Those phallic-looking fire hydrants

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.25.24 AMNewday has an article on those phallic-hydrants that are popping up (no pun intended) all over our city [LINK]. All jokes aside, these hydrants do seem to be really cool and I’m assuming are a much needed upgrade to our aging hydrants.

For those who are looking for a more technical take, check out this article and video from the popular tech blog The Verge: Finally, a fire hydrant for the 21st century

“Virtually indestructible, the Spartan is made of stainless steel and ductile iron, and covered in a powder coating that makes the design non-corrosive even in the face of storms and salty water. An efficient internal drainage system prevents the damage that freezing water can inflict. The hydrant can be opened within seconds—but only with a special wrench, discouraging tampering. [LINK]

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16 thoughts on “Those phallic-looking fire hydrants”

  1. These hydrants are absolutely terrible. They might be better off for the long haul, but they slow response times during fires and emergency calls considerably. In order to gain access to the two 3in side caps, the main 5in cap needs to be removed to access the hydrant nut. This is unnecessary time wasted when seconds count. They also require new hydrant wrenches that most mutual aide companies do not know how to use. The whole point of the new hydrant system was to lock it down restricting use to official use only. With the locking mechanism now removed from the LB hydrants, they serve no purpose. Someone somewhere is just making a pretty penny off of it.

  2. Long beach firefighters hate them. Paid and volunteer. Why risk lives when seconds count. Maybe the city should have gotten the fire department’s input and opinions before installing these city wide…

  3. Maybe you should just stop being lazy and actually learn how to use it. Not like you don’t get paid enough….

    “Can be opened in less than five seconds, dramatically quicker than today’s unreliable conventional hydrants. Thus, providing water to the fire sources faster to accelerate emergency response time.”

  4. The old ones lasted 110 years, contained eight iron and bronze parts. The new ones have a 20 year life and contain 60 plastic and steel parts.

    Notice anything “innovative” done by Long Beach Democrats is expensive, untested, unproven, sort lived and done nowhere else?

    Who needs mutual aid from other fire departments?

    Just one more pork barrel funneling of your tax dollars to a connected Democrat. Unfortunately, this one may cost your family’s life.

  5. So Jay because the previous administration started it, this administration could not have gotten out of it, doubt it. They undid a good deal of other things, they could have undid this too. But it actually sounds like you like the new hydrants, so the previous administration did something good in your eyes?

  6. Jay likes plastic. I like bronze. Jay LOVE anything Democrat. They pay him something like $150,000 and hired him back after the Republicans fired him for incompetence.

  7. I stand corrected Jay. I was repeating what I thought was fact.

    I still don’t like the hydrants, though. Way to complex to be dependable, as I see it. Completely in the long haul and expensive. There were many proven alternatives out there built by companies that have been around for a century. These things are made by a one-man-show with zero manufacturing experience. Try getting parts five years after the Democrats plant a thousand of these.

    But you use them and you seem to love them. That’s good and it holds some weight with me. I just question if they will work tomorrow. Or in 2114, as many of the old ones have worked in service for ten decades?

    Or is this just one more money-soaking scam, like Kohut’s 1962 Parking Meter Scandal?

  8. Jay I think it’s the donations to the clubhouse that causes people to question the hydrants.

    Contributor Amt Contr. Date Recipient Filing Sched Office Dist County Municipality
    EAST ROCKAWAY, NY 11518 $500.00 12-FEB-13 LONG BEACH DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE 2013 July Periodic B N/A NA Nassau Long Beach
    LONG BEACH, NY 11561 $1,000.00 06-FEB-14 LONG BEACH DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE 2014 July Periodic B N/A NA Nassau Long Beach
    Total Contributions $1,500.00

  9. The Democrats would buy sh*t from the devil to feed to the Long Beach kids if the devil contributed to the Clubhouse.

    This is proof. Sh*t produced by a one-man shop with ZERO manufacturing experience. Good luck when this crap breaks.

    But by then the City CoOuncil will all be in Hewlett Harbor or Jupiter Island enjoying their pensions and free lifetime benefits.

  10. No, but it does mean that the Democrats would buy, with your money, anything that a vendor pays them to buy, with no consideration for its value or quality.

    Do you really think any of the other hydrant manufacturers would pay off the Democrats?

    They wouldn’t give a dime for Long Beach’s order. They are too busy supplying millions of their real, tested and proven product to unenlightened cities like New York and Chicago who know little about firefighting and less about plumbing.

  11. I had heard that theft of the interior brass parts was a major problem and that was also a reason for the switch. Anyone else hear that? Apparently is a big problem within NYC also…

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