19 thoughts on “Dune Buggies on the Beach?”

  1. From a practical standpoint allowing dirt bikes/quads/sand rails on the beach in LB would be an absolute disaster, I sure wish there was an alternate universe where it could work like OBX.

  2. ok today is the anniversary of Sandy and all the work to bring the beach back now we have a supposedly cops kids allowed to break the law doing this??no walking dogs, skateboard, inline skates but dune buggys ok-good to know !

  3. Has anyone else noticed these guys? I first saw them heading east, then again about 20 minutes later heading back the other way. They must have cruised the whole beach twice without being stopped.

  4. Who will prevent these vehicles from obliterating our 550,000 dune plantings we just invested in? I aware I don’t know why ;first off, the police don’t respond when called about these trespassers, and secondly why aren’t there signs prohibiting people from trespassing on our dunes. This is completely unacceptable!

  5. Joey, don’t you get it? It’s the kid of a cop and the kid of a lifeguard boss. This is Long Beach. The rules only apply to the little people.

    What’s not to understand. You keep re-electing the same people and you’ll keep getting the same thing…

  6. correction: Please provide the names of the Cop as well as the Lifeguard Boss so we can address the situation directly with those involved.

  7. @Former Democrat, As Steve, and others requested, if you consider this truly important, than name the cop and lifeguard you’re otherwise protecting.
    My simple request to protect the systematic structures erected for the sole purpose of protecting our community is my only intention If tiu ewnt to go out one day with me and post signs up together that would be a wiser more efficient use of energy rather than grandstanding your dog and pony show, not only is it unintegral to our discussion, it’s unauthentic rhetoric.
    Please and thank you.

  8. Former’s no fool. Unless he possesses doubtless proof of those involved, he would be foolish to name names. That would be liable. Nothing on the Internet is confidential. As we have all seen, the Democrats know no limit to resources when seeking to retaliate against a whistle-blower. Just ask the Building Department. Only a fool would do what you ask.

  9. Ok so it has been well over a month since this report and the allegations… Any conclusion in the form of a summons, warning, anything? Just facts please, no innuendo. Thanks

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