VOTE (for Todd Kaminsky)

6a00d83451574769e2017ee4d0ca96970dA contrast to the article that I posted yesterday (then pulled [if anybody out there knows what I’m talking about]) I just want to remind everybody to VOTE!!!!!!!

I vote every time. What’s my main reason this year: Todd Kaminsky for State Assembly. Besides the fact that Todd and I share 24 mutual friends on Facebook, I got to know more about Todd this past year and he is awesome. That is all there is to say.

I realize being ‘awesome’ might not be enough for some of you, but for me it is. I’m not one to analyze political candidates, but I really pick up on vibes. Todd comes across as an honest individual who is not only bright and experienced (a former Assistant U.S. District Attorney), but also young and energetic – the perfect person to represent our district. Plus he is extremely involved with our Long Beach community. (I am also the absolute biggest Get Smart fan in Long Beach and Todd is Mel Brooks’ Great Nephew. That is important to me, too!).

Voter turnout is supposed to be low tomorrow, but try to make an effort. The rule is: If you don’t vote,  you aren’t allowed to complain!


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