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On the agenda for tonight’s City Council Meeting [LINK]:

Re: To Re-Establish a Council for the Arts.

Legislative Memo: It is a desire of the City Council to re-establish a Council for the Arts here in the City in the hope to encourage artistic awareness and enhance the cultural environment of our City and its residents. To promote the arts, education about the arts, increase the
display of art in public spaces and promote collaboration amongst the  various arts organizations.

2. Resolution Authorizing the CityObjective. The objective of the Council for the Arts is to encourage artistic awareness and to enhance the cultural environment of the City of Long Beach through the promotion of all media of the arts. To promote the arts, education about the arts, increase the display of art in public spaces and promote collaboration amongst the various arts organizations.

Apparently Long Beach once had a Art Council, but was disbanded in 1982. I think it’s a very interesting idea bring it back. ‘The Arts’ are pretty damn strong in Long Beach already, but there is always room for improvement. On the public side we need more. It definitely will make our city a lot more attractive for potential residents and visitors alike.

I don’t exactly know what the city has in mind with this Art Council, but still…

Displaying public art? YES PLEASE!
Increase the education of Art? YES PLEASE!
To enhance the cultural Environment of LB? YES PLEASE!

I have a great idea for a sculpture garden on the bay. Or what about just simple stuff like murals, statues and cool benches (see- Beach & Boardwalk Beautification Ideas):

IMG_3081 IMG_3079Or a neptune statue (see – Mermaids, Neptune, “Save the Clock Tower” & the City Seal):


Holy crap, I don’t have a drop of artistic talent in my blood, but I have sooo many ideas running though my veins right now. I am a huge proponent of expanding public art and have expressed that via this blog since day one.  I’m excited. Attention: All you mean and negative-nancy naysaying c.a.v.e.-people, please don’t comment here. I don’t want to hear it.

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4 thoughts on “Council for the Arts”

  1. I spoke last night. One of the things I said was “There are many disciplines that are art forms, as others have mentioned “Films, Music, Dance” organizing a city through government is also a disciplined art form.
    I hope we can market a number of ISO, and LEEDs certifications Long Beach will need to acquire for our sustainability in a composed and inspiring way. (I’m removing myself from my soap box.)

  2. I would love to see more public art here! Could you imagine benches like that in the boardwalk bump outs – how cool would that be! Everytime I go down to the West End, that wall mural in bottle caps catches my eye. Friends from out of town often comment on it too. I think public art would be a great enhancement – it could give our business districts, and our whole city a fun, artsy character!

  3. Be careful what you wish for. We may end up with another Maypole on Edwards. Lol. Anyone remember that “art” piece that looked more like a 3rd grade class project? “The Council for the Arts shall be comprised of nine (9) members who shall be appointed by the City Manager. The members of the Council shall consist of representatives from all disciplines of the arts community active within the City and one employee liaison from the City. The chairperson of the Council shall be selected by the City Manager”. It’s a good start. I just hope there’s a vetting process for committee members.

  4. Rather than turn it into what CAVE predicts, more public art displays should be encouraged. It would allow for expression, creativity and community without permanency.

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