4 thoughts on “Hospital Rally: This Sunday @ City Hall. 2pm”

  1. $176.9 million in FEMA money is on the line. Show up to this rally! Demand that ALL the money be spent bringing a fully functioning hospital back to Long Beach and NOT spent in Oceanside. When our homes were destroyed we had to show receipts for every box of screws we purchased and we sure as heck didn’t get to spend the money on some other house in another town. Long Beach lost over 1,000 direct jobs, some 2000 ancillary jobs, and financial reports show a $250,000,000 (million) loss to the economy. The ER was ready to open July 2013. Ask questions. Why are representatives from South Nassau knocking on doors looking to purchase homes in the area?
    The following is a quote from the most comprehensive independent study produced by the New York State Department of Health (before the storm) “There are approximately 40,000 residents in Long Beach and its adjacent island communities. There is a relatively large concentration of nursing homes, adult homes and assisted living facilities in Long Beach, and 16% of the population is over 65 years old. Because of the concentration of healthcare and housing facilities for the elderly, summer-time surges in population, recreational and boating facilities, geographic isolation, and dependence on drawbridges to access the mainland, LBMC, despite its size and unstable financial situation, must remain open so that the community has appropriate access to emergency services and acute care.”
    DID YOU READ THAT ? “….must remain open…”. Nothing has changed except now it will NOT have an unstable financial situation because the old management is gone.

  2. We need an emergency room and that’s it! Not a full fledged hospital. Wake up! There is no need for a full hspital when the last one was failing. Change your message, Long Beach needs a Fully Functional Emergency Room!

  3. @ dead vote, a few questions for you – How much, if any, of the FEMA money should be spent in Oceanside? The old LBMC failed because of corrupt management, patronage, and an inept board of directors. They are gone. By your logic, no new restaurant, bar, supermarket, etc should ever occupy the same space as the failed one before it. Is that correct? What do you know about acute care, and the doctors and support staffing needs, the blood lab, emergency surgery, etc that all have to be in a stand-alone ER 24/7? Did you know that the SNCH CEO said himself that a Stand-alone ER is financially a disaster? Will you be OK when SNCH sells off the property to a developer for a huge profit (a property that LB taxpayers supported all these years with a tax abatement). Did you read the NY Times article that “John Vitale, is seeking Town of Hempstead approvals to build a “gated” hamlet of 85 luxury rental townhouse apartments” on his property at the old Paddy’s and Coyote directly across from the LBMC property? Did you know that Vitale now suddenly sits on the Board of Directors at SNCH? Did you know someone from SNCH is going door to door in LB looking to buy homes around the hospital? Are you OK if SNCH takes all $200 million that is rightfully destined for LB and leaves us with a glorified Doc-in-a-Box while they sell off the property they acquired for only $11 million? I think it is you who needs to wake up. Almost $200 million dollars going to be siphoned from LB. Why not build a hospital? Who are you to tell Long Beach that our medical services (aka Hospital) should not be returned to us?

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