Saturday Night in Long Beach!!! Woohoo!!! (How can we make central LB more of a nighttime destination?)

It’s sad. I didn’t mean to post this photo as a knock at LB. I love this town, but go to any other downtown area on LI on a Saturday night at 9pm and you will see lots of people: RVC, Huntington, Port Jeff, etc.

To be fair, the West End of Long Beach is where the scene really is, but I would love if central LB because more of a night destination as well. What’s it gonna take?

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  1. it’s sad. I didn’t mean to post this photo as a knock at LB. I love this town, but go to any other downtown area on LI on a Saturday night at 9pm and you will see lots of people. RVC, Huntington, Port Jeff, etc.

    To be fair, the West End of Long Beach is where the scene really is, but would love if central LB because more of a night destination as well.

  2. There is no “good” entertainment anywhere. We need some known musicians, a comedy club, a Bowling Alley, the movie Theatre reopened. Give people a reason to come here. I look at The Park…they can’t even draw a crowd for Monday Night Football. It’s sad. I moved here 9 years ago from Manhattan and use to go out all the time when I lived in the city. I wish there was some place in LB that would inspire me but whenever I go out it’s mediocre food, average service at best, and no atmosphere that makes me want to stay out. I end up staying home or going into Brooklyn or NYC where there is some life. Seems like most locals feel the same by the low numbers of people you see everywhere you go around here this time of year. If the locals don’t go out you sure aren’t going to pull anyone from out of town. I for one would love to be part of a committee to help this city but I think they really need to hire some professionals to solve this problem. It doesn’t seem like anyone in the city government really cares though. All I can say is the LIRR comes into town here and plenty of people come here in the summer so if they have a reason they will come in the winter too!

  3. “I wish there was some place in LB that would inspire me but whenever I go out it’s mediocre food, average service at best, and no atmosphere that makes me want to stay out. I end up staying home or going into Brooklyn or NYC where there is some life. ”


  4. You make a good point. Long Beach does not have much variety. While we have a large number of restaurants, there isn’t much diversity in the menus. Aside from some local musicians playing occasionally in a bar, we don’t have a music scene. We don’t have a performance space to bring any outside entertainment in. We are pretty much a one flavor town. For some people that is fine. For others, while they may like vanilla, they can only eat so much of it before they want to try a different flavor…and many leave Long Beach to get it.

  5. The movie theater needs to be reopened and it needs to be an art theater— or at least a place where they have themed weekends or throwbacks— like noir weekend for example. Huntington theater has a huge draw for such things, and Malverne little scene is seriously augmented by that small movie theater—-

  6. it’s going to take a dedicated committee to actively get things going in this town. chamber of commerce & our PR is pretty much (no offense if reading) but..a waste.

  7. To what end are all of these suggestions? Your own quality of life? Suppose for a minute that 5 or 6 of the establishments in town have really good food, a pleasant wait staff and rotate decent bands. And you can even go to these places after catching your avant-garde film. Now what? Do the tax increases not hurt? Does the patronage make sense? Does trying to sneak in pensions and lifetime health benefits seem trite? Is worrying about the bonded tens of millions of dollars that you, the taxpayer, must repay just folly? With all of those great ideas mentioned, we’re still going to face a sh#$-storm of tax increases. There is no other way to look at it unless real change takes place. If that street was jammed packed with people from “the LIRR (that) comes into town”, how would that help me, the resident that struggles to afford to live here?

  8. Another highly publicized Democrat “Gun Buyback” program would lure the Rockville Centre crowd to enjoy Long Beach nightlife!

  9. Maybe we can combine the Gun Buy Back Program with the Long Beach Christmas Lights. How about string of icicle lights for every Mac-10?

  10. Rice’s press release about her “successful’ gun “buyback” in Long Beach mentions a total of 250 guns turned in “throughout the programs”. Since any knowledgeable, thinking human being knows this is a sham, can’t just ONE reporter mention the truth — that NOT A SINGLE GUN was turned in at Long Beach?

    The liberal bullsh*t is out of control in this town! The liars are so hard up for votes they’ll sell their kids’ souls on Irish Day, indebt them with $150 MM in loans, destroy their town with 20 story projects, run businesses out of town with a 35% tax increase, move Section 8 next to you for a vote and kill your trees to get kickbacks from Skinny Vinny.

    The Community’s biggest “activist” prides himself with picking up cans on weekends.

    And you wonder why there’s no business left here on a Saturday nite?

  11. 3 months Hurry , 9 months Worry that is the way it has always been for Long Beach business owners. I can’t understand the obsession with bringing crowds to Long Beach. It’s a long winter ! Long Beach will never be RVC nor would I want it to. I like it just the way it is !!!

  12. No visible police presence in LB, I don’t even feel safe putting my garbage out after dark, much less cruising Park Street. Just like when Giuliani turned NYC around – it all starts with a sense of safety, and LB doesn’t have it in the central part of town – to be honest, it never did.

  13. Better restaurants will come when the local politicians give a shit. Irish day is drunk day – blood $$ for the west end… Need higher income folks and not gonna happen with high taxes.. They’ll stay in Brooklyn – and so should we… What’s the incentive? You want frozen food reheated with sauce on if for city prices – that’s every restaurant in town except one – The Jetty… They try… Others should TRY too… I go eat in NYC when I want a great meal… Or I go to Fairway and cook at home…

    Want to change me? Give me a reason…

  14. What? I generally feel completely opposite as you regarding police presence in Long Beach. If I walk down Park Avenue late at night I get passed at least 3-4 times by police. This does not happen anywhere else on Long Island. I generally consider myself a police hater, however, I get the feeling Long Beach police knows exactly what goes on in our town. Their arrest rate seems significantly higher than surrounding towns. Trust me you do not want the NYPD patrolling your streets. That is the absolute last thing I would want. There ARE crack houses and stash houses in Long Beach. I will guarantee you that. THAT is what needs to be targeted. I will repeat. There ARE crack houses and stash houses in Long Beach. There is also a gang presence in Long Beach. That also needs to be targeted. How do we do this without profiling? Your guess is as good as mine. Once more, there ARE crack houses and stash houses in Long Beach. I commend the Police in Long Beach. I only wish the Nassau County Gang Units and Narcotics Units would sweep through this town like Hurricane Sandy. The Long Beach Police cannot handle what goes on in this town.

  15. hey maybe get the animal shelter to patrol streets of long beach they are the gestapo in this town under a mandate to ticket all dog walkers on the beach. not 1 person on beach the guy races 8 blocks and threatens me with multiple tickets . beer cans and needles all over the place but what the hey

  16. What does the animal shelter have to do with the Animal Control employee who tickets you for doing something that is ILLEGAL? Don’t want a ticket for something illegal? Don’t do it.

  17. Why would a “known musician” play in Long Island period, no less LB in the off season? The Inn has been able to get G Love to come the last 2 years and the place wasn’t even close to filled this past summer. Want to see amazing live acts? Go into Manhattan just like everyone else.

  18. all i know is that Villagio had not one empty table on saturday nite-it was great, as always-just make sure you patronize the good spots so that they stay around

  19. The hyperbole is getting really old.

    Yes, Jetty is pretty good if you’re looking for tapas.

    Sorrento’s has some of the best Italian food I’ve had in my life. Their steak is from the same butcher as Peter Luger’s.

    Speakeasy does a really good job of putting a spin on traditional bar food, it’s definitely not coming out of a microwave.

    Cancun has really good authentic texmex and excellent drinks.

    While Swingbelly’s doesn’t stand up to the BBQ I’ve had in Kansas City, it definitely gets the job done.

    Point Lookout has plenty of awesome seafood options including sushi.

    Dough Hut has delicious donuts and great coffee/iced tea.

    Brand’s is a solid NY style deli, not much to complain about here.

    Want a really good burger? Head over to Eat in Oceanside.

    PIzza, pick your poison.

    I haven’t tried Ra-Kang, so I can’t comment on their thai food.

    It appears Das Biergarten has authentic German food, but I haven’t tried it.

    Short of indian cuisine, what the hell else could you people possibly demand on a small barrier island? If ~10 solid casual options aren’t enough for you, head into Manhattan like everyone else in the tri-state area and stop complaining.

  20. Dog’s off the beach, now. But what’s worse, get them out of the school yards and kid’s parks that owners have been using as dog-runs.

  21. @CAVE – there are ways to improve the quality of life without increasing taxes a ton. I’m sure the library could host indy films with Q&A from the directors or even just a discussion without it breaking the bank.

  22. my dog was on the beach again last night and this morning and will be again tonight also gonna bring them to magnolia park from now on

  23. That’s nice? If you’re willing to break the law, you should be prepared for the consequences. I have 2 dogs myself that may or may not have been on the beach a time or 2, but I knew what I was doing and I was prepared to accept the ticket if I was caught.

    Maybe I’m unreasonable to expect people to be accountable for their own actions, especially when we have so many class acts in this town. :rolleyes:

  24. For love of god , someone open up a Karaoke bar , or a Hooka bar , or pool , or even a bowling Alley … something different . no more sports bars or Irish pubs .!!!!

  25. Seriously? There’s a hooka bar right on the other side of the LB bridge. Go another 2 miles into IP and there’s a pool hall.

    Do any of you people venture beyond your front door or do you just sit at home complaining on the internet?

  26. Anthony – LB does need a bowling alley, a movie theatre – always thought a Dave & Busters would be a hit. It would be nice to go out locally (other than West) and be able to have a drink and take a cheap cab home.

  27. BitByKrmn…great (and I think accurate) list of very fine places to go to. The common thread: good quality and a good vibe. And I agree with M that Ra-Kang is very good (although a few Yelp comments recently were concerning).

    Seems like we agree that 3 things are needed: good quality food and service, better feeling about security (Sam’s comment on Police presence) and cleaner/more inviting downtown area (several people commented on this).

    But we can also benefit by spreading the word about good and bad places. If you like a place (see above list, or create your own), talk about it, write about it, go there and speak with the owner.

  28. You mention mostly West End places for dining options. While good places, they’re also packed with drunks and annoyingly loud. Plus, nowhere to park! East End needs a piece of the West.. just a small piece.

  29. There was a bowling alley in Long Beach way back when. It’s now a vacant lot. Oh yea, build a super block with overpriced apartments which is going to do Zero for the residents. And that nobody will inhabit in the winter. And who with money is going to buy an apartment so when they stroll two blocks east they can look at the eyesore empty trailer in the vacant lot that has become a home for stray cats? The property owners should be told to clean that up or be fined.They never show that lovely view on their Facebook page.

    Also, that movie theater sucked. If I wanted to see a movie it sure wouldn’t be there for full price and very limited seating. Priced just like the multiplexes and the chance of having to sit in the first couple of rows is very good. I would rather drive to one of the multiplexes.

  30. B, some West End restaurants are appropriately quiet, and appreciated because of that (e.g. Grotto di Fucco)

    And you’re right on target regarding the need for more parking. We’re still pursuing parking solutions…more on that soon.

    And, yes, we need to build up the East End. Better quality restaurants, better parking, more attractive streets, more word-of-mouth are needed.

  31. Former Dem,

    If ‘NOT A SINGLE GUN’ was collected in Long Beach, can you please tell me what these pictures are of and why these people were standing in the rain?

    For once, I’d love to see you try to make a point without slandering someone or injecting your partisan vitriol into what you’re trying to say. All it does is diminish the point you’re trying to make.

    You honestly seem like a smart person, make some valid points and have valuable information to share with others in the community, but the tact you take in addressing your neighbors hasn’t been nothing short of disgusting at time.

    I wish you’d take a page out of ‘Eddie’s’ playbook and converse with your neighbors and make your points with some shred of decency (he does it with much more than a shred). Until you do, you’ll continue to come across as the same type of ideological political hack you accuse the current administration of being.

    Just consider it. Thanks.

  32. The problem is, BitBy, that you are not being accountable for your own actions. Laws are meant to be obeyed, not measured for compliance by the severity of the law. If you break the law knowingly, as you admit you have, you are an someone who is against society except for when it benefits you. You certainly have no right to judge anyone.

  33. very well. continue on with your wanton disregard for reality and civility. it will only serve to undermine whatever validity your points and position might have and, ultimately, result in your being viewed as nothing more than an internet troll.

    have fun with that.

  34. Sorry John but as someone who knows a thing or two about guns, I can tell you that all those guns turned in (specifically in that picture) are crap and are not the types of guns used by criminals, trust me I keep very close track of this type of stuff. Therein lies (get it, lies) the problem with gun by backs, 95% of the guns turned in would never have made it into criminal hands or are not the types of guns used by criminals. I could have bought every one of those guns for far less than the owners got from the police. Many people have gotten into the practice of buying cheap guns to take to these buy backs and make some extra cash. Gotta love capitalism! Now is it good to get those 5% off the street, yes! But instead of funding gun by backs, why not use that money to fund additional hours for the cops to get out and crack down on the criminals, that will turn up way more “crime guns” and keep us safer. But you have to start with the fundemental basic of the LBPD actually doing some real police work.

  35. I’m certainly no expert on the subject, nobama, so wouldn’t contest a thing you said. I was merely taking exception with former dems assertion that ‘not a single gun’ was collected in Long Beach, which was clearly (and I suspect purposely) incorrect. I made no comment on the value of such programs.

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