“LONG Beach, or LNG Beach” on Wednesday, October 8 at 7 pm at Long Beach Public Library [It’s the issue that just won’t go away!]

Long Beach faces a newly revised and revitalized push to install a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Port off Its shore. This “plan” will probably be fast tracked, right during the winter when thousands of beachgoers and surfers are not as easily mobilized. Last time we had no warning. This time we must be prepared. Local opposition will take shape at this event.

Be the local voice with us!

Wednesday, October 8th at 7pm
Long Beach Public Library
111 West Park Avenue

For more information on this event, please visit the website or join the event on facebook.


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22 thoughts on ““LONG Beach, or LNG Beach” on Wednesday, October 8 at 7 pm at Long Beach Public Library [It’s the issue that just won’t go away!]”

  1. It would certainly help the cause if just one, single credible group opposed this.

    The band of radical, pocket padding liberal organizations sponsoring this on the poster reads like an Obama community organizing meeting.

  2. Regardless of what you think of environmental repercussions, are you really in favor of the commercialization of our ocean? Isn’t the NY area a little too crowded already with commercialization? Just that point alone, you shouldn’t be in favor of this. But instead you take the most idiot path and turn it into a republican democratic issue. I’m really disappointed. Please do research on LNG before you put yourself out there and make stupid and cheap statements.

    LNG is not going to lower your taxes and you are not going to benefit from this gas. It’s basically going to line the pockets of those running the station, plus pay a bunch of government jobs that we probably don’t need to begin with. If you are such a stark republican that wants less government, you shouldn’t want this either.

    Follow the money trail on this. LNG will change the landscape of our ocean forever and all in the name of a few lining their pockets with money.

    You honestly want that?

  3. I’m no Democrat by any means, and this is the last thing I want to see in the ocean. But the band of characters organizing this protest appear as a rogues gallery of questionable credibility.

    Why have we become so polarized? It seems like both extreme positions have been defined and you have to be fit into one or the other. You can call me a conservative against commercializing our ocean.

  4. The group sponsoring this demonstration is the same group that rallied to build 400 windmills in the ocean off Long Beach. Looks like they latch onto any trendy, emotional issue and milk the fools who latch on. Pathetic.

  5. Building 400 foundations off shore, laying miles of cable in underwater excavations, killing thousands of birds to produce power at 27-times the cost of conventional generation… A great, environmental plan. You, Tom, are the kind of reed-in-the-wind tree-hugging idiot that these groups suck in. Wake up and do some research, instead of buying into the latest glossy liberal mantra that you’re fed.

    But you’re the same fool who thinks public housing is great for your neighborhood.

  6. I’m against it too, because the risk/reward factor just isn’t there. Alot of the “environmental catastrophe” talk is nonsense, but it also won’t be a zero environmental impact thing for the ocean and beach. There will be some impact. So what is the benefit for people who live at the coast? Unless my taxes are going to be cut 50% because the immediate shore communities are going to be awash in energy royalty money from the export taxes (and it is an export terminal to be sure, the Northeast can’t even use a fraction of all the NG being produced here) – why should we take the chance? What’s in it for us? Nothing, all we get is the risk and no reward. If you frame the argument like that, a lot more people will come out against it. If you frame it as some kind of environmental nightmare, people will see through the hype.

  7. @i.sue – I’m not anything. I didn’t say I opposed or didn’t oppose it. And I’m actually not for public housing. So you’re 0 for 3. All I said was that supporting windpower and being against LNG were consistent and not evidence of “latch onto any trendy, emotional issue and milk the fools who latch on. Pathetic.”


  8. @Beachguy, are you kidding? Sam’s argument is pathetic. Reduce my taxes and see to it that where I live is awash in money and maybe I’ll join the team. Go ahead and stand behind a “what’s in it for me” campaign and see how far you get. That sounds more like someone who wishes they made more money sooner, sold their house years ago at the top of the market and left Long Beach way before Sandy. How about fracking destroying our land and our water supply, the possibility of a sub-sea leak, or a tanker mishap. Sending our natural resources overseas? People had better wake the hell up. I wouldn’t care if the LBGT teamed up with the Nazi Party to oppose this. We all have to join forces but we don’t have to subscribe to each others ideologies. We do not want the LNG terminal off Long Beach.

  9. B– There is no “substantiating” most things that Sane Energy says as they do not usually say things “of substance”.

    Whether people are in support this LNG project or not is not the point and I am not attempting to sway people in a direction here. What people do not deserve and what is not in their interest is becoming misinformed or less informed about this proposed project and its approval or permitting process no matter what their opinion on the project currently is. Unfortunately people will only be misinformed about both at any event sponsored or held by Sane Energy as misinformation is something that they excel at.

    An application for this project was submitted in late September of 2012. The most recent submittals by Liberty Natural Gas LLC state that the company is expecting that USCG will produce an environmental impact statement on the project before the year ends. Information on the project can be found at: http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=USCG-2013-0363 On the right hand side you will see that it is possible to sign up for email alerts if you are interested in following the documents and the project’s process.

  10. Hi Anthony,

    I appreciate the support and no need to get too worked up on my behalf, my friend. Don’t be embarrassed by the behavior of those who think you owe them an anonymous forum to say anything, real or imagined. Thank you.

    Hi friends…

    If you are already “polarized” against my invitation to you to join the discussion ( ?- read that again and think about that…), it has nothing to do with me- believe me, it’s all you. “We” are not polarized- We are just fine. It is a good indication of YOUR polarization and desire to polarize people to frame it that way, and that’s too bad because our town(s) need help and we need to work together.

    On the other hand, it’s wonderful to see that for the other 1200 or more people who read this post, it didn’t threaten their sensibility and didn’t make them mad and cause them to disparage someone they don’t even know. I see lots of likes on facebook and shares elsewhere. Bravo!

    Is a free discussion and an involved community a big threat to some? It sure must be!
    I wonder why.

    I’m just bringing in speakers who have experience with each issue we feel is interconnected with environmental stewardship and paths to clean renewable energy. This definitely is.

    I see a few readers looked at the not so truthful talking points commenters placed, and they figured out for themselves it was nonsense, and noted that as such. Clear heads prevail. Democracy wins.

    Though I do appreciate the “trendy” nod, I’m just an upstanding member of the community who cares enough to DO something about issues I believe in. This is just one. I don’t think “someone else” should do anything for me. I’ve disparaged not one neighbor to do so. I don’t need to tear down anyone.

    In fact, letting these people talk seems to let me say it all.
    If you agree with them already, that’s great. I’ll never change your mind, and I don’t have time to. Your kids and grandkids 20 years from now will thank me, that I moved on to what’s possible with normal people.

    Another writer asked and I say: Why is it up to someone else to form a “credible” group? Someone else owes YOU a perfect, ready-made group that thinks and acts exactly as YOU wish and you don’t need to do anything?

    Some would say that’s a very entitled attitude.

    I’ve just put out the invitation to join the conversation. It stands.

    Get some information, talk about what is going on. That’s pretty un-polarizing. I didn’t see any mention of political party affiliation or any other requirements in anything I do.

    I hope the rest of us can figure it out together- with as many hands and great ideas to help as we can get. Doing nothing is just not an option.

    You know the old saying…

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

  11. Again, the environmental hype about tankers exploding like nuclear bombs – all of that is nonsense. There would be some environmental risks, and some of that royalty money would need to go to coastal protection, constant ocean inspections, etc. The people most impacted by it would be the people who live here – someone living in Garden City shouldn’t get a tax cut – no risk, no reward. I didn’t say I would be for it just because we got some of that royalty money, but unless that’s on the table from the get-go, its a non starter. Why should we take the risk for nothing? We already live in a town swarmed by tourists in the summer, who contribute nothing to City revenue – residents suffer all the ills of tourism (parking, congestion, etc), and get nothing for it, we don’t want to repeat that same model with an LNG terminal.

    The real problem you have with stopping this – is the single party democracy that is NY State. There is a lot of money associated with this, a lot. And if some of it gets into the right hands in the political system, there will be no way to stop it, the NYS “uniparty” has no fear of voter reprisal here, they are a lock and can do whatever they want.

  12. It’s $12 just to get on the beach – tourists contribute nothing to revenue?

    You shouldn’t be willing to “risk” LBs ocean for “reward.”

    If there’s an environmental accident, say goodbye to your real estate value. You think tourists contribute nothing now – wait and see what nothing looks and feels like.

  13. It seems like most of us oppose this idea, but folks are arguing about *why* they oppose it. Why not just stick together rather than fighting among ourselves, at least until this immediate threat is deterred. Otherwise, we’re just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  14. “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    Benjamin Franklin and Bob S both make a good point. For those of us who are against this, we can help our cause best by putting aside our differences and standing together against it.

    If for any reason you don’t like the forum being offered here, speak up in other constructive ways. Make sure the decision makers know how you feel.

  15. I’m not sure exactly why I’m against this project but I am. There seem to any number of reasons that it just doesn’t seem right.
    But can anyone , aside from shareholders in the company putting this together, explain to me the benefits?

  16. For those people that want to educate themselves on both sides of this issue, pros and cons, I suspect this will not be the event to attend. It seems like this event is geared towards reinforcing the side against the proposed project.

  17. Unfortunately, at this time, this is the ONLY forum available. We all attended the presentation 2 years ago and voiced our opposition. The same way we did 4 or 5 years ago. It is time our elected officials of both parties at all levels stop pandering to business over the objections of the tax paying individuals.

  18. Has Port Ambrose agreed that this facility will not be used for export? I do not see that on their website. They say their permit is not for export, they say it would not be economical, they say they would need to seek a new permit for that. They do not say they won’t do it. I’ve asked them and am waiting a response.

    This is far beyond a Long Beach issue. If you are opposed to fracking, if this becomes an export facility it becomes part of the infrastructure to carry out the fracking economic model. That is a NYS and beyond issue.

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