10 thoughts on “When did this place reopen?”

  1. I’m SO happy to see that place back- our last “dining among the dunes.” Hope it stays open into the fall so I can get down there. I even loved it in the old days when it was just luke-warm pizza driven down NY Ave from the pizza place where it was actually made. It was just a couple of teen boys running it back then, and they’d decide if the weather was nice enough to open that day. If not, them and their friends would just sit in there and eat the pizza. I wish this building and our other few remaining “pink motels” could somehow be preserved. But hey, even the trees aren’t safe around here.

    THANKS for letting us know they re-opened. The “light force” of the spirit of Chauncey’s lives on. But from now on, let’s just keep it our little secret, ok? I hope they do great business, but I’d hate to see it over-run.

  2. Does this place actually serve bottled beer now or is it still only gross canned beer? All I know is that I went in there asked for a Corona one summer day before the storm, the new owner informed me that they only had canned beer, I walked out and never looked back.

  3. The City doesn’t let them serve bottles.

    The deck is City property and the City fears the upscale clientele will throw the bottles on the beach where they’ll injure beachgoers who will then sue the City.

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