Poetry, Prayer and Peace in The Plaza! Saturday 10am to 4pm

10407624_289211684605438_7448308568020487367_nJoin us early and stay late for a wonderful day of community sharing.

An opening prayer / Spoken Word performance will be conducted by Teodora (recently added to Benoir’s teaching faculty at Studio Noir)
and activities throughout the day will include spoken word poetry, a drum circle, tribal hoop jam, sacred chanting, and spiritual songs. 

Saturday from 10am to 4pm @ Kennedy Plaza, Arts in the Plaza. Please see the event on facebook


Teodora Furthermore’ Prescription for Peace:

Collectively, it seems we’ve reached the brink of ‘individual art’.
The sharing of poetry, prayers, stories and music in community is an ancient custom.
The circle of Life used to revolved around and within art> We are now coming full circle…
The poet is a unique divine channel standing at the center of the tribe, weaving the separated consciousnesses back into the Whole sphere.

Come on out and share in & celebrate the medicine as TIME=ART
=Cosmic Harmony= Joy
= commUnity
=healing=Imaginal Ingenuity
=Essential Fulfillment
=Unconditional Love

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