East End Welcome Sign Beautified

I want to send a big thanks to the residents who gave their time and energy beautifying the ‘Welcome to Long Beach’ flower bed on Park Avenue and Maple Blvd. DEE’S NURSERY of Oceanside has donated all shrubs and plants and will have flowers in the spring. Thank you to all!!

Photos are forthcoming.

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25 thoughts on “East End Welcome Sign Beautified”

  1. Yes, thanks to the residents and others (Dee’s Nursery included) who helped beautify our East End entrance.

    This is yet another step forward in making our transition to being “the beautiful City by the sea”. Are there any others who want to help continue this beautification…perhaps homeowners, business owners or civic groups? Every little bit helps.

  2. Beachguy, come on man. Are you questioning the benefit of volunteering? Regardless of what you think about the performance of City workers, volunteers can build upon their performance. Don’t negate the request for volunteers because you have your own assessment of City worker performance.

    Volunteers aren’t taking away jobs. Volunteers are helping to build our City, working in tandem with City workers. How can you be against that? Heck, if you don’t volunteer yourself, or support the volunteer program, I’d be disappointed.

  3. I prefer to direct my charity to legitimate , deserving causes. I don’t intend to perform tasks which are left undone by City workers who are being paid by my tax dollars to do them.

    I applaud the efforts of yourself and other volunteers but have you considered insisting that City workers perform their duties and then you direct your efforts at some other form of good deeds such as Meals On Wheels or such?

  4. Agree completely with Beachguy. The City’s administration has nearly doubled our taxes while firing dozens of the lowest paid city workers, mostly Men of Color to pay for hiring their own family members new management jobs.

    It will be a cold day in hell that I do the labor my taxes pay for and these men, who now collect unemployment and welfare, should be doing.

    You be a good little Democrat Tool and pick up the bottles and dog crap. Maybe they’ll buy you a Volunteer t-shirt.

  5. Dear Former, so it’s clear that I shouldn’t expect you to join our list of volunteers. But please don’t lampoon others who help to make this City better.

    First, a few or your assumptions are wrong. Most of the volunteer work we did was never the responsibility of the City (helping a church and synagogue, helping the elderly at their homes, clearing curbsides for businesses and residents, planting donated flowers etc.). And, much of the work was done by teenagers, helping to build their good work habits and a love for our City.

    And, we worked WITH the City workers on several projects (Nevada St park equipment, West End banners, City mulching after we cleaned tree boxes).

    Further, I don’t agree with your premise that because we pay taxes we have no responsibilities to be good citizens and help others. Heck, the next thing you’ll tell me is that I shouldn’t give blood because City workers should do that too.

  6. I love it when these conversations actually end in people better understanding eachother. Another win for SBTC!

    Keep up the great work everyone!

  7. A good start to making Long Beach beautiful is to plant perennials rather than annuals, which would ensure the beauty of 3-season gardens, and will probably save the taxpayers money in the long run.

  8. Carly, you’re right. Both the City and the rest of us (businesses, home owners, volunteers) should consider your perennial guidance.

  9. FYI, this project was the result of a couple of neighbors, trained and experienced gardeners both, who decided that given the very positive vibes that their own gardens create in their own neighborhood, they would see what they could do to add a little beauty to a place that each of them believed needed some work. One of them spoke to friends at Dees who were kind enough to offer hundreds of dollars of plantings (perennials).
    Now Beachguy, while I get your broader point, that services are an expected for the taxes we pay, I’d be interested in seeing the meta analysis you engaged to determine that this beautification project should have been undertaken by the City. I think the idea here was to accept a gift, enjoy the benefits, and hope that the undertaking catalyzes similar ideas or future beautification budgeting by the City after they accomplish the prioritized work of infrastructure work post Sandy.
    Perennials are what I see being planted Carly. They needn’t be native to thrive. If you have the space, an all perennial garden that is planned to bloom in stages is great. Throw in some bulbs and tubers and you’ve got a show all season long. Make them xeric (not needing much water)… all the better. But perennials still require care (division, pruning, soil amendments, etc) and some have very limited bloom times. Annuals, as Ed knows from his West End plantings, are designed for longer blooms, height and color variety, and specific locations where larger root systems would struggle. They a very cheap when purchased by munis and offer quite a bang for the buck, especially when used as accents to tree, bushes, perennial flowers. I would like to see them in the central business district filling some of the ugly spaces where trees once grew and garbage now accumulates. Maybe this project will spark such an undertaking by locals who feel they’d like to make a beautification improvement, or an adjacent business that would like to enhance the area they work and their customers walk near their shops (kudos to Bikram Yoga for the beautiful marigolds they planted one year). You never know Beachguy, some small volunteer acts could give rise to bigger and better things.

  10. this was not about the city or politics ,this was something i saw in my city that i wanted to make better ,so i talked to Dee’s ,they were for it, so i grabed my shovel and and a friend and we did what we thought was a good thing…..cost the tax payers nothing

  11. none of these garden will be with tax payers any money ,all the plants we put in are perenals ,and Dee’s will be back in the spring with flowers,this has nothig to do with politics ,or tax payers $ ,it to make the city a nicer looking place period ,

  12. Brian, congratulations and thanks! By working with Dees and others you demonstrated how future similar efforts can improve our community.

    Trying To Make Sense: you too capture the approach that succeeds in beautifying our City.

    Hopefully others will follow the model you two have impelemented.

  13. I think, for you, these terms are similar in that they refer to complexities that you would rather not engage. Beachguy, please share with us the spreadsheet that you did to determine exactly what “City workers who are being paid by my tax dollars” ought to be doing. Start with what you pay every year and then show how it ought to be apportioned so that you get your fair share, your money’s worth. That is the meta analysis I refer to and I’m interested in. Be specific. Explain your priorities and rationale. Detail manpower needs and material costs. Or maybe you can do mine. I have my Bill for Real Estate Taxes right in front of me, $4394.66. What exactly should I expect for that? If you can do that for me, we will have established the resilient connectivity we strive for. Only kidding Beachguy. Have a good day.

  14. im a republican ,has nothing to do with politics ,just want the city i live in to look the best it can , i think the guy next to me with the other shovel was a democrate ,we both want the same for our city ,no matter what it takes

  15. Ed thanks for backing us up ,i have 5 more people that will take gardens ,1 more might get done in the next week ,its getting a little late in the season for planting ,so we might put it off till the spring (lots of beach grass) lol..thanks again Ed

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