Hey Long Beachers, Somebody got shot and killed not too far from where you live

Sorry I’ve been pretty quiet with the blog lately. I have several unfinished drafts of good topics almost ready to go. Just been kinda busy lately.

By now I am sure you’ll heard about the shooting at the Channel Park Homes. You can talk all about that here, so you don’t hijack other threads. The LB Herald has the story on their website: Police investigating fatal shooting at Channel Park Homes. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Brown family and friends.

Is the killer still on the loose?

UPDATED October 2ndSuspect arrested in fatal shooting of Tyrenzo Brown in Long Beach

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51 thoughts on “Hey Long Beachers, Somebody got shot and killed not too far from where you live”

  1. Alison B will be in here shortly to tell us we are all racist and that the housing authority is no more dangerous than the rest of long beach. It’s just the white republican media spinning this to spread hate and fear.

  2. Is this the fourth murder in the Long Beach Section 8 projects this year?

    There are many political things that can be done to get this out of Long Beach, but I’ll reserve those opinions for another time. From a practical point, since this all centers around City owned housing and its residents, it sounds like this place isn’t being managed properly.

    If I was the landlord and four shootings happened in my buildings, I’d be in trouble.

    How about the Long Beach Housing Authority (a separate government entity from the City) hire a real manager, instead of the political hack who runs it now and start screening tenants? They don’t have to rent to felons, you know.

    They’re really not doing to well on who they choose to live there.

    Unless, perhaps, this is their intention?

  3. Actually I personally find the housing authority to be less dangerous than biking down Park Avenue.

    Mostly because victims of shootings know the perps. I’m more likely to get hit by a car than shot at in North Park. Do I stop biking on Park Ave- no but I have that choice.

  4. You vote democrat and then you complain?

    Like Solomon says in the other thread, there are animals living over there. And the black community won’t accept responsibility for the actions of the animals there.

    They just want more hand outs.

    Send a message next time you vote, say that you won’t let the government import criminals and scum to be your neighbor, to go to school with your defenseless children and to share the streets with your family.

    I’m sure this will get taken down because if you aren’t pro-gay, pro-black, pro-welfare, you’re a racist when all you’re trying to do is preserve your way of life.

  5. First you were moving to Far Rockaway becuz the people there were “warm and friendly”. Now you sez Park Ave is more dangerous than the projects. You prove of the lack of intelligence of your breed.

  6. Police Commissioner Tangney only made $305,000 last year. If the Democrats can import more Section 8 scum from Hempstead, the voters will beg for more cops and higher salaries for their managers and more high paying jobs for friends and family.

    Property values will plummet, meaning more profits for our Councilmen in the real estate sales business.

    A win – win for the Democrats.

  7. Because the crime serves their purpose. It validates their high salaries, high taxes and high costs. Don’t you get it?

    The people in the ‘hood will reelect them no matter what. They can’t put it together and realize that they are just tools to the Democrats.

  8. breed? are you referring to her whiteness? cause i’d say your posts are doing more harm to that particular ‘breed’ than hers.

  9. I really think this thread is headed in a bad direction.

    My experience on here has usually been that anyone who refers to that area as more dangerous to live in is called a racist. This seems to be the exact opposite opinion here today.

    The drug dealing and violence needs to be addressed and we can all agree that it’s highly focused in that area, but some of these comments are just plain hateful and ignorant.

    Let’s just focus on fixing the problem and stop trying to make this a color issue.

  10. You’d think that if anything, people would be willing to pay more to someone who does their job well, not someone who doesn’t.

    If you were running a factory and one engineer was always running around fixing things that were breaking causing tons of production issues, would you pay him more than the one who kept things running smoothly, even though it appeared he was “doing less” because he wasn’t constantly putting out fires? You’d pay the one who was seemingly doing less better.

    That being said, you have to give the engineer (and by “engineer”, in this metaphor, I mean the police, the schools, the community, etc) the resources to keep things up and running.

    That being said, no amount of resources eliminates crime. But there are proven steps to reduce it.

  11. Any criticism of the Democrats running LB, is deflected by playing the race card against those levying the criticism. Even when race isn’t mentioned. This problem is only getting worse in LB – because of the public housing practices spreading to other areas of the City.

  12. @Sam…If the public housing practices of the city are really spreading, is there a way to track that? Every time someone invests money into an RE project in LB, everyone says it’s to spread sec 8 – a bike gets stolen – section 8 – if it is spreading, lets see it documented in places other than internet forums.

  13. Aren’t these recent shootings mostly in the Channel Park Homes, the small complex on the west side of the station? (North of City Hall.) I’ve recently gone through there a couple of times, and it’s looking desolate, like folks are hiding in their homes. The only activity I saw was a group of about 6 very muscular men hanging around in the middle of a patch of grass, with a couple of high-riser bikes. They looked like they were doing business, not taking in the sun. This area is so close to the police station, but of course not a cop to be seen. Any street-wise cop (ie, not from L.B.) would have at least talked to this group. I saw mare aggressive, proactive police work at Irish Day. I was impressed, a couple of cops walked up to groups of young boys just to let their presence be felt.

    Anyway, am I wrong or is this tiny development by The Rec where most of the serious crime is coming from, not the larger “projects” on the east side of the station? At least for the small size of the area, it seems more “high risk” in Channel Park.

    Of course, since it sounds like official tracking of crime in Long Beach is lacking, there’s probably no analysis of things like this.

  14. this area needs to be cleared out. enough of the people waiting for handouts and ruining the vibe of an entire city! i want to stay in LB for the long haul but its getting harder and harder to convince my wife that this is a good place to raise a family with all the of BS that comes out of such a small section of the city. Especially the fact that it is within 100 yds of the police station!! what do they do all day!?!?!?!?!?!?!? The cops give people a hard time for skateboarding on the boardwalk yet do nothing about drug dealing and constant shootings just outside their own parking lot……great priorities LBPD!

  15. In a Newsday interview, Paul Goodman, the hack who has been Commissioner of the Long Beach Housing Authority for two decades, stated that they may start screening for criminal backgrounds when they rent apartments, instead of just making sure the freeloading mutts have no income and won’t work. Such a novel concept!

    Goodman also receives a salary from the City as Transportation Commissioner. He runs the buses too. Such an expert on so many things!

    Like most political hacks, he has no experience or qualifications in either field.

    He was at the train station during the last election electioneering for the city council candidates.

  16. @Moleek – oh ok. Are they wearing Section 8 t-shirts? Is there a uniform? Or is it just a “they don’t look like me so they must be criminals” thing?

  17. I would like to know where out City of LB Leadership is? Unless I missed something, there has been ZERO communication from City Hall, except for our police commissioner’s comments in the Herald which proclaimed there is no gang problems at all.

    Where are our City Manager and City Council? A person was murdered (yes murdered) behind City Hall and our police station five days ago; and the city is posting about is recycling tips. I am angry, I would hope that a large number of residents are angry. This is not a specific neighborhood problem, this is a Long Beach problem.

  18. My favorite new Section 8 house is the one between the billion dollar town houses and the Long Beach Hotel. Notice that most of those town houses are vacant? Maybe it is because it’s literally next to what can only be described as something out of boyz in the hood.

    I literally walked by there a few weeks ago at night and there were about 5 people just hanging out in front with one dude on the steps making a gun with his hands, sideways obv, going “blawww blawww blawww!”

    Couldn’t believe it. I’m not even embellishing one bit.

  19. I was surprised to find out that the LBHA did not already do criminal background checks. It’s pretty standard practice for housing authorities due to laws banning particular crimes from living in public housing or vouchers.

    Where are you getting information about Paul Goodman running the buses?! This is the first I’ve heard this. Definitely cannot be true. After the city fired Costello they cannot replace his position due to a lawsuit. The position has to stay vacant for x amount of years.

  20. @ We Know the Score –

    The original comment you are misquoting and putting your own spin on was mine, not Allison’s. The point of it was:

    “No race has a monopoly on goodness – or for that matter, on stupidity. There are good and bad people in every race and culture.”

    We are all concerned about the recent murders in our city. That sentiment actually unites every one of us. I don’t have the answers to stopping this violence – although I think LBPD doing regular police patrols in their own backyard and the LBHA doing criminal background checks on potential tenants are both good places to start. I only know that hatred is not the answer. We can all be more constructive than that.

  21. AFAIK, “the projects” are approved for Section 8, but don’t know of many private houses like this block that are. May be bad people in there, but it may be some other program. Strange street in terms of properties. I used to go to a Dr at 5 E Walnut, and there was a beautiful old “mansion” across the street (14 E?) that had just been abandoned for years, overgrown with vegetation. Maybe letting a beautiful house like that “go” opens the door for “changing” a neighborhood. I’m sure the City has regulations about clearing vegetation, but obviously not always enforced. Do a Google “Street view” of 14 E Walnut 11561 and take a look, what a contrast from the neighboring houses. Sorry to get off-topic.

  22. An old guy owns tha14 East Walnut and lives in it. He pays over $14,000 in taxes each year on it. Look at the 100 block of West Walnut. Section 8 garbage is being steered there to bust up the block. Looks like Tobacco Row.

  23. What is your point?? That thugs with guns and drug dealers are to complex for our PD so they should just bother people enjoying their day on the boardwalk?

  24. The gun buy-back is simply one more pathetic campaign ploy by Kathleen Rice, and one more example of how taxpayers’ hard earned money is thrown away by the Democrats for self-glorification. Pathetic.

  25. Oh yeah a gun buy back cause that will work! Uncle was a nypd cop and said these things only brought in guns that were old or would not have made their way onto the streets anyhow. Do you really think a criminal is going to give up the tool of his trade, that he likely paid way more for, than what is being offered? Or he stOle it and if they get a print off it he will go to jail? Not to mention criminals know the cops record (from a distance) who comes and goes. If you believe these things work, your hopeless and really need to get that rose colored prescription checked.

  26. Every reader of this site should email Jack Schnirman and every member of the city council demanding that the police foot patrol the Channel Park Homes and all other known hot spots several times every night. They have the people. If you ever go to the PD to report something you will sit there for 30 minutes at least while 10 cops and staff walk around and chat as you sit there. Get them on the street to make hourly patrols of hot spots. Duh.

    Email and call!

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