Some good things happening

Written by Ed Glister

Two positive events occurred last week that may not have been seen by many members of our community. On Tuesday, at the City Council meeting, there were 50 people supporting the continuation of Sunday mass on the beach. It was great to hear each supporting voice and the priest describe the joy they had celebrating mass on the beach and asking the Council to continue this next summer. And on Friday evening there was the 25th anniversary of Project Challenge; an organization whose mission is to help our children. Let’s be thankful for these two bits of good news.

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16 thoughts on “Some good things happening”

  1. The Beach Mass is wonderful. Project Challenge, on the other hand has done some great harm to several Long Beach kids. Glad the State pulled their funding.

  2. Dear Former, here’s an update on Project Challenge…they’re doing many very good things (helping teenagers develop good work habits, providing Zumba and Martial Arts classes, setting up finance training etc.) And they awarded scholarships to two young adults, one of whom recently finished a career-changing certification program.

    And, I anticipate the 2015 accomplishments will be even better (public speaking lessons, helping the needy, doing community improvement work).

    Let’s look to the current successes and to the future plans to assess their true value.

  3. Did Project Challenge do anything for the kids that were victimized by the adult pedophile who used to hang out there? It would be nice to know that they made some sort of restitution or at least cleaned up their act. That was pretty rotten.

  4. Dear Former, I can only comment on the good things that Project Challenge has done this last year, based on personal, daily observation over six months. Sad that you cast a cloud over an organization that is currently helping teenagers.

  5. In fairness to Mr. White, Project Challenge fell apart after his death. About ten years ago at least one “man-child” was permitted to hang around with the teens and pre-teens, partake in the club’s activities, and in several cases, molest and have sexual relations with the kids.

    He was arrested and convicted. The Project Challenge directors ignored and several turned on the victims, attempting to smear them and their families. A group of residents, along with the NCPD rallied to remove State funding from the pedophile mill, and that happened.

    Several years later, Project Challenge ran an after school “tutoring program” at the Middle School. There were no students, and the “tutor” was a “connected” North Park welfare recipient who never showed up but received a salary from State funds. Again, astute parents succeeded in having funding removed.

    Good intentions, maybe. But the result of poor oversight and the self-serving “disease” that affects Long Beach wannabe politicos has deeply hurt several families.

    I don’t know the road that Project Challenge is taking these days, but I hope at least one responsible, sober adult is watching out for the kids. Parents should ask this question today.

    This was not the case in the past.

  6. Dear Former, I’m shocked, saddened and repulsed by your most recent post. You admit “you don’t know the road Project Challenge is taking these days”. And, I’ll bet you haven’t worked with any of the Board Members or volunteers (me included). Yet, you stain the reputation of the organization for something done 10 years ago, oblivious to what they are doing today.

    Under that logic you’d similarly castigate the Boy Scouts, all teachers, all Priests and all parents; since unfortunately each of these groups has had individuals doing bad things.

    We all are aghast at anything that negatively impacts our children. But we should all celebrate the organizations that are now helping them.

    I only wish we could remove the stink in the room that you created with your post.

  7. FYI.. there was period of time after Mr. White passed away that Project Challenge was left under the control of his young assistant at the time. However, it has been under the guidance of new administration for many, many years now and still proudly serves the Long Beach community.

  8. Ed, should we ignore history or forget it? Are the same reprobates on the board of Project Challenge today who tried to smear the rape victim’s reputation? The same folks with their heads in the sand trying to cover for an adult pedophile?

    Perhaps your disgust should be directed at those who behaved in this fashion rather than at a messenger trying to assure that the same felons don’t do this again.

    You may want to research an organization and its promoters’ past a little better before jumping on this bandwagon.

    Oh, by the way, the 15-year-old girl who was raped never got so much as an apology from Project Challenge, only the satisfaction that her assailant was convicted.

    The only concern of Project Challenge’s director was his paycheck. I hope you don’t trust them with your kids.

  9. Former, this will be my last response to your post on this topic since you exhibit an extraordinary disregard for facts.

    As LBLocal mentioned, there has been a new Board in place, doing a good job helping teenagers, for many years.

    But, rather than research this, you pose rhetorical questions that imply guilt of the current Board.

    My disgust is well directed…at those who do harm to our community, including people like you who say vile things about a group that you don’t even know.

  10. Not a shred of regard for kids who were raped under Project Challenge’s watch?

    You’ve found your calling. Keep picking up cans in the West End.

  11. Project Challenge gave me my first job 14 years ago. Gardening for elderly residents and helping to clean up around the west end. When John White passed away the organization was left to a young woman who didn’t know what she was doing. The incident Former is talking about was dealt with. Arrests were made and people were fired. Those days are long gone. Now Project Challenge is in the hands of a solid group of LB residents who care about their community and volunteer their time and energy for good causes.

  12. Are any of them qualified at anything other than padding their resumes? Can any of them recognize an inappropriate relationship between a predator and a child?

    With ABSOLUTELY NOTHING done by Project Challenge and its staff about the rapes committed there, why would anyone think it won’t happen again? Because the names have changed?

    Ed Glister is “shocked, saddened and repulsed” that I have posted these facts. Not a word suggesting he’s even uncomfortable that it happened. Who’s disregarding the facts, Ed? Are you speaking for the whole Board?

    Why would anyone expect better?

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