Tree Replacement & Replanting: the seabythecity method (This entire article is NULL)

Treegate. So many questions to ask. What kind of trees will be planted? Will they be native ones? Is there really an arborist overlooking all this? Did Billy Crystal and Chuck Schumer get through to FEMA or will us residents be stuck with the tree replacement bill?

You know what? None of that matters to me. I just want some damn trees back!

We are being told how replacement trees will be replanted throughout the City this fall and next spring, but where will they start first?  East End or West End? Us good-looking residents in the East End of Long Beach are worried we’re going to have to wait a whole year until we start seeing some trees coming our way. Why? Well, the West End gets everything first, right?? They have the squeakiest wheels and most political clout. Isn’t that how it goes around here? I have no clue.. but still, whenever I talk about the trees with my fellow good-looking, smart East End neighbors, we are concerned we’ll have to wait forever to get some trees our way.

This is what us good looking  and witty folks in the East End fear:

westend2spring2015I have a solution that will solve everything! I call it The Seabythecity-method: Scatter the replanting around the city as the replacement trees come in. A few here, a few there. Everybody is happy, including us good-looking, smart and trendy East Enders.spring2015fall2014Alas, it looks like Park Avenue is getting trees first, so this entire article is really NULL, but I made the graphics already so I am going to publish it anyway. 

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  1. What happens when more trees die. I have a tree in front of my house that is apparently dieing. Will the city be replacing more trees next year?

  2. During the summer, I called the city when our trees were being cut down on our block , and asked what the plan was , I was told at that time that they didn’t really have an exact plan. During the same conversation, I had asked if maybe our Girl scout troop could plant a tree in the fall. I was told to call back in the fall , which I did the other day………..

    I just find it upsetting , that when I asked the city if our girl scout troop could plant a tree we were turned down because …”we have plan with a landscaper that has a plan for the whole city.”
    We had wanted to plant between Lafayette + W. Beech st.
    These are 10 ten year olds that wanted to do something for the city that they love. They were through a lot , as everyone else has been in this town and they wanted to do something that would be nice for the city.

    Our troop was going to purchase a $350 tree , that would be a tree for a beachside community. We were getting a sizable discount so it would be more economical for these little girls to donate to City.
    The city, however offered that the girls could take part in the re-plant on Park Ave.
    However, I was never , given an exact date or time………

  3. So…since the roots weren’t pulled out and the stumps were simply ground down, where are they going to replant the neighborhood trees?

  4. Carly, I couldn’t get an answer to this either. Certainly in many cases the new trees can’t go where the old ones came out. The City cut down quite a few of my trees that were healthy, that I maintained and some of which that I had planted.

    I’d like to get replacements, but I don’t have much faith that this will happen. Seems whenever I trust them to do the right thing, I get screwed for having my guard down.

  5. LB Mama, it’s sad to hear that the good work that you and the Girl Scouts want to do hasn’t received the support you’re looking for.

    The goal of getting the girls a chance to contribute to our city, and for them to feel positive about it, is an opportunity we can’t let pass by.

    I am co-Director of the West End Beautification Association (WEBA), so I fully appreciate your efforts. I’ll see if we can muster up some cooperation from the City.

    And, if you want to discuss other volunteer planting or sprucing efforts the troop would like to do in the future, contact me at 917-312-1219. Their efforts will be appreciated and recognized.

  6. LB Mama, I contacted the City and they indicated that the Troop leader had already been contacted regarding the tree planting. It was agreed that the girls will help the City workers plant a tree.

  7. Hope you’re wrong about the choice of Bradford Pears. Both Cornell Cooperative Extension and Rutgers Ag talk about the problems with these. The #1 problem- they’re highly susceptible to wind damage. The largest limbs can split off at the trunk and hit whatever is below them. (High winds around here?) And they are invasive and crowd out native plants. Wikipedia notes the trees have a strange odor. (!)

    I know you’re rarely wrong about your facts, but I hope you are this time, Maybe they’re using some stronger relative of this tree. Or maybe that professional arborist they’ve talked about will change the plan.

  8. They surely appear to be in the pear family, although I could not tell whether they were Bradford or their stronger cousin the Cleveland Select. Anyone reach out the City about this yet to inquire?

  9. Like woody weeds, the weak and narrow angle that the branches leave the trunk tell that the City has been sold Bradford Pears, regardless of what they were told or what they tell you.

    They only stink a week in the spring but after a decade the wind rips the tops right off them.

    Imagine ripping out 80-year-old American Sycamores to plant Chinese Bradford Pears? Another lie from our City Council.

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