Long Beach Medical Center to be Demolish??

Newsday- Long Beach hospital’s potential new owner weighs whether to raze all or part of Sandy-damaged structure

Once it owns the property, South Nassau chief executive Richard Murphy said, South Nassau will decide as quickly as possible what, if any, part of the hospital is salvageable and develop plans for opening the free-standing emergency department it has pledged to build.

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7 thoughts on “Long Beach Medical Center to be Demolish??”

  1. Did you see that full page ad in the Herald? That SNCH has to spend $172M to get reimbursed the $165M? That simply isn’t true. The $165M was on hold for SNCH to either build here or expand in Oceanside. I feel condos coming….

  2. We need a hospital in Long Beach. It is too far to go to South Nassau. What about Point Lookout. It will take longer to get to a hospital. The hospital has been fixed, why can it not be used?

  3. South Nassau will develop the land into a 20-story condo. Millions have been stolen by the same Democratic hacks who run this place. You are getting screwed.

  4. Sure, they were drooling at waterfront property. There never was intention to keep it here. I don’t believe there was ever a plan in place to get us a hospital. All the politicians here stink. They have done everything to ruin us since Sandy – which also includes overdevelopment, I-Star, and now LNG fracking is on the table.
    SNCH management stinks. Have you been to the emergency room lately?

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