Google Earth and Flight Path for Tonight’s rocket launch

Here are some images of the flight path for tonight’s rocket launch. This one is supplied by NASA and shows as if the person was standing on the west bank of the Hudson river, we will see the same path in LB just remember we are on the other side of Manhattan in that image.,%20North%20Bergen,%20NJ_Trajectory_high.jpg

Here is one I screen grabbed from Google earth using the KML from NASA  .  If you stand on the boardwalk railing looking out to the water this is the path the rocket should take  (Attached JPEG)

We should be able to make out the first stage cutoff as well as the 2nd stage ignition.

As an added bonus viewers on the boardwalk should be able to see the International Space Station fly past just after the launch.  At 6:51PM the ISS will appear 36 degrees above the horizon to the west and will be visible for 4 minutes and disappear 10 degrees above horizon in the SSE

This image will help explain where to look and more ISS sightings can be found at

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