“South Nassau will build an emergency department from scratch on the hospital grounds or at a site more centrally located in Long Beach” (Speculation, Demolition, Relocation)

In a recent Newsday article regarding the future of the Long Beach Medical Center:

“One option is to locate it in the former emergency department in the west wing, he said. If that proves too expensive, South Nassau will build an emergency department from scratch on the hospital grounds or at a site more centrally located in Long Beach.” [LINK]

A site more centrally located in Long Beach? Let the speculation begin! Will the current hospital site be sold to a condo developer, while a small emergency department opens somewhere central Park Avenue? And just where on Park Avenue could they be talking about?

1779170_669793586450701_1977997261705821628_nWell, there is that old Sunrise Center building across from Lancer.  What about a possible redevelopment of the Waldbaums Center? (Oh, one can dream, but most unlikely.) Sunrise Center seems possible, being that it’s been vacant for years with no real movement on that front.

The current medical center site is not flood proof/FEMA compliant. Why spend money there if it can be flood again? I highly doubt that building can be raised, so obviously change is eminent. Being that it’s bay front, that property is very valuable for developers. Probably too valuable for a hospital. Probably too valuable for one family houses as well. Condos by the bay, perhaps?  hmm…..

Let’s start betting. What’s the over/under on this? (PLEASE NOTE: This is pure speculation)medicalcondo3

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17 thoughts on ““South Nassau will build an emergency department from scratch on the hospital grounds or at a site more centrally located in Long Beach” (Speculation, Demolition, Relocation)”

  1. Hennessy and Hession? They both know what’s in the City Charter and know the hospital has nothing to do with the City Charter.

    Wasn’t it a Democrat hack who took a $380,000 salary to run the place after it shut down?

    Wasn’t it Democrats who are allowing 20 story projects in Long Beach? Isn’t it Democrats who bonded $150,000,000 in new debt? Isn’t it Democrats who doubled you City tax and raised your water bills? How about the Sewer Insurance scam? Democrats. Who cit down the trees because they wanted a “clean Jersey Shore look”? Democrats.

  2. Yes. The Democrats quintupled the taxes and destroyed the city. Vote Clean Slate. They have been very hard working and dedicated members of the community.

  3. Condos would be a disaster in that neighborhood. The stop signs are brutal enough without an extra 400 people traveling down Lincoln and Franklin.

  4. If the Clean Slate made an appearance and let the residents know what they’ve been doing the last two years and their actual plan they may have a chance at a seat. Is there a Clean Slate for 2015?

    Let’s make an attempt at some honesty.

  5. WE LOST! We all lost- our hope for a Hospital is gone. Newsday and The LI Press report the deal is done. South Nassau pays $11.8 million for LBMC. In return they get the FEMA money that was allocated to Long Beach, $176.9 million, to do with as they please. This is beyond corrupt local politics- this is a deal Jimmy Hoffa would be proud of.

    BTW, the picture in Newsday makes LBMC look like horrible destruction, all boarded up. This was new construction to repalce their old lobby. It was boarded up like that for weeks before the storm.

  6. The FEMA money is going to improving the Emergency Department in Oceanside and they will build or rent a small standalone “urgent care” office elsewhere in Long Beach, like the one they have on Long Beach Road in Oceanside. The old LBHC Board of Directors, who are Democrat Long Beach appointees, are getting “backpay” and huge buyouts.

    Looks like you were screwed, once again by the Long Beach one-party insiders who have been selling out their neighbors and kids for three generations.

  7. By approving IStar, the ZBA paved the way for 18-story condos on the hospital site. A win-win for Zap and his cronies. Guess another City Councilman will be buying a house in Hewlett Harbor.

  8. Yes, this is an example of a government run with no checks and balances or oversight. But now Power Republican Mangano’s supporting Power Democrat Cuomo for re-election. I was a Democrat my whole life, until seeing the Post-Sandy “Carpetbagging” going on. And that stuff was done by the Republicans as well. Cuomo is the one who closed the hospital, but Mangano has been “finding” and misdirecting a lot of FEMA money, too. We finally have the true “uni-party” in Nassau.

    Think anyone will track how much money South Nassau makes on this deal? The amount just boggles my mind. And who do I vote for, as a protest vote, for Governor? Astorino and Cuomo are also supported by every splinter party. Look like I’m voting for the Green Party.

  9. Condos in that area would actually help the property values since they have been tanking in that area since before sandy. Not to mention they will match the ones Vitale (the mobster) has plans for over where Patty McGees used to be. Think I’m wrong check TOH ZBA approvals.

  10. The actions of almost everyone on both sides in this town are deplorable. Politics in this town have very little to do with positive change to meet residents needs and everything to do with promoting personal agendas. It’s a shame to say the least. Feel free to keep attacking me but those who know me are well aware of my motivations and beliefs. I’m pretty up front about them. Just one of the reasons I post under my real name, authenticity. You might want to try it. Enjoy the day.

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