Podcastalujah (a short film by Kyle McCarthy that was shot entirely in Long Beach

Check out this really cool short film from a local Long Beach filmmaker named Kyle McCarthy. The background behind the film is below the break:

This film was originally inspired by my actual love/obsession with podcasts. I really enjoy listening to long form interview podcasts and audio documentary podcasts, when I’m in my car or riding my bike, and overtime I found myself telling my family and friends all of these stories I heard on podcasts. However, every time I told a family member or a friend a story from a podcast I started the conversation off with “I heard this interesting thing on a podcast the other day.” Which got me thinking, what if somebody were to tell other people’s stories as if it happened to them or someone they knew: could they get away with it?

So I decided to make a film about a guy that did just that to his family and friends. At first I thought it would be a funny short but as I started to make it I realized that if someone actually did this it would not be funny at all, but actually quite sad and therefore that’s the tone I decided to shoot it in.
The film was shot almost entirely in Long Beach, besides a couple of shots on the Loop parkway, and all of the cast and crew besides one person are from Long Beach. It was awesome to get to collaborate with my actual family and close friends and hopefully show that Long Beach has some really talented and creative residents.
The film includes audio clips from two different podcasts. This American Life, which is arguable the most popular podcast/public radio program out there, and “If I Were You” a podcast hosted by Jake and Amir who are famous for their video series on collegehumor.com. I got really lucky and got permission from both of these podcasts to include these clips in the film and I feel like they really add to the story.

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