  18. The whole town is changing! i was nearly robbed the other day walking in the canal area, a “safe’ part of town. Three teenagers on bikes- 1 stopped and tried to get my running shoes (white) the other two were black and white.
    The whole demeanor here is changing.
    I live in Lido and there were 7 burglaries in the last 5 months.Never mentioned in the press.
    Lots of cover ups to appear “safe”.
    It seems like there are less homeowners and more renters around. Is section 8 now in the private houses too or are these opportunists preying on an area that has chaos from rebuilding where neighbors cannot be sure who is on their blocks.
    As far as the shootings, one might ask why this is happening in the same area over and over? Not unlike Far Rockaway where most of it stems from gangs and drugs.

  19. I love how agitated you and Solomon are regarding my comments, which were neither accusatory nor opprobrious, yet with salacious fever you peg me as uneducated, black (“your people”-Solomon), animal-like, on welfare, living in Section 8 and eating chips. It would not be obnoxious nor would I take offense to being referred to as a person accepting public assistance except for the tone and context in which you both use such words as metaphors for – pieces of shit- while you both ride high on your horses passing judgement on all that do not fall on the far Right side of your racial binary.

    On behalf of the veterans, elderly, disabled, and those marginalized by your white power privilege … fuck you.

  20. The Section 8 program, which is administered with the help of contracted non-government community organizations like “Sustainable Long Island” targets areas that are predominately White to “diversify” them. They seek to drive home values down “to make housing more affordable for everybody”. They do this by moving in “problem families”. Since 84% of violent crime is committed by Blacks, these problem families are usually Black.

    Long Beach Democrats have partnered with Sustainable Long Island to drive home prices down and import as much Section 8 scum as possible to do this.

    A vote for the Democrats is a vote for you paying for Section 8 “gangstas” to live free next to your home.

  21. have you any facts to back up your assertions about Sustainable Long Island helping to administer the Section 8 program here in LB? Or how, in conjunction with said organization, LB dems are working to drive down home prices? I look forward to reading up on the materials you provide in order to back your allegations. thanks.

  22. John, have somebody read Sustainable Long Island’s Web Site to you. Then look up their Form 990 and see how much they are paid by whom. Duh?

  23. Anthony- you need to get control of this site!
    Allison has been accused of “eating chips” and has reacted as might be expected. With justifiable outrage.

    New lows are being reached.

    What will be next?

  24. I didn’t know accusing someone of “eating chips” constitutes a hate crime. I eat chips all the time. Can I do that and still be a conservative, or do I have to switch to grits?

  25. What kind of chips?
    . Potato? Micro? Macho cop guys in California wearing tight uniforms on motorcycles?
    Serious stuff.

    Calm down Allison. We all have to be prepared for defamatory , hurtful outbursts that hurt us to the core.

    Myself ,and all other right thinking people , know deep down that you’re not a chip eater.

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