An “Alleged” Towing “Scam” [Heed the Warning]

I am not quite sure what to make of this one, but local activist Richard Boodman has been telling me of an alleged-towing scam that’s been going on in the parking lot next to Chase Bank on Park Avenue. Described as “an ongoing cash cow,” Richard even sent me proof in a video that he took. I won’t post the video here to protect the identity of the car getting towed.

The parking lot which serves Chase/UPS/Super Cut/Pier 1 does have signs that say you will be towed if you aren’t parking for those businesses. Fair enough. But this is where things get sticky: Apparently a tow truck idles across the street, waits for people to park and walk to the other strip next door (Country Bakery, Coffee Nut, etc.). Then the tow guy will proceed to hitch the automobile, but waits for the owner to come by and basically asks for cash to release the car [ALLEGED].

Again, this is all alleged, but it has been an issue in the past. Our previous administration had to handle this matter by going into an agreement that store tenants and building management were to call for the tow truck on a per incident basis. Richard tells me, “When I reminded the tow guy about the agreement that city hall brokered, he said, ‘That Was Changed 6 Months ago’.”

Whether this is a scam or not, just please just heed this warning: If you are going to park in that lot, make sure you take notice of any tow trucks in the area. Or just park legally. Please note: the word alleged was used in this article several times and there was no mention of the tow truck company name. 

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  1. It happened to me a few years ago in the parking lot behind Ginos. I still see the truck waiting for people to park in that lot and go into the liquor store or 5 Guys.

  2. I was just drafting a letter to the City about this, and I have never fell victim. The tow truck is parking/standing on residential streets in order to do this. The tow truck should be forbidden from parking/standing on residential and/or main roads for that matter in order to conduct business. This I am certain is most likely in violation of some ordinance. They should either sit in the lot or boot the car w/o a truck and you pay to remove the boot. Again I am only against a truck sitting on the street. If you park in someones lot you deserve to be booted. A truck parking/stopping/standing on a residential street should be hit with severe penalties. I am talking allegedly about the Burger King lot.

  3. Happened to me a few years ago. The guy is about to put the boot on the tire, I gave him everything I had in my wallet. Maybe $40. worth it not to get towed, I thought, but what a scam!
    The stores that pay for that towing company know the story.

  4. The City passed a law about this several years ago. The building owner/property manager has to sign a complaint for each car and the tow truck needs a Long Beach license.

    Check the Code or Ordinances on this one.

  5. The reason the law was passed was because the scumbag who owned the vacuum store had a deal with the tow company to pull cars out of the Emigrant lot.

  6. If it ever happens again insist on an immediate arrest of the toe truck driver for Unauthorized use of a Motor Vehicle- under the city and state law the tow driver must immediately report the tow to the LBPD so they are aware of it and don’t erronoeusly report a stolen vehicle. Additionally the tow truck is a commercial vehicle not authorized to park and conduct business in the city parking lot. Never back down on this- insist on an arrest . Also insist on making a city licensing complaint which will trigger a tow driver hearing with the city. if the tow driver is idiling with the car at the scene. I am a legal professional with experience in this matter and you will win this.

  7. @Eddie, the last City Council passed legislation that stopped this towing-for-dollars. That legislation was repealed by the present Democrats last year. So it’s open season once again for any towing company to hook your car, tow it and pay the lot owner a cut of your bounty. They give the sector cop a few dollars and probably also send money to a councilman.

  8. So, is it confirmed that the towing company gives illegal kickbacks to the cops and probably also to members of the council? (That is, unless, I am not reading this correctly)

  9. Happened to me also a few years back in the Burger King parking lot. Night before Thanksgiving and I was heading home for the holiday. Grabbed a diet coke from BK and ran into the liquor store across the street. Came out to find my car missing. Looked around and saw it hooked to a truck. Ran over and asked him why I was being towed; I was furious. He told me that I wasn’t patronizing BK so I had to be towed…he even admitted he sat in his truck across the street waiting for this stuff to happen and was working in conjunction with the owners of BK. I showed him the diet soda cup as proof and was told it was too late, car was already on the truck. Being that it was a holiday I needed my car. I had to fork over $250 to get it back. Company name was similar to toys r us.

  10. Yup, ALL-COUNTY towing from Island Park. Hooked up my wife a few years ago. total f’ing scumbag. She was out of the car not even 2 minutes, this d-bag was waiting across the street. Only if he would of WAITED and saw that she was going to two stores…obviously wasn’t going to go to one and than move the car to go into the other. Total shake down after, had to pay I think $80 to get it back. Firm believer in Karma…hopefully that company gets theirs one day…

  11. This was still happening as recently as of this past summer- a man was nice enough to point out to me the tow truck guy watching from the parking lot next to the liquor store- I’ve lived here for 6yrs and I never knew this was happening !!

  12. Fact. The tow truck is supposed to take your car direct to the LB Police headquarters, fill out documentation regarding your car (so they don’t take a stolen car report thereafter) and take it to the lot where it will be stored. Fact. They tow cars and drop them within a few blocks, and then come back for more until they’ve made a killing. Then they start the process of bringing them to LB Police headquarters. If they hook you up, don’t pay, keep walking and go right to the LB Police headquarters and report them. Another tip, don’t break the law.

  13. Yup. The signage covers that. They got me too, several years ago in the lot behind the Liquor store across from Burger King. I was running into Gino’s too. Paid the guy $75 cash to unhook it from the truck. Never again since I’ve learned about their operation. They have a guy sit in a nondescript vehicle about a block south of there. He reclines in the seat with binoculars watching both lots and radios/phones it in to the tow truck operator. Be careful.

  14. ARTICLE III. TOWING CARS (Starts at the bottom of page 788) of the City Code of Ordinances

    “Sec. 24-86. Towing of vehicles parked on private property.
    No vehicle parked on private property shall be removed by a tow operator without an individual express written authorization from the
    owner of said property before each vehicle is removed.
    Such authorization is required and must include the location, time, date,
    make, model, color and license plate number of the vehicle to be
    A copy of such authorization must be given to the owner or person in control of said vehicle.
    No owner or operator of parking facilities on private property shall tow or cause to be towed from such private property any motor vehicle unless such owner or operator shall conspicuously post and maintain upon such private property a sign stating the name, address and telephone number of the tow operator, the hours of operation for vehicle redemption, towing and storage fees of the tow operator and the hours vehicles are prohibited from parking and subject to tow”.

    This is interesting –
    Any person who removes a vehicle pursuant to this section shall promptly report in person and notify the Long Beach Police Department prior to transporting the vehicle to the storage site, the following information: the time the vehicle was removed, the location of the storage site, the location from which the vehicle was removed, the name of the person who authorized the removal and shall obtain
    the name of the person at the Police Department whom such information was reported and note such name on the trip record together with the time and date that the vehicle was removed”

    I love this –
    “(d)A vehicle may not be removed if it is occupied by any person or any pet.”

    Try getting back in your vehicle and call the police or perhaps leave your dog in the car and make believe you lost your keys and are calling someone to bring a spare. If you had a friend in the car you might argue that they have a bad back and will require licensed professional assistance to get out. Or maybe just go look for a legitimate parking space.

    I’m sure so much of what is taking place is out of compliance with the adopted code. If you break the rules you pay big. It’s too bad that the City doesn’t put a stop to the illegal predatory practices. Then again, they’d lose the permit fee, the campaign contribution, and the obligatory donation to the PD by the tow company.

  15. The current administration doesn’t enforce any of this. Try to complain to the police and you’ll be threatened with arrest.

    Which leaves you to pay the towing company and go to small claims court, which is difficult because they generally refuse to give a receipt. You’ll have to go to Hempstead court because Long Beach City Court will rule with the towing company every time.

    Better yet, don’t trespass on private property. That will probably avoid the problem.

  16. WTF is wrong with you people anyway? If there is a no parking unless patronizing the business the lot belongs to sign don’t park there. DOH.
    Same idiots who park in front of a fire hydrant or in a handicapped spot or fire zone. Find a legal spot and walk a few feet. It won’t kill you.

  17. Hold on there @hallycat. No one is suggesting parking illegally. We are talking about the ILLEGAL practices of the towing operator, how the City looks the other way, and selects what parts of the code to enforce and which parts to ignore. Suggestions have been made on how to potentially avoid paying extortion money to those tow companies that have engaged in illegal and predatory practices. Parking in Burger King or behind Gino’s etc is wrong, but consider this, the people doing so are supporting local business. They want to grab a slice, or something from the liquor store, etc and be on their way and not double park like many a-holes in town. Not only is the City complicit in the towing scam, but they grant off-street parking waivers to every damn business and expect you to find a parking spot when there is none. Rather than work on an effective strategy, let’s let some sleazy tow company really stick it to our residents.

  18. What would people do if someone parked in their driveway for 45 minutes and when they returned said that they couldn’t find a parking space while they were getting a slice of pizza, so it was OK?

    If someone is blocking a driveway the police , when they respond, will give the blocked in homeowner a number of options.
    Do nothing, issue a ticket or have them towed.

    So what’s the difference between these examples and trespassing on a business’ parking lot?

  19. @ beachguy, you sort of answered your own question. The resident must follow a protocol (aka the law). The homeowner doesn’t call a tow truck and have it disappear. As a reading comprehension exercise for yourself, go back and read the code that was adopted by the City that I posted above. The tow company is operating outside of the law in many respects. When you’re done reading that, have a look at a civic and business centric approach to this issue that was adopted in Albany.

  20. Better yet, go out of LB to shop. I am so glad that King Kullen center is open in island park – Panera, the new pizza place is coming, a liquor store, all with paved and clean sidewalks and plenty of parking – and you don’t need to worry about any of this nonsense.

  21. When I have a trespasser parking on my property, I call the towing company, sign the order and they take the car. It’s very simple for me. In return, they kick me back $50. What they do is their business. I got the car out of here. Of course, I would be stupid to do this to regular customers or people who might by any stretch one day be my customers. Since my business isn’t aimed at the stupidest of society (Burger King, Long Beach Vacuum, etc.) I don’t hurt people who will ruin my good name. Those scummy businesses don’t care. Their customers have very short attention spans (Burger King), or they’re an Internet scammer (Vacuums). Junk cars, commercial vehicles, beach parkers, BMW wenches — those I have towed. My taxes are $78,000/year. I’m not paying for someone’s beach parking.

  22. In some years I have towed three or four cars. Usually just one or two offenders who park all day long. I’ve towed three or four BMW wenches over the years. The type: Disgustingly skinny older women with leased BMW’s and absolutely no shame in taking what’s not theirs. The others were hapless, helpless Dudes with similarly leased cars or Honda-tards.

  23. OK, first off I agree with the fact that if you park illegally than you are rolling the dice on getting towed and what happens, happens. Now this is obviously a cash cow for the tow operator and he has found the loophole that he hides behind.

    The city ordinance states the vehicle can’t be removed without the written authorization of the property owner. The tow operator isn’t removing the vehicle. He is waiting for you to get back so he can extort you to drop the car and then likely won’t give you a receipt. Therefore he has not broken the law by “removing” the vehicle from the property without written authorization from the property owner.

    Now this is where you need to make a decision when or if it happens to you, what do you do? Call cops? Hopefully they will be on your side but likely not, but hey if you have the time and can remain calm and are armed with the proper facts and statutes you might win the cop over and get your car back. Let the guy tow the car and argue the fact later that he illegally removed vehicle without authorization, file police report and hope to get money back or just pay his extortion and get on with your day, you did park illegally after all.

  24. Slightly off topic, but I saw it mentioned earlier. Can they start towing the double parkers on Park?

    I don’t care if you are just grabbing a slice it’s not a parking spot or a loading/unloading zone for your lazy wife.

    Maybe I can get CAVE on my side. Quality of life would improve and the city would generate some income if the PD actually ticketed these tools.

  25. @Mein, you sum it up. The best course is not to park in the lots where these guys operate.

    Unfortunately, this has driven me from doing business in parts of Long Beach. I don’t need the grief.

    Nice town, eh? I wonder if these same merchants complain about losing local business. Bet they do!

  26. ‘m an IDIOT who parked in front of the “no parking or will tow” sign outside the old blockbuster just TWO WEEKS ago – not a few years. (that was stated so you don’t have to call me an “idiot” people) in my weak defense, I DID ask one of the proprietors recently if there was still towing going on as I knew it used to be blockbuster’s issue and they’ve been gone for long and the bank is closed at 7:00 pm on Saturday evening. they offered that no tows have happened in a long time. i did park there many a time with no incident. anyways… I was in a store 2 weeks ago, got a warning from a customer that my van was being towed. and, ah yes, already up on the hook up. dude wanted $50 cash to put it down or I “wasn’t getting it back till maybe Monday for about $135 .” I had my 10 year old with me. stared at him. paid $49 just to be a jerk and told him he had a shitty job. he agreed. the deal is, he claimed he already “turned his GPS on” whatever that means – so he needed cash or the tow was going to happen. and the side of his truck said something charming like ” your problem not mine.” he parks in the lot across the street waiting for fools like me. So, I just took the time to warn whomever took the time to read this. So please don’t pile on. Just park in the parking mall that is available and – PLEASE LOOK BOTH WAYS CROSSING PARK AVENUE – it’s rough out there.

  27. The cops will order a tow for a double parker if he is blocking in your car. It just takes about two hours. You’re really not being to realistic Frank, as most double parkers are gone in ten minutes.

  28. I challenge you to have the decency to post your allegedly “Good Name” so that the “stupidest people in society” will know to boycott YOUR business ?How did bringing my vacuum to be repaired to Long Beach vacuum a few times make me an “internet scammer” or stupid,or have a short attention span? This”stupid”person managed to get into the Ivy League,somehow,and graduate #1 in my class,my “short attention span”notwithstanding.

    I’ve never eaten in Burger King in my life, but I know people who have doctorates who have .Surely you are smarter and more educated than they are. I don’t park on other people’s property,and pay plenty in taxes myself. The use of the term “wenches”reveals you to be a sexist,chauvinist, misogynist.

    Again, I challenge you,to publish your full name,and the name of your store,but you don’t have the guts,do you?

    Of course, accepting kickbacks from the towing company is illegal

  29. Same company works that lot by UPS. A few years ago I came out from the liquor store and had a boot on my car and two 18 year old kids came up to me telling me that I can either give them $80 cash or have to pay $150 to get by car back after their boss comes and tows it.
    How can that be legal???!!! There HAS to be some laws broken here. Kind of a dangerous job for 18 year olds to be doing. They are lucky I am a nice person and not some maniac having a bad day…

  30. Re-read your hate-filled post, Postcard, and then look in the mirror.

    Nothing illegal about taking a kickback from the towing company that removes a trespasser from my property.

    And, sorry to disagree, but the guy has been screwing over my neighbors for years. You can look him up on the Web and find hundreds of complaints against him. Not surprised that scumbag towed dozens of cars from his lot. Probably charged you $100 for that $2 part too, but you are to dumb to realize what others know.

    You may not like my use of the term “BMW Wench” but I’m certain many folks knew exactly of what people I referred and agreed.

    So I still stand by my promise, no matter what names you call me: Tow my car and I’ll boycott your sorry business.

  31. I was kidding about towing them. Half the time there is someone in the car anyway.

    I just can’t stand all the double parking and want to see the cops writing tickets for this.

  32. Jay- My post wasn’t hate filled.I didn’t call you any names.You made a number of derogatory statements in your original post. and used the terms “scummy” “stupidest of society” “wench,”etc. The best defense you could put up when challenged was to attack me by stating :”YOU are TO* DUMB to realize what other people know”.when you are TOO _____ to realize that the correct spelling would be “too”in that context.” When attempting to insult someone else’s intelligence,at least have someone proofread your post for spelling and grammar .

    I have no problem looking myself in the mirror.You are the one who wrote a nasty post which insulted a number of people,which you seek to defend by calling me “TO Dumb”,writing an even nastier post.
    It’s not a matter of whether I like or dislike the term”BMW Wench.” The term “Wench”is derogatory.Your believing that others would agree with you makes it no less so,any more than if you used a racist terms and then stated”My friends agree with me about using the term _____.”
    Accepting kickbacks absolutely is illegal.Look it up.Ask the Police.Ask a Lawyer.I challenge you.

    You stated that don’t hurt people who could ruin your “good name.”.Based on what you’ve written,you don’t have a good name that can be ruined.
    You are too cowardly to use your “good name.”

  33. Hi Mary, It is sad that you felt, and rightly so,sadly, that you felt you needed to refer to yourself as an”Idiot”pre-emptively, due the incivility of commenters. I am posting for several reasons.I want to thank you for going out of your way to share your experience,even at the risk of others hurling insults at you, in order to help other people avoid being subjected to this scam.I don’t park there myself, but I think it is very nice of you to have gone out of your way.Also,I do NOT think you are an “idiot.”,for having parked where you did,Thirdly,I want you to know that there are people (sadly,probably very few ,based on the comments I am reading.) who do not go around addressing others as idiots. Someone named Jay referred to me as “too dumb to know what other people know” because I replied to his comment which used derogatory terms about others.I will know better in the future than to comment . Have a great day,Mary.

  34. (and yes I realize I’m flipping between the new names as I do not pay attention when filling in details / computer fills in whatever it wants when I post)

  35. @anthony- agree w Allison that these creep post-ers in this thread are offensive and just bashing each other. Is this the new population of Long Beach writing here? These folks are beyond free speech, just talking like a bunch of kids hiding in the schoolyard talking about the kids they want to bully. Hope you can block some of them so we can get back to talking about real issues, not just letting these creepy cowards waste your bandwidth.

  36. I’m happy that Anthony doesn’t censor the posts that some find unpalatable or politically incorrect. Those are often the posts which teach me the most. If everyone thought my way, what would I ever learn from reading their words?

    If I want filtered, liberally correct nonsense, I can watch ABC, CBS or CNN.

  37. The commonality between this issue, towing, and the school zone cameras seems to be the disproportionate consequences of violating the law.
    Getting towed and having to pay a large sum to retrieve your car and an eighty dollar fine for getting caught speeding are hefty penalties.

    What interests me is the total lack of appreciation of the fact that if you simply obey the law you totally avoid the situation.

    Don’t park on someone else’s property and don’t speed and “voila!” no problem.

    As for Allison complaining about a lack of civility on this site I tend to agree with Eddie. I would rather suffer through reading sophomoric insults as opposed to an anodyne set of posts devoid of any vigor.
    Robust discussion, without fear of censorship, is the hallmark of democracy after all.
    It’s a fine line but as Harry Truman said, “If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen”

    This new topic leads me to question Allison as to her views on the recent phenomenon in certain parts of academia where teachers are being required to warn students that what they are about to read might be found to be offensive so that the student can decline to proceed so as not to suffer hurt feelings.


    Perhaps Anthony can avoid the tribulations of filtering all the posts by simply prefacing each thread with a warning that by proceeding your feelings might be hurt,so stop right now and get a glass of warm milk.

  38. And when a poster descends into name calling doesn’t it simply indicate that he/she has run out of reasoned argument and that their position is unworthy?
    Actually it’s a good thing because it’s at that point that it becomes evident that they are not entitled to be listened to.
    And sometimes they say some pretty funny and original things.

  39. Of course this is not a public setting. It’s Anthonys blog and he can set any parameters that he likes.
    If you dont like things , start your own.

  40. A few days ago Anthony posted a photo of some random pipes and metal boxes on the street, and asked us all if anybody knew what it was. Within minutes, three different commenters had identified what it was, one of them in impressive detail. From contrails to Cleveland Select pear trees and from sewer laterals to Sigelock fire hydrants, I have learned so much from the commenters on this blog. We as a community – the Sea by the City community – are one hell of a smart, funny, interesting group of people!

    I wouldn’t want to ask Anthony to more actively monitor this blog either. It would be a difficult job, and Anthony does so much for all of us on this blog already.

    Instead, maybe we could try a little bit of self-monitoring. I’m not suggesting self-censorship. I don’t think any of us wants a sanitized conversation. All people seem to be asking for is a little more civility. Less insults, and more tolerance for other people’s viewpoints. Civility shouldn’t be too high a bar for us. Does that seem reasonable? Or does Beachguy need to bring me a glass of warm milk? : )

  41. It’s nice to come together as a community to help solve the real issues. We should take heed of all the suggestions in this thread, and use this opportunity to look inward for a moment of self-reflection. Now go fetch my BMW, wench.

  42. Ah, I see the thread here. The common tropes used to defend rudeness — defend and attack based on the demonizing term “political incorrectness”, with a helping reference to censorship; did I miss the first amendment/right to free speech shield/sword?

    People don’t have to agree on the substance of issues, but outright name calling, and barely coded speech adds nothing to the conversation, is offensive too many and seems designed to relieve the anger of the writer at anyone else’s expense. “Liberalsarescum”. Really? What are you 12? How about “Conservativesarepedophiles”? Does that work? Probably does for you because you’re __________. OK, I stopped myself. That’s the first step in avoiding a dive into the pool of incivility.

    I stopped reading the Patch before it changed its format because there was more name-calling than substance. There is good substance here, but it is becoming “Patch-y”. I don’t have time to sort through the chaff to get to the wheat. If that works for others and Anthony, that’s fine. I’ll do what I did with the Patch, stop reading.

  43. Jacquie and Beachguy, there is a difference between sanitized conversation and pissing on a gender.

    As the poster child for self-censorship since meeting Ed Glister and refraining from saying fuck, fucked, or fucking in every post I get the whole self-censorship thing. I talk like an asshole in real-life, type like I talk but have since refrained (except for here, making a point).

    I have been on this website as a contributor for years and love Anthony to death and could not be more than happy with the sites semi-recent boom. I’m also appalled by some of the gender bashing and pointless hate here and wanted to point it out to Anthony, because I know he does not hover over this site 24/7.

    Beachguy, I don’t know about that academia thing (I’m too selfish to breed) but I think the whole babying of young kids has reached epic levels of wacky.

  44. This site is a valuable one since it does provide a forum for all those interested in LB. Necessarily there is going to be a wide divergence in opinion . But that’s a normal thing. A good thing. It’s important to remember that other viewpoints count and should be considered.
    And it’s important to respect the other people who post their ideas and notions. Civility should be in the minds of everyone. No need to become overly insulting and to engage in name calling.

    On the other hand, posters shouldn’t have to weigh every word they type for fear of offending someone over the latest tenet of so called progressive , forward thinking.

    If things descend into silly, sophomoric language then do as Publius does. Stop reading it or skim over it until you reach something of more substance.

    I still prefer a more free wheeling, robust discussion than some tight , thought controlled situation more reminiscent of Big Brother.

    And why is Jays reference to BMW wenches considered to be gender bashing?
    For all we know he has been plagued by nasty people of a certain gender who drive BMWs and trespass on his property.

  45. There’s a pretty simple test of what should be written on a public forum such as SeaByTheCity: would you say it out loud to a public group.

    Examples: If you were a City Council President would you say something into a public microphone to LB citizens? If you were a high school teacher would you say this to your students? If you were a life guard would you say it on the beach with families around you?

    If you’re only willing to write something on this blog (while hidden under a fake Web-name), and not say it public, it’s a pretty good indication that you know it’s inappropriate.

    And, I don’t agree following these guidelines results in an anodyne discussion. Passion, clarity and wisdom can be expressed without cursing, insults and lies.

  46. “Barely Coded Speech” is what latte-drinking, tie-dye-wearing, pot-smoking, delusional madow-wannabes screech, when their hypocrisy is exposed.

  47. Last Saturday I hit up the Chase bank on East Park and the tow truck company had a guy literally loitering inside the ATM vestibule looking at the parking lot. He was standing just next to the second ATM, closest to the window, being a total creeper.

    I found that completely inappropriate, and didn’t care for some random dude lurching next to me while I took care of my transaction at the ATM.

    I’ve also heard they will tow your car even if you go to the bank and then run into the liquor store. Towing their own customers, classy. Not to mention the parking lot had about 6 open spots.

  48. The owner of the parking lot is granting customers permission to enter his/ her property, the lot, park and conduct business with him/ her. Once that business is concluded so is the privilege to remain on the property.

    If the car owner wishes to conduct business elsewhere then permission to extend the parking privilege and remain on the property must be obtained from the owner of the lot.

    If the owner is not present then the continuation of the privilege cannot be assumed.

  49. Agreed Allison. It’s your blog Anthony, and a wonderful contribution to LB culture it is, but do consider sifting out some of the increasing Patchiness.

  50. Wouldn’t it be great if our parking enforcement officers and police could simply take a quick picture of the cars that double park so that they can receive a ticket in the mail? No arguments, no excuses, no opportunity to move out of the right lane/bike lane after you have shown utter disregard for the hundreds of motorists/ bicyclists who have been endangered by the unannounced and illegal detour created. That’s photo enforcement that might make sense and be effective. Thoughts?

  51. Thoughts? A “quick picture” wouldn’t withstand the scrutiny of a court cross examination to which the accused is entitled. Perhaps the driver was stopped momentarily to load or unload which would be legal. The last thing we need is more summons-by-mail without the right for discovery, examination of your accuser and a fair hearing.

  52. Thank you Eddie. Point well taken. I agree that a “quick picture” might be inadequate though “smart phones” could also easily capture the video of the moments that lead the officer to determine
    that a violation has indeed occurred . While I share your concern that ” summons… right to discovery…” is a significant concern, a short video with a record of the accusing officer’s observations combined with the opportunity to refute at a hearing (as presently takes place in red light camera cases) seems reasonable enough to me. After all there is a real law enforcement officer using the camera and filing the claim, not an automated mounted camera. Further, the danger created when cars are forced to stop suddenly or merge quickly is real, as opposed to the silliness of the gotcha infractions like going 31mph on Lido Blvd. while the kids are IN school or failing to come to an absolute stop on a right on red after checking traffic and seeing none. Again, thanks for your response as I try to make sense of things.

  53. Why not just lobby to step up enforcement of double parking by the City’s 80 police officers? All it takes is a cop wanting to ticket the poor working sap who ran out for a slice of pizza.

    Not a favorite thing for cops to do since they have to meet these same neighbors when they shop with their wives and kids in Waldbaums, only to hear, “Hey, there’s the scumbag who gave me that ticket”.

  54. You know, when I was considering who to vote for I wondered which judge would be less likely to waive parking tickets of everyone they know.
    Having law enforcement and a judge that lives here kind of sucks because the law is not equally enforced.

    I would like to see a summary of traffic tickets issued per officer.
    I would like to know the breakdown of traffic tickets, like how many speeding, illegal turns, etc.
    Also, I would like to know how many tickets have been issued to our city-regulated taxi’s.

  55. Eddie, I suppose it would be nice if LBPD would engage in greater enforcement of double parking on Park in the central business district if in fact that was possible given other priorities and actual staffing during the diffent tours of duty, but I was thinking about the parking enforcement officers who I often see on foot. With smart phone in hand they could be more efficient and word would spread that no, not even the working stiff has the right to park in front of Gino’s to grab their slice when they endanger and inconvenience all the other working stiffs who are just trying to make their way safely down the road. There is enough legal parking with no meter fees. Good citizens obey laws and as AllisonB correctly notes, good judges respect equal protection and do not make exceptions for friends and family.

  56. My experiences with the Long Beach court have been great. That’s one place in town I haven’t found fault. From the judges to the prosecutors, they have time and again displayed fairness and professionalism.

    I say enough bad about many things, I owe them the complement.

    It would be hard to believe that anyone who has appeared before District Court, Cooper Street or even Federal Court could believe differently.

  57. Don’t double park. Don’t exceed the posted speed limit. Don’t park in someone’s parking lot and then conduct your business elsewhere.
    Life then becomes simple and less troublesome.

  58. Great to hear that Eddie. I shouldn’t have implied otherwise by supporting AllisonB’s point as I suscribe to Beachguy’s unquestionably sensible comment and have never had to deal with that court in my 30 years living here.

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