I want a Long Beach License Plate! (This is not really happening, but maybe it can!)

unnamedI cannot take any credit for this idea. It comes from a great resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

Us folks in Long Beach wear the Long Beach name on our clothes with pride. What about on our cars? There are regional NY State license plates that are currenly available, such as Long Island, Queens, NYC, etc. How cool would it be for a Long Beach-themed one? It could actually be a great idea for NY State to promote tourism; put our beach or boardwalk on the plate and you’ll get people thinking…. “hey, let’s visit Long Beach today.” Regional-mobile billboards!!

I do now know how this could get done. Today is election day, so giving Govener Cuomo a call might not be a good idea, but perhaps this is something that could gain traction after the election settles in.  I’m going to send this to the city and see what they think.

Read the pitch from anonymous below: 


I am not sure if you know but NY State recently released a series of “I Love NY Adventure License Plates”, these plates depicting scenes throughout New York and a symbol of the outdoorsman’s main interest (Deer, Turkey, Trout, etc.) are available for DEC license holders to place on their vehicles.  The funds raised through the sale of these plates is given to the NYS Department of Economic Development and used to promote tourism in New York State.
What do you and your readers think if we had a license plate like the one shown.  With the funds being dedicated to promoting the City of Long Beach.  Hopefully the funds would be used in a more useful format than promoting our “Splash Parks”, but that is a discussion for another day.  Another added benefit of these plates is as we drive around with them, people will see them and maybe say to themselves “Lets go to Long Beach”.

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3 thoughts on “I want a Long Beach License Plate! (This is not really happening, but maybe it can!)”

  1. Empire State Plates
    “Personalized Plates in New York
    For an initial fee of $60 and an annual fee thereafter of $31.25, you may order personalized plates with up to 8 characters for standard Empire State plates or 6 characters for picture plates ”

    The Queens NY plate fees –
    Initial (assigned) $53.75
    Annual renewal (assigned) 25.00
    Initial (personalized) $85.00
    Annual renewal (personalized) $56.25

    That plate pictured above is an “Initial personalized” and would cost $310.00 for five years. Why not just buy one of those hideous “West End” stickers that looks like graffiti, wear one of your 10 Long Beach Polar Bear sweatshirts and call it day?

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