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  1. We all knew this would be a scam when the City Council paid to include the reopening with the 20-story IStar sellout. Re-elect these scumbags, please!

  2. Another Long Beach bamboozle. Maybe someone can set up a hip, trendy, and beachy nonprofit and hold a fundraiser to get us a movie theater. Then they can keep all the money for themselves.

  3. At last night’s City Council meeting, a resident ask about the status of the Movie theater, along with several other good and pertinent questions, and no answers were given. They just ended the meeting. Not sure why that was. That is a key point of a Council meeting — for our elected representatives to answer our questions. Perhaps Anthony can inquire and get an answer he can publish so the info — whatever it may be — is available to all.

  4. @Publius…Why is the city council in charge of when the movie theater is opening? It’s a private business. Doesn’t sound like a pertinent question.

  5. West End Tom — The City entered into a global settlement agreement with Pilevsky, Phillips Int’l and i-Star Financial back in January. There was a City Council hearing on it and one of the benefits of the City entering into the global settlement was that Pilevsky/Phillips agreed as part of it to promptly reopen the Movie theater.

  6. @Publius…Ah, yeah I read the agreement you’re referring to. Not sure I totally understand it, seems like the were supposed to pay 5.25 million to the city for construction. But yeah, if there was some type of agreement they should be able to provide some insight into the reopening.

  7. @West End Tom. Thanks. As any FYI, at the approval meeting, the Council specifically touted the Movie reopening as a valuable achievement as part of the overall settlement.

    I have not read the contract (didn’t even know it was public), but the failure of the theater to reopen leaves me to believe it was not tight at all.

    Regardless, the City management touted it and should let residents know. Lots of people in town talk about it all the time.

    From the LB Herald last April:

    “When city officials agreed in January to settle the city’s lawsuit against two developers, Philips International, which is owned by Pilevsky’s father, Philip, and iStar Financial, over the long-vacant Superblock property, the settlement included a commitment by Philips to reopen the theater. iStar and Philips are the current and former owners of the Superblock property, respectively, and iStar was given approval to build two new high-rise apartment buildings there.

    ‘Because the city wanted us to make efforts to open sooner rather than later, we started right off the bat,’ Seth Pilevsky said of the theater. “We discussed it with them, and they convinced us to move this thing along.’”

  8. Just reelect the same Democrat liberal scum that is robbing you, lying to you and refusing to answer to you. You imbeciles who vote for them get exactly what you deserve, while they move to new homes in Hewlett Harbor.

  9. While I understand that a movie theater might be viewed as a quality-of-life concern, for every SBTC reader’s “no” vote, there are 20 “yes” votes from invalids in our nursing homes that couldn’t tell you what century this is but somehow are staunch Democrats come election day. Anything tied to the Superblock debacle should be met with skepticism as in “I’ll believe it when I see it”. @ Former Dem, who moved to Hewlett Harbor?

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