BREAKING NEWS: Scandal. Corruption. Mayhem. Destruction! (A Seabythecity Exclusive)

Now that I got your attention, let’s talk about DOG POOP.

Circumventing dog poop is not an easy task for everybody. It requires your utmost attention for every step you take.  Your tactics change when you’re pushing a stroller/cart, are accompanied with kids/toddlers or use a wheelchair. Lucky for me I have dog poop intuition and can spot a crappy sidewalk from a mile away. Although night time becomes real challenge as my poopy-sense is not nocturnal. Add the lack of sidewalk pedestrian lighting and it makes me wonder if I’m actually safer walking on the street instead.

Let’s face it: between the sidewalk smear, traditional scattered nuggets or freshly filled undisposed bags, walking around our City by the Sea sometimes feels like an obstacle course.

Seriously, If you don’t want to clean up after your dog, perhaps you’re not responsible enough to even have one. I love dogs. I love pets. I know most of you are very responsible with cleanup, but the few who aren’t are making it real crappy for everybody. You are pissing off your neighbors.

Alas, this is a battle that will never end, but I won’t give up. I sometimes fantasize of turning this blog into Dog Poop by the Sea By the City, just concentrate on this issue until it’s completely wiped out from Long Beach existence.

Just please give a crap and pick up the dog crap.

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17 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Scandal. Corruption. Mayhem. Destruction! (A Seabythecity Exclusive)”

  1. As someone who walks dogs “professionally”, I see poop all over the place. It’s getting worse too. The few free bags locations in center medians are great and I think more people would use them. They need to be seen better and probably more garbage bins would also be helpful.

  2. And would it be possible to point out to those dog walkers who actually pick up after their animals that dropping your dog’s shite into my garbage can while might appear to be a good idea in actuality is not.

    The garbage men come by and sometimes only take the garbage bag out of the can and do not actually pick up and dump the contents of the can into the truck.

    And now you your dog’s shite is laying at the bottom of the can, my neighbor’s are wondering what that stink is and you are blissfully unaware at home looking at your dog lick his sack.

  3. Happens to me all the time. Again, I don’t want to turn this into an anti-dog walker thread. I just want people to be more considerate. I know most are I applaud them, but I always notice when the weather gets colder, more poop appears.

  4. If Anthony starts Dog Poop by the Sea By the City people can take pictures of people who don’t clean up after their pet and they can be posted there. That would probably be an effective tool.

  5. How about a $200. I bet people will pick up. My neighbor doesn’t pick up I went out one day fill a pail with dog crap poured it in front of her front door. Guess what she picks up after her Dog now,oo fine second offens $500.00

  6. The sidewalk and grass along Shore between Lincoln and Monroe are always covered with poop. I assume it’s the same people over and over giving people like me a bad name. I would love to take my dog on the boards and the beach, but because of these jerks, non dog owners assume we all do this. Maybe that’s why Long Beach is so anti-dog. The free dog poop bags might work, but I’m pretty sure these people just don’t care. If you hand one a bag you’ll probably get shot.

  7. I have actually priced out security cameras solely so I can return the dog poop on my sidewalk to the person who keeps leaving it behind. Apparently I have a very forgetful neighbor with a dog who really likes the spot right where I park my car. I am tired of picking up this dogs kibble and bits.

  8. B, I recently met one of the bad dog people, on the block you mentioned. I was cleaning weeds and garbage on that block when an elderly gentleman, walking his dog, complained that by removing the weeds I was taking away the preferred space his dog needed to poop. He called the Police, demanding that I get arrested (for aggravated weeding?).

    His disregard for others was annoying, and helped to reinforce the belief that some dog owners put their dog’s poopability ahead of the community’s desire to not step in or see poop.

  9. I live on W Broadway – the other day a young woman was walking her dog on our new landscaped front lawn- there are signs on the property “no dogs” but there she was not caring what the sign said. I asked if she was going to clean up after her dog and she said ” mind your own business lady”- my response was, “it is my business- I live here ” and she walked away.

  10. I think we’ve made great progress on this issue. The vast majority of dog walkers comply with ordinance and truly seem to care about doing the right thing. One concern however is boardwalk poopers. I understand and fully appreciate the enjoyment that dogs and their humans get strolling the BW, but not all poop is easily pick up-able as canines can have, well, digestive problems as happened the other day while I was running up there. The human attempted clean-up, but it was difficult. I wonder if dog walkers on the BW might be willing to bring a little spray cleaner for moments like this as it seems the City is not enforcing the no dogs ordinance.

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