Long Beach Magazine Followup & Info from Anthony of the Long Beach Herald

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.50.33 AMI really like this new Long Beach Magazine. It’s very well put together, the segments are fun, it’s very local and does a great job highlighting local business in a way that doesn’t seem like a sales pitch (even the ads are really nice!). This magazine has so much potential to be a real boom for local businesses. Can you imagine if an issue is in every room at the Allegria Hotel or Long Beach Hotel? I know when I’m staying at a hotel and I see a local magazine, I definitely flip through to help me discover the surrounding area. This magazine is also great for those who refuse to partake in Facebook, social media or blogs. I mean, how else would  these people be able to find out about the plethora of events we have here in Long Beach?

I cannot wait for issue #2, but there is no mention of subscription or availability anywhere in the issue. So I contacted Anthony Rifilato, editor of The Long Beach Herald to try to find out more. My Questions were basic: Can we subscribe or will it be ad-driven and sent too all LB residents for free? On the cover it says $3 per issue, is this something we can buy at a local store? This is a FALL issue, am assuming this is seasonal, correct? Here is Anthony’s response (Just try not to get all the Anthonys mixed up):

Hi Anthony [seabythecity],

We worked really hard on putting this together — under a very tight deadline and while continuing to put out a paper every week. But we were very excited to work on a project like this, and really believed that if any town could have its own magazine, it was Long Beach. It was definitely a challenge, but overall we’re proud of the final product and feel that the magazine reflects what we set out to accomplish — to highlight local businesses and all that’s great about the town. We tried to keep it upbeat, and people were very supportive of the idea when we told them what we were working on. And you have to give credit to the publishers for putting out a new print magazine at a time when almost all media is going digital.
At the moment, the honest answer to most of your questions is that we’re not sure; we wanted to see what kind of reception we got. We weren’t sure what the feedback would be, but so far it has been mostly positive. We hope people like it and we’re looking to do another one. I’ve been told that the magazine will be ad-driven, although future copies may also appear on newsstands, so no need to subscribe if you live on the barrier Island. Of course, for now, if people want to support local publishing and news coverage in Long Beach, we’d encourage them to subscribe to the Herald.
Thanks, Anthony [Long Beach Herald]!

So more info is forthcoming, but it’s off to a great start. Let’s hope to see a WINTER issue sometime in the cold months. Great Job, Herald!

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