Question: If Eileen Goggin wins the District Court election, does somebody take her seat on our City Council?

Can somebody please explain some local politics to me? Our Long Beach City Councilwoman Eileen Goggin is running for the Nassau Second District Court judge [LINK]. Elections are coming up on Tuesday, November 4th. If she wins, does somebody take her seat in our City Council? How does this all work? And for fun, anybody have a recommendation for who should be the replacement, if need be?

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  1. As written in the Long Beach Municipal Code “Vacancies in the council shall be filled by appointment of the council.”

    Which is code to mean whomever ZapHut dot com feels will be most loyal to them.

    I recall hearing or reading someplace that Ms Goggin would like to help select who gets to replace her. I also heard Zapson laughing in the background as she said that.

    Sec. 9-a. – Removal of elective officers; filling vacancy in elective office.

    Any elective officer of the City of Long Beach may be removed from such office by the governor in the same manner as provided for the removal of sheriffs. Vacancies in the council shall be filled by appointment of the council. When a vacancy shall occur in any other elective office in the City of Long Beach because of the death, resignation, removal or any other cause whatsoever the same shall be filled at the next general election occurring not less than thirty days after such vacancy occurs, unless such election is the last general election before the end of the unexpired term. Unless and until the vacancy shall be so filled, the governor shall fill such vacancy by appointment and any person so appointed shall hold office until the thirty-first day of December next after the election at which such vacancy was filled, or, if it be not filled by election, until the end of the unexpired term.

  2. As stated above, the city council would choose the successor to Ms. Goggin if she wins the judges race. This is how Ms. Goggin got on the city council in the first place. She was appointed to fill the remainder of Councilman Fagan’s term after he was removed from office because of his conviction. She then ran in the next election, when Councilman Fagan’s term would have ended. In that election she won a four year term on the city council. So if she wins the judge seat, a replacement will be chosen by the (Democrat controlled) city coucil to finish the remaining three years of her term.

  3. Why would it be any different than the Judge Tepper situation. When Tepper ran, he was approaching the age deadline. Dems ran him anyway thinking they could choose his replacement.. However, the Board of Elections did not agree and we had a run off. I would hope new would be given a chance to vote for our representation here. Thx.

  4. Goggin at least asks a few questions here and there so it would be a loss to the city to lose her. So maybe vote for someone else to keep her on council. She did just run for a 4 years term.

  5. I thought it was ridiculous that Goggin thought it was a good idea to be promoting herself during the fall festival and Halloween costume awards. Cant anything be left alone?? I am also tired of looking at her head from my living-room window from her sign on East Broadway. When did politicians become real estate agents? Enough of the heads around town!!!

    Anthony, I know you did a post about this in the past, but am I the only one who thinks East Broadway btwn LB Rd and Riverside (I-Star weed park) is beyond an eyesore with all of the political, mini golf, psychic and surfing signs?!?! Its horrible to look at day in and day out. I complained on the LB app and I got an email that the request was resolved. Anyone that lives over there knows that there are more signs there than ever!!

  6. Eileen Goggin is going to win and her replacement is already picked. Its me. I, Allison Box, am your next City Councilwoman. I will start asserting my power shortly. These streets are mine bwahahahahahaahhahahha

  7. I agree JPK. more than TWENTY signs along the fence of the super block- hung without permission. Some since August!!! I wish someone would cut them all down. Eye pollution!

  8. Short list is Banshick (god help us all), Jim McDermott (yes, he’s still alive), Mike Cruz (this would be good for a laugh at the city council meetings).

  9. No way Cruz gets the council seat. One more killing on Housing Authority property and he will replace Goodman. Then God help the Housing residents!!!

  10. Well Capt Obv. is right, Goggin has been making all kinds of promises she will not be able to keep to people helping her (typical politician I guess). Just sucks that her and Eramo started looking for the door and ran for every office they could immediately after they got elected to serve our great City by the Sea. But again, typical politicians I guess.

  11. While totally ignorant, Banshick pays the most to the Democrat Club, including the money paid to get the kid hired as a city consultant. Will kiss anyone’s cheeks for a few pennies. Cruz can’t read or write, can he?

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