Who would love a Long Beach-themed Starbucks Coffee mug? Let’s make it happen!

A reader just posted this idea in the comments of a previous post, but I just had to  share it with you all as its own. How many of you would want a Long Beach, NY-themed Starbucks coffee mug? Kinda like the mug in this horrible photoshop that took me 10 seconds to make. (boardwalk photo credit: city of long beach)mug

Let’s try to make it happen! Here is an explanation why this is a good idea. Link is at the bottom of the page.

“Two years ago, my community of Long Beach, NY was devastated by Superstorm Sandy. Homes were pushed off foundations by the force of Mother Nature’s waves. The legendary boardwalk was washed away as the barrier island was shut down. Now, 24 months later, Long Beach is stronger than ever while many continue to rebuild. Starbucks has remained a local meeting place in the center of town. Many cities and towns have a mug symbolic of its community, including New York City and the Hamptons. Nestled in between is Long Beach, NY and it would be a great area to market a new mug. A Long Beach mug could feature the new boardwalk with the vintage lampposts, bicyclists, and surfers in the background. Long Beach became nationally known because of a natural disaster….help Long Beach become known for what it really is…a family beach community, where summer lasts all year! (Starbucks could give some proceeds of mug sales to Sandy Relief)

LINK: http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/ideaview?id=08750000000K5IlAAK

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5 thoughts on “Who would love a Long Beach-themed Starbucks Coffee mug? Let’s make it happen!”

  1. Gosh! Todd Kaminsky may be “Awsome” but his agenda is just more radical liberal taxing and spending. But voting for “Awsome” is the Long Beach way! It’s how we got where we’re at!

  2. I just showed the manager this thread and the Starbucks Idea page and she was just drooling from love and laughter over this photo and the idea!

  3. I absolutely love this!!!! Whatever I can do support im in! I already showed my district manager!! Love this thank you so much for showing me :)!!!

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